Thursday, May 23, 2013

This is the Country Cameron Created!

Ever since David Cameron assumed the role of unelected prime minister he has made provocative statements. Every time his electoral position has been threatened he has resorted to scaremongering about immigrants, the EU, welfare, the NHS, education etc. His party is now under attack from an extreme right wing party in Ukip and it is all Cameron's doing, he only has himself to blame.

It is Cameron who has made Ukip what it is and now Ukip is becoming home for the BNP and the EDL etc and Nigel Farage is providing a semi respectable face for these extremists in the BNP and EDL to hide behind. Farage also seems oblivious to the monster he is now creating. How can he? He doesn't even know the background of hardly any of his 147 new councillors.

For example: A newly elected Ukip councillor Eric Kitson put a cartoon of a Muslim being spit roasted over a fire fuelled by copies of the Koran on his Facebook page. There was also a string of  false anti-Jewish comments. In another vile remark in reference to a Muslim woman he wrote: "Hang um all first and aske questions later"

The situation on the streets is becoming like a tinder box and it is being stoked up with inflammatory rhetoric from David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Nigel Farage and the Tory supporting newspapers who are persistently publishing scare stories about immigrants, shirkers, skivers, benefit fraudsters etc. Day after day these publications carry stories about this immigrant, or that immigrant who is apparently having loads of children and is cheating the British taxpayer out of a job and social housing. They are being blamed for the mess this government are making in the NHS, and education The fact that these stories are just isolated cases and the majority of immigrants working here are not only not allowed to claim welfare until a certain time has passed but even when they are eligible the numbers of immigrants claiming is really low, and in addition they also pay their tax and national insurance and contribute to the economy - in short they pay in far more than they take out! They are also simply not allowed to go on the housing waiting lists for 2 years, yet this goes unreported.

The British public are being totally misled by this dreadful Tory led coalition government and their mates in the right wing press and between them they have created a fertile plot for Ukip to grow and flourish in!

Today there has been one of the most appalling barbaric murders on the streets of Woolwich and straight away all Muslims are being blamed for the actions of a couple of "wannabe Jihadist attention seeking lunatics" and the EDL have already taken to the streets to "protect" Woolwich from the .....police and have been causing trouble and making a bad situation a good deal worse.

There has been an upsurge of right wing anti immigrant, anti welfare claimant in this country and this is entirely the fault of David Cameron. BBC's Nick Robinson who is one of David Cameron's toadying Tory sycophants has described the the murdering lunatics in Woolwich as "Muslim looking", does he think that all white people look "Christian looking"?

I warned you this was getting out of hand and anyone of Asian appearance could now be seriously in danger from ignorant idiots from the BNP and EDL, thanks to Cameron and Robinson spreading their disinformation around for their own narrow party political interests. The BBC should sack Nick Robinson, what he said is simply unacceptable!

This is what extremism in ALL creeds and ALL nationalities looks like!

Cameron was out of the country (yet again) today and is apparently cutting his trip to Paris short, well why not? He stoked all the trouble up!

Good of him to return, maybe he may even get himself along to the House of Commons? After all he has only missed EIGHT out of the last nine Prime Ministers Questions. If he pops along to the Commons it will make a nice change for him to be seen facing his back bench MPs and not arguing and fighting with them in public!

As he continues to push this country further and further to the right. Ukip's recent success has David Cameron to thank, they have started to collect votes ever since Cameron began pitting our people against each other just to enhance his own re-election prospects! Cameron now has the public believing things about immigrants, the disabled, the sick, the poor, the vulnerable etc that are simply untrue.

I said the other day that David Cameron has lost control of this government and the country and he has. He is dangerous and will be the cause of riots on our streets if he is not stopped.

David Cameron is totally unfit to to be prime minister and the Conservative party is unfit to be the party of government, they are a dangerous unruly, backbiting, infighting, incompetent out of control rabble.

This is the country that David Cameron has created, he should go and go now before he causes further terrible irreparable damage.

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