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Dave and George "The Two Wrongies"

David Cameron and George Osborne
"The Two Wrongies"

In the 2010 general election it was extremely important we elected the right calibre of person to lead the country through difficult times.We needed honest people with integrity and experience of economics, we needed people who knew what they were doing and how to do it. With the coalition of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats I seriously question that this is what we got in May 2010. With no overall majority we were lumbered with a hung parliament and ended up with an unelected prime minister leading an unelected coalition government. I really dislike the way Tories and Liberal Democrats treat the electorate like prize plums by condescendingly telling us we voted for them to be in coalition. They started off by misleading the public by telling us that this is what the country voted for, no we did not!  The verdict came back the way it did because voters were unsure about all the main parties, they did not vote for a hung parliament because there was no such provision on the ballot paper to do so.

The public have now had three years in which to make a preliminary assessment of the Tory controlled coalition government, and the government has had three years in which to show us that they are competent, able and know what they are doing and are on the way to doing it, and will achieve most of its promises and objectives by the time of the next general election. Unfortunately, not by any stretch of the imagination could this government or its supporters lay claim to this. The Tory led coalition government are miles away from where they should be at this moment in time, which clearly demonstrates that austerity is not working and we need to find a different way and pretty damned quick.

However from the outset this government have been obsessed with their own ideological right wing agenda through which they have tried to channel everything. They have been so obsessed that they have led the country to a very dangerous political impasse. This impasse will not get better any time soon because now all the signs are that the Conservative led government will be far too preoccupied with fighting a resurgent Ukip and are once again going to take their eye off running this country properly as they struggle to try and win back lost Tory voters who have defected to Ukip. Prepare for things to get even more ideologically right wing disposed as the Tories and Ukip prepare to do battle to out right wing each other, life in this country is about to get a whole lot worse as the "nasty party" sharpens ups its long knives in preparation to start stabbing each other in the back, unfortunately we the public will be caught in the middle of it all.

The Tories have already sought to divide the country. They have shamelessly exploited situations and events for political gain. I cite two recent occasions; the Mick and Mairead Philpott case and the death of Baroness Thatcher. Both shamelessly used to further the government's own right wing agenda and both shamelessly used as electioneering props for last Thursday's local elections.

When Margaret Thatcher died, Cameron was out of the country on one of his jaunts and donning his most suitable "sad face" he returned to the country immediately. However, cast your mind back to the summer riots of 2011 and Cameron was away on his holidays, it was days before he decided to return home and only begrudgingly returned from his 5th holiday of that year after he was literally coerced into doing so. Images of this country burning in days of rioting, looting and murder were being beamed around the world was not enough for Cameron to return home, yet he did so immediately on the death of Margaret Thatcher? Where is Cameron's judgement and sense of priorities? On returning to Downing Street, David Cameron quick as a flash was up at the lectern outside number 10 cashing in  politically on the death of the former Conservative Prime Minister.

Baroness Thatcher's funeral was held within a week, coincidentally falling on a Wednesday given Cameron yet another excuse to miss Prime Minister Questions. Cameron missed Prime Minister's Questions in the House last Wednesday and he will miss PMQs again next Wednesday, so out of seven weeks the PM has only managed to turn up for one PMQs in, in the House and if that wasn't bad enough,  it has now been almost ELEVEN weeks since George Osborne the chancellor has answered questions in the House. These two men are treating the public with contempt and also showing contempt for parliamentary process and our constitution which they have both sworn to uphold.

With breathtaking arrogance and at a time when their policies are forcing people to accept  austerity measures which are really hurting the poor, disabled and low paid the most and are causing deep seated anxiety and despair, in a blatant abuse of power Cameron and Osborne splashed out over £10 million on an all but in name state funeral for a former Conservative PM  with full military honours, a former prime minister who divided this country and left millions of people bitterly opposing her and all she stood for.

Then there is the alarming government incompetence, every day it seems we have yet another u-turn,  so many u-turns that people have lost count, I think it around 40 so far

Every government and every political party makes mistakes, however, not to this extent, these mistakes and u-turns can no longer be written off and laughed at, these are serious errors that are affecting peoples lives and they are a sign of a government that is out of control.

In his Autumn statement of 2012 George Osborne manipulated the borrowing figures to make it look like he was borrowing less he factored in the sales from 4G mobile licenses even though they had not been auctioned and when he actually sold them they brought £1.2 billion LESS than he had factored in. So in his spring 2013 budget to save his embarrassment, he manipulated and moved around figures, factoring in spending from government departments that had not yet been spent, to make his figures look better. He also used figures from QE.

The chancellor has also managed to lose two of the country's triple AAA credit ratings with Fitch and Moody's.

The UK economy is now doing so badly that missing an unprecedented triple dip recession by 0.3% is being hailed as a success in the hostile Tory supporting right wing press! In fact the economy hasn't moved, it's stagnating and just bumping along the bottom.

Unemployment has risen for the second month in a row, this time it rose by a huge 70,000. If the government were prevented from using the various ways they have manufactured to massage the unemployment figures, no doubt unemployment would probably jump by at least a million over night! Here is some previous posts I have made on the unemployment phenomena!

Recent figures show that those out of work for 3 years or more has soared. In June 2010 (when the coalition took power) 147,000 people aged 25 or over were out of work and in December 2012 that number had increased to 218,000.

Yet all of the above and so much more is now being spun in the hostile Tory supporting right wing press that the chancellors spring budget of 2013 was well received? They are allowing him to get away with sleight of hand, deception and even false accounting for which private companies would be prosecuted for.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) which along with the UK's triple a rating, Osborne put so much in store by, have told him that austerity isn't working and that we should change tack

David Cameron once said "the good news just keeps on coming"! If this is his version of good news, then I would surely hate to see his version of bad news!

This government are totally wedded to and obsessed with their ideological right wing agenda, which they believe is going to return them to power in 2015 with a working majority, they wear the badge of hammering innocent people on welfare like it some kind of badge of honour.

Dividing society, scapegoating the poor, forcing the vulnerable and the disabled to pay for the greed of the Tory doning bankers. Forcing people to pay for a spare bedroom in their bed room tax, even though there are absolutely no smaller houses for them to move into  Charging people council tax for the very first time forcing people to pay out money they simply haven't got. taking money from people in work who work for low wages, the policies to attack the poor, the sick, the disabled and vulnerable just keep coming, relentlessly one after the other.

Forcing people to work for nothing or removing their benefits.

Yet David Cameron once said in the House of Commons that "we are through the worse", is through the worse watching the most vulnerable people in society suffering? Pushing up homelessness  Pushing over 200,000 more children into poverty? Forcing women to stay in abusive relationships because the government have cut the aid to domestic abuse charities?

Privatising the NHS and education by stealth, bringing A&E Departments across the country to a standstill, forcing hospitals to treat people in tents in car parks.

Destroying NHS Direct removing doctors and qualified nurses from the organisation and replacing them with people who have only done 3 days training, resulting in several deaths over a few days?

The rich will be OK they can afford private health care and private health cover, the millionaire Tory government will also be OK they have got millions in the bank to fall back on and Osborne has even given them all a nice little windfall and sent all the cabinet and all his multi millionaire mates a nice little cheque for at least £100,000 by reducing their tax burden while the rest of us struggle.

It's getting to the point now where we don't know what is coming next from the pair of blithering idiots, and those of you who think Ukip is the answer need to think again! Farage hasn't got many policies but one he does have is reducing the tax burden of multi millionaires to 31% giving them hundreds of thousands of pounds, while raising the tax burden of the ordinary person up to 31% taking hundreds of pounds off of us to pay for it. Farage may talk the talk, but of course if he was ever put in a position to put all his promises in place he certainly wouldn't be able to walk the walk.

The incompetence of this government just keeps coming, David Cameron and George Osborne have proved without a shadow of a doubt that they are totally and utterly incapable of running this country.

Britain is in a real mess and it is not a mess left by the previous Labour government who had serious challenges to deal with and who actually left this country in recovery and growth with falling borrowing and falling unemployment,  they may have made some mistakes, but at least they knew what they were doing and when to do it. I'm sick of hearing the previous government blamed for something they did not do and blamed by a pair of totally arrogant incapable of comedians that don't know their fat backsides from their elbows is annoying  too! Hearing this government continually playing the blame game is becoming tedious, they've been in power for three years, they took a growing economy and completely stuffed it, this is their fault, it is not the fault of Labour! And another thing which is particularly  irksome from this pair of plonkers, is their total inability to accept responsibility for their own actions. It's they who have made the errors, it's they who have made over 40 u-turns, it's they who gave us a double dip recession and narrowly missed an unprecedented triple dip recession, it's they who have privatised the NHS without a mandate from the people and it is they who are now trying to privatise education and the police service. Its they who are changing things without having the first inkling about what they are doing and it's they who are making all of these changes without even having the decency to ask us first! They are a pair of unelected chancers, leading an unelected government acting without a mandate from the people and treating us all with utter contempt as they abuse the power they have been given. The Liberal Democrats are just as bad because without them propping this pair of comedians up, they would not be able to act like a couple of tyrants! The Lib Dems would walk away if they had a pair of balls between them but obviously they haven't. (Next time you hear their high pitched voices at least you'll know why!)

This pair of chancers, Cameron and Osborne would be funny if things were not so deadly serious. This pair are literally ruining the country and now we are going to be forced to stand back and watch as they battle it out with Ukip at the country's expense they'll be fighting away to out right wing each other while the rest of us go to hell in a handcart! The pair are dangerous and they are also spooked and if they start doing deals with Ukip things will get even worse.

This pair, Cameron and Osborne  in power now are a complete joke, we are being governed by an out of control comedy duo, they should be called; "The Two Wrongies" because never in the history of this country have we had two people running it who are obviously so wrong for the job!

I wish it was; "Goodbye from him and goodbye from him" before they do this country and our people any more irreparable damage!

God help us!

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