Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cameron Flies Away On Holiday Leaving Britain To Cope With Aftermath of Terrorist Attack!

David Cameron jetted off on holiday to Ibiza yesterday leaving the country struggling to cope with the aftermath of the terrorist attack and  the horrific death of solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week. There has also been further arrests in connection with the attack and the prime minister, David Cameron not in the country is being kept informed by mobile phone.

Apparently, says No 10,  his wife Sam puts her foot down over family holidays. That's all very well if  her husband wasn't supposed to be running this country, but he is and she must realise that this job entails unforeseen circumstances and if they cannot accept that then they seriously need to rethink their position.

The PM's duty at the moment is to Lee Rigby's family, the armed forces and this country and we are simply not seeing that duty, or that level of commitment from him and we deserve better than this prime minister is currently giving us.

Former PM Gordon Brown had only just arrived on holiday in Dorset with his family in August 2007 when the foot and mouth disease outbreak struck yet he returned to Downing Street immediately and there he stayed right through the crisis, he didn't just merrily carry on with his holiday relying on his mobile phone to keep him informed! Likewise before that in January 2007 Tony Blair returned from Florida to deal with the Northern Ireland peace process.

David Cameron is hardly ever in the country, he has now missed eight out of the last nine prime minister's questions in the House of Commons, as he has engineered his trips out of the country to coincide with taking Wednesdays off so he doesn't have to face Ed Miliband. Mr Cameron could have held a PMQ when Margaret Thatcher died, (incidentally he was out of the country then too) instead he arranged that her funeral be held on a Wednesday, thus getting him out of yet another PMQs. Incidentally George Osborne has not answered questions in the House of Commons for over THREE MONTHS now.

David Cameron has form for this kind of thing, he was on holiday when the August riots of 2011 broke out and as images of this country burning were being broadcast around the world, David Cameron was on holiday sunning himself in Tuscany and for the first few days refused to return, once again saying he was being kept informed by mobile phone.

At that time Nick Clegg the non deputising Deputy PM, was bizarrely also out of the country! What is the point of having a DPM and him being out of the country on holiday at the exact same time as the PM who he is supposed to be deputising for?

Just before the riots George Osborne the chancellor was in California riding a roller coaster when the Eurozone crisis deepened he didn't bother returning home either and he was still there when the riots broke out.

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson was also away on holiday and so was the Home Secretary, Theresa May. The only person left was the Foreign Secretary, William Hague who issued one short statement about the riots and the Eurozone crisis before going to his country residence and hiding away refusing to speak to the media or take any more questions. The country was left without anyone in charge as  the economy was going down the pan and the country was burning, and being looted, people were being murdered and made homeless being forced to jump out of their burning homes as anarchy ruled the streets and where was Cameron? He was in a Tuscan cafe cuddling up to a waitress doing silly PR stunts and staging a photocalls with a waitress whom he had previously failed to tip. This apparently was far more important than what was happening back home!

Two mornings after the riots broke out, Downing Street insisted that there were "absolutely no plans" for the prime minister to return. Later in the same day Nick Clegg and Theresa May cut short their holidays and after a third night of looting both Cameron and Johnson relented and flew back to London.
This was an alarming show of utter incompetence which was totally ignored by the Tory supporting right wing press and instead of being held to account for his incompetence and questions asked and answers demanded why David Cameron had allowed all the top cabinet ministers to be away on holiday and out of the country all at the same time, he was praised by the right wing press for not doing his job! In 2011 David Cameron took FIVE holidays in as many months!

People in this country are committing suicide, struggling to live, being forced out of their homes over the bedroom tax and housing benefit caps, their low wages do not cover their household bills and the government have cut their tax credits, which means that many are turning to food banks in order to feed their families and 200,000 more children are being pushed into poverty and David Cameron's answer to that is to leave the country to the austerity measures he has imposed upon them and bugger off away on holiday - again!

When Cameron was away in Washington a couple of weeks ago (out of the country again) the whole time was taken up with him trying to make deals to stop his back bench MPs going mad in public and treating the world to our governing party fighting like ferrets in a sack.

Then came the gay marriage debacle and all the Tory infighting there being broadcast all around the world and the whole world witnessing  the British government trying to out right wing Ukip. This is a truly incompetent government, who appear to be dancing rings around the the right wing press and we should be asking how and why are they being allowed to get away with their appalling governance of our country?

Why is the press allowing David Cameron to get away with this utter fecklessness, yet if Ed Miliband sneezes he is ridiculed for a month!

The Army has launched a recruitment drive to help find 10,000 personnel just weeks before thousands are due to be laid off.

It is the single biggest round of armed forces job losses under the coalition which could see in the region of 5,300 redundancies on June 18.

It will be the third instalment of job cuts arising from the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review and confined to the Army.

The first tranche in September 2011 saw 2,860 forces personnel across all three services made redundant, while the second, which again involved the Army, Navy and RAF - hit 3,760 last June. And it is not just older people who are being made redundant , soldiers are being made redundant after serving just 18 months and costing the MOD £100,000 to train! What the MOD is doing is getting rid of permanent soldiers and replacing them with Territorial Army recruits, which will save money, but will also place this country at more risk from terrorist attacks. 
Cameron has once again left this country to get on with it while he enjoys his millionaire status and luxury family holiday, this time he leaves us to struggle alone with the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attack carried out by two wannabe Jihadists, who brutally murdered a serving soldier on the streets of our country. There are clearly questions to answer why there was no security, and why these suspects were known to MI5 and nothing done.

NOT LEAST, not one TV news programme or one newspaper has made much mention of the fact that David Cameron, aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats have actually *HALVED* the counter terrorism budget - WHY?

What kind of danger is this incompetent government placing us in and why are the right wing press and right wing broadcast media allowing them to get away with it all?

One wonders if this were a Labour PM and a Labour government behaving in such an incompetent reckless fashion would they have ever heard the last of it?

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Mentally ill Downham man on hunger strike after his benefits are taken away
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