Tuesday, February 28, 2012

David Cameron's Serial Lack of Judgement!

The latest on David Cameron and Emma Harrison debacle is that number 10 has issued a press released maintaining that Cameron was not told - unbelievable!

Anyway ignorance is no defence.

This tacit admission immediately begs the questions; "so does this mean that someone knew about Harrison and A4e and simply did not tell Cameron"? Or is that as so often happened in the past, David Cameron knew all about it, decided to ignore because he obviously knows best? Does it mean that NO checks were carried out on Emma Harrison prior to her being given this position as Cameron's "Families Tsar"? Are we now expected to believe that this woman was allowed near the PM and near to the heart of government with access to highly sensitive personal records of the public without her background being gone over with a fine tooth-comb? She could have been a serial killer, she could have been a terrorist, or then again she could have just been a common thief who was free to steal millions of pounds from the public purse, while forcing disabled people and people with terminal illnesses to work stacking shelves for nothing for an indefinite period!

How many times has David Cameron's judgement been called into serious question? Here are a few.

Emma Harrison - "The alarm bells began to ring when veteran and wealthy Labour MP Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, questioned Harrison's company executives about their failure to hit Government back-to-work targets and unearthed the fact that Harrison had paid herself £8.6 million in one year." yet still Cameron has not learnt a thing. Further reading: Daily Mail  

David Rowland - tax exile.  Cameron hired him against the expressed wishes of senior Tories after they questioned his judgement; a senior Tory told the Daily Mail that Cameron repeatedly ignored warnings that Rowland was unsuitable for the position. Conservative party central office suddenly  announced that Rowland would not be taking the post after all due to his "developing business interests"! Bizarrely this came soon after  the Tories announced that he would take over as their Treasurer even though he had became the subject of a string of stories in the Daily Mail that painted his business dealings and personal life as controversial. 

Conservative Peer, Lord Ashcroft - Profoundly shocking - Yet still encouraged to bankroll Cameron's Tories with his dodgy tax free millions in Tory marginal seats.

Stanley Fink...  Co-treasurer, Conservative Party, is apparently "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry and runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management . 
Wants to raise £40m to “blow Labour out of the water” by the end of 2009. (he didn't succeed) Recently left Man Group and started ISAM, another hedge fund.
 Fink also a key donor to the Boris Johnson mayoral campaign he donated more than £1 million to the Tories in the run up to the 2010 general election.

Key By-Election in Ealing Southall - Cameron's appalling judgement goes much further back than 2 or 3 years, it has always been present, in 2007 Cameron staked his reputation on Tony Lit in the above by-election, backing a man to become a Tory MP who had absolutely no interest in politics! Previously Lit even donated £4.600 to Labour before he joined the Conservatives! (Follow the money) read what the Liberal Democrats thought of this (oh how times change)

John Cruddas  -  billionaire spread betting gambling magnate ( Cameron has recruited to raise funds for the Conservative Party – despite reports that he may have dodged tax in the past. Cruddas is a hedge funder and short sells. Has a £10 million home in the tax haven Monaco.

Andy Coulson -  Former News of the World editor and former Director of Communications for David Cameron (his right hand man). Here once again not only did Cameron ignored warnings from senior Tories and the press, he even ignored a letter written to him by former Labour Deputy PM, Lord John Prescott advising him of the reasons why he should think carefully before hiring Andy Coulson.  Cameron was given many warnings about Andy Coulson from many different people privately and publicly, yet chose to take the word of Rupert and James Murdoch and  Rebekah Brooks. Coulson is heavily involved in the hacking scandal and the hacking of the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.
Cameron has never answered one very big question to do with Coulson's security clearance, or total lack of it, he attended sensitive classified meetings and had sight of sensitive classified documents both of which  he should have been heavily security vetted for, yet he received only the briefest of checks - why? Was this because cameron knew that Coulson would not pass these security checks? If so why was he allowed anywhere near classified information? Cameron knew this, was warned about it and ignored all warnings. Even after this all came to light Cameron kept Coulson on when he should have been fired, he hung on to him for grim death. One small but revealing moment in one of  David Cameron's press conferences : when he was asked  whether he was warned about specific problems in Andy Coulson's past he said he couldn't "recall" being told. A warning light should go on any time a politician uses that formula. It is neither a denial, nor is it an acknowledgement. It is a holding device that says, in essence, "I don't have a line on this yet, my lawyers have told me to say nothing." This is an on-going case being investigated by three different police inquiries and the Leveson inquiry. More "jaw dropping" revelations are expected this coming week.

Phone Hacking: Daily Mail Editor Leveson Inquiry - where even former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie accuseDavid Cameron of setting  the leveson inquiry up to "escape his own personal lack of judgement" in hiring former News of the World editor Andy Coulson.

Multiculturalism - Cameron made a speech virtually accusing all Muslims of being terrorists - he did this because once again by subtly playing the "race card" he was helping to dig himself out of a hole of his own creation. Cameron needed to gain lost support so he had another "bash an immigrant day", notice that this is becoming a regular feature and when he thinks he can no longer get away with that he goes for other vulnerable groups like the disabled, the sick, the unemployed, single parents and the vulnerable.

Summer Riots - parliament was in recess and David Cameron was in Tuscany, taking his fourth foreign holiday of the year while people back home struggled under the weight of his cuts and job losses. A riot which began in Tottenham over a few days spread to many other major cities in England. you would think that the site of the country being overrun with lawlessness, arson and looting would have brought Cameron back home at the first instance, but no, he made one initial short statement, said "he was keeping an eye on things and carried on with his holiday!  Nick Clegg the [non deputising] Deputy PM, Home Secretary Theresa May, Conservative Chancellor George Osborne, Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson astonishingly were all out of the country and on holiday at the same time and no one was left in charge of the country. The only person who was left was William Hague, the Foreign Secretary and after making a short statement and with the country burning he went to ground too to his official country residence and could not be contacted. Remarkably, this was on top of an unfolding crisis in the Eurozone.  On the 4th day of rioting and images of this country burning being broadcast around the world, only then did Cameron decide to leave his holiday and return home, up until that he was bizarrely holding photo opportunities with the press with a Tuscan waitress. When Cameron did decide to return rather than letting the buck stop with him he sought to pass the blame for what happened onto others, this time it was the police.

Stephen Hester - Boss of RBS, Cameron was told about Hester's bonuses and signed it off. Hester later was forced to repay the bonus after extreme public pressure. Bizarrely Cameron has made two speeches in recent weeks, one attacking the greed culture of banking and the other saying that attacks on bankers had gone way too far.

Cameron's Foolish use of Veto endangers millions of British jobs and it now transpires that Cameron's use of the veto was the first a veto was used that failed to stop anything!  Cameron's lack of judgement could damage British business interests and British jobs and has risked British isolation in Europe, using our Veto to dig himself out of a hole with his right wingers was never a good idea, particularly as the veto can only be used once! What happens when we really need to use it for the common good?

NHS - Health and Social Care Reforms Bill. Where was Cameron's judgement when he blatantly said that under his government there would be no more top down reorganisations of the NHS and then immediately he assumes power he orders the biggest top down reorganisation of the NHS.  Where was his judgement when he stood in the House of Commons and lied about having *all* the Royal Colleges on the side of his reforms? Did it never once occur to him that all of his lies will find him out? he said there would no top down reorganisation of the NHS at a time when he was working on the biggest reorganisation in the NHS 63 year history!

Cameron is a PR man first and foremost he doesn't feel like a real prime minister, and Cameron definitely doesn't do detail.  He has stood back and allowed his ministers to come up with enormous structural reforms in welfare, defence, education and the NHS etc., yet is unable to grasp the detail of the reforms.  Once a reform is presented to him he rushes to announce his ministers policies (before they can), plucking out all the parts he knows as an ex PR man, will make all the good sound-bites. After successfully gaining the plaudits and the favourable headlines and telling people what he thinks they want to hear, he then quickly forgets all about them.  As a result, in the middle of what some would call a depression, he has allowed his chancellor to willy nilly introduce a massive VAT hike, damaging spending cuts and also to add hundreds of thousands to the jobless total, the result is that growth is now contracting and we are verging on recession. We have huge reforms in welfare with people being forced to work for mega rich multinational companies for nothing or risk losing their JSA. We have the DWP threatening disabled people if they do not return to work for *nothing* they will lose their benefits that is bad enough, but the most shocking of all, the threat to terminally ill people with more than six months to live, that they must go and stack shelves for work experience for an indefinite period or risk having their benefits stopped. We also have underway massive reforms in police, defence and the NHS. Cameron seems to be completely unable to grasp the enormity of his own reforms and what he himself is proposing!  His foolhardiness is now translating into real damage to real people’s lives, and in the case of the NHS it could mean actual loss of life. 

Every time David Cameron gets into bother he tries to seek a tone of contrition  holding  dramatic press conferences and by making even more dramatic speeches from the House and form his lectern outside number 10 and elsewhere.

Present in each and every one of these speeches, press conferences etc., are three common denominators; 1)  they are usual damage limitation 2). The Prime Minister is seeking to pass the buck and the blame others for when things he has  previously been warned about and 3).The problems have always been brought about by David Cameron's appalling lack of judgement. Look t at the classic example of what is happening within the NHS and which he is primarily responsible for.  The country and virtually all medical practitioners, patient groups the Labour party and concerned groups have voiced their concerns about his reforms bill, yet he is totally ignoring all of them and is still trying to force this bill onto the statute books.

It makes no difference to David Cameron that he has been warned repeatedly,  his arrogance, stubbornness and his oblivious ignorance have once again taken over and is preventing him from doing what is right for the country, we are being forced into a precarious and lethal situation by our very own prime minister. His lies really are beginning to look like a real sickness, he often exaggerates ridiculous things like in the middle of one of his infamous press conferences about public sector workers strike he suddenly blurted out that his son was looking forward to running the country the next day when he took him to work. The fact that this was easily checkable never even entered his head, Cameron did not even take his son to work on that day, and Downing St did not open a temporary crèche as the PM had insisted they would. The truth is that Cameron's lies and exaggerations are now appearing to be bordering on  pathological, (see how many traits he shares).  Someone should be saying something, yet no one in his coterie seems able or brave enough to face him down about them and this is leaving our country and our people wide open to serious danger.

How many times has Cameron shouted; "We are all in this together"? But who is with us  in the mess he and his government are creating of our lives, of our NHS, our economy, our welfare, our policing, and education etc.?  Not him, he and his Tory doning, tax dodging friends are all sitting pretty with their millions stashed safely away in the bank, what do they care what we are going through while we are forced to pay for the mess Dodgy Dave's banker mates made of this country? If he is caught lying or exaggerating or contradicting himself, he will simply seek to lay the blame for his own actions on someone else..

Yet when he has destroyed the NHS, made hundreds of thousands jobless, has terminally ill people spending their last days stacking shelves in his rich mate's supermarket for nothing, has hundreds of thousands poverty stricken homeless people and impoverished children and non-existent  healthcare and diseases running rife in our country, when we have rising crime leading to lawlessness and riots on our streets and not enough police to control it, who will he point his finger of  blame  at then? 

Meanwhile Cameron's dreadful judgement which has been an issue before he became prime minister and now countless times throughout his short premiership, remains very much an issue today.

Because of David Cameron, Britain is becoming known as more "Fool Britannia" than Rule Britannia! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is the Truth About A4e and Emma Harrison, David Cameron's, "Back to Work Tsar"?

The Daily Mail is currently undertaking the second brilliant piece of investigative journalism (credit where it is due) this month. This time their investigative journalism is about the Prime Minister, David Cameron's former Back to Work" Tsar, Emma Harrison. Ms Harrison resigned from being a government advisor yesterday.

Harrison's company A4e is currently being investigated by the police for alleged fraud. A4e is an acronym which stands for "Action For Employment"

A4e is taking part in the Conservative government "Workfare" plan, where unemployed Job Seekers Allowance claimants (JSA) are made to work for around 30 hours per week for nothing, other than what the taxpayer pays them £53 per week JSA and if the claimant refuses, then their JSA is stopped for anything up to 6 months.

When the Tories assumed power they stopped the "welfare to work" programme that the previous Labour government had been running and implemented their own "Workfare" programme.

Here I will attempt to ask the questions that probably the Daily mail Cannot ask:

1)...For every person A4e finds a "work experience" placement for they get paid £2000 from the government. How many times did A4e get paid for one single person sent under the Tories "workfare" programme?
2)...When A4e places an unemployed person on work experience somewhere, do they then charge that company or employer a fee for finding them an "employee"? If so, how much did they charge other companies or employers for sending them a person to carry out work in their establishments?
3)...A4e could refer placements back to the Job Centre and advise that the job seeker's allowance be "sanctioned" if the job seeker failed to complete a placement contract for any reason. If A4e was paid by employers for finding placements to carry out work, were A4e paid on how many hours their placement worked or where they paid a lump sum per placement? Was this fee wavered if the applicant failed to complete their placement?
4)...Does either (or both) A4e and future recipient of free labour pay National Insurance Contributions for their employee?
5)...When A4e has put unemployed people to work as cleaners in their own offices, did they pay NI contributions? Did they claim tax rebates of any kind against that employee?
6)...Since it has now emerged that the company A4e has even directly employed those sent by the Job Centre as cleaners etc, are these people down in the company's books as paid or unpaid labour?
7)...How many times has A4e charged the government £400 (in addition to the £2000 they are paid for finding each client a work placement) for someone said to have been found a work placement, when neither client or company existed? Allegations have been made about A4e staff being asked forge signatures on blank time sheets, signifying that work was carried out when it wasn't. Stories of people sent by Job Centres being kept in rooms and moved around for hourse, sometimes whole days and  never being told what is happening. Did Emma Harrison ever sign off any of these time sheets? Time sheets that were signed blank, filled in later as if the person had been at their placement all week, even when they hadn't?  
8)...Has A4e ever pressurised JSA claimants from doing truly genuine and useful voluntary work within their communities in order to get them working for their clients so they (A4e) can be paid by the government?

9)...Has A4e ever forced people with totally unsuitable skills to grovel to companies asking for a particular skill base to take them on? I have heard of reports of people being forced to do this in A4e offices.

10)..Has A4e ever found it difficult  to get someone onto a work placement in a company because of a discrepancy in skills, so has instead employed the job seeker in their own company as a filing clerk or cleaner?

11)...While Harrison was working as David Cameron's "Family Tsar" she had a pivotal role in deciding which company was awarded lucrative government contracts, did she ever award and  rubber stamp her own company, A4e, as the recipient of multi million pound government contracts? 

12)...At least two separate multi million pound contracts (one worth at least £15 million) has been awarded to A4e by the Tory government (under the preferred bidder scheme) through a quango called the "Skills Funding Agency", despite A4e being under investigation for fraud. Who was responsible for awarding those contracts? One contract is thought to be for helping to get prisoners back to work, and the other helping to get problem families back to work. 

13)...Another multi million pound contract said to conflict directly with Harrison's former role as David Cameron's advisor on families, has been awarded to A4e which involves getting around 120,000 families with complex needs back to work. David Cameron who has described his friend Emma Harrison as an "inspiration", must have known this, why didn't he act, why did he allow this very obvious conflict of interests to occur? Why is this contract still being honoured by the Tory government despite the conflict of interests and police fraud investigation 

14).How much has A4e already been paid with regard to the 120,000 families mentioned above? Do they get paid for taking them on their books? Do they get paid when they find any placements for these people? how many other agencies like nurseries and Sure Start centres are involved? 

15).Why did the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) pay A4e a severance fee of £63 million when they stopped one contract which the company had with the previous Labour government and immediately  replaced it with another of contract of their own? Did A4e apply for this fee as severance of  this contract and on whose authority at the DWP did the Tory government pay A4e this massive amount of "contract severance" money, when it looks to be completely unnecessary and why did A4e accept this money?
Thought must also now be given to the way Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Duncan-Smith and Grayling have been deliberately running a campaign to discredit the former Labour government, attacking them over their welfare bill, anyone would be forgiven  for thinking that the previous Labour government hadn't been doing anything to get people back into work, we now discover the truth is very different. We also now see that the Tory led coalition has been exposed as deliberately misleading the British public into believing something which they knew to be completely fabricated. How many other occasions as our Prime Minister, David Cameron been lying to us? (For example: "No top down reorganisation of the NHS"?- Complete and utter deliberate Lie. All the Royal Colleges support the government's reforms - complete and utter deliberate lie.)

Also I thought this Tory led coalition  government were going to be burning all the quangos on a "bonfire of quangos" (at least that is what they promised - yet another complete and utter deliberate lie) or does this only apply to the quangos that Labour employed leaving the Tories to enter into nice cosy lucrative arrangements to employ their own people in their own quangos?

The Tory led coalition government has encouraged the breakdown and division of our society by encouraging people to look down upon those who are unemployed, disabled, sick and vulnerable, the vast majority of who are absolutely 100% genuine. All this from the government who have called people feckless, work shy, lazy, idle, scroungers, fraudsters etc., yet it is not these people that are bleeding the country dry it turns out to be the government along with their Tory doning and Tory supporting mates.

The Serious fraud Office has been asked to investigate A4e contracts, let's hope they also investigate just what has been going on inside the auspices of this Tory government as well and that they report openly and transparently on it and are not prevented from doing so,  although I am not holding my breath. (Cameron promised us "open and transparent government - another complete and utter deliberate lie, Cameron and Lansley are currently refusing to publish NHS reforms Risk Register despite being ordered to do so by Information Commissioner).

Yet astonishingly the Government's Cabinet Office has confirmed that despite the police investigations for fraud into this company, A4e, will not be banned for bidding for any other government contracts. This is one of the very issues that could involve the NHS reforms, that NHS campaigners trying to get the government to "Drop the Bill," are most afraid of, yet the government will do nothing to stop this. if they will not act here, they will also be powerless to act when futures situations similar to this appear after the NHS Health and Social Care Bill becomes law. Yet more deliberate lies and obfuscation from the Conservative government.

With companies like A4e being paid £2000 for each client they place in a work experience and a further £400 for each time sheet they produced, imagined this multiplied  by tens of thousands  around the country and it is not hard to see why Emma Harrison is a multimillionaire! Especially in some cases A4e was actually being paid at least £2400 per week by the government to give work experience to someone that was cleaning out its own company's offices and all the person on wok experience was getting was £53 per week from the government. How many other companies like A4e are there in the government's employ and how much is this costing the taxpayer?

"A former Tory official who worked in David Cameron’s inner circle and was an aide to his policy adviser Steve Hilton is now a director of scandal-hit A4e, it emerged last night.In an example of ‘revolving door politics’, Jonty Olliff-Cooper joined A4e armed with top-drawer Conservative Party contacts.Critics said it was evidence of the cosy relationship between the Government and A4e, which holds Whitehall contracts worth tens of millions of pounds.At Mr Cameron’s Policy Unit, Mr Olliff-Cooper was Tory guru Steve Hilton’s close aide for a year from 2008 to 2009.The party came to power in 2010 and months later Mr Oliff-Cooper moved into the private sector with A4e."  Read full article here at Daily Mail

The most A4e can expect to get for any one person they help into work can manage to keep on a placement for longer is £13,000, they get monthly "sustainment fees" of around £1,200 per person. Equally as puzzling is why the Tory led coalition's fees for finding placements for 18 to 25 year olds is lower, considering the problems we as a nation has with younger work force out of work.

A4e started to expand in 2009, under the Labour government welfare to work programme, but has actively flourished during the last 20 months under the Tory government. This very interesting article in the Guardian can be found here.

I don't quite know what the public are supposed to make of David Cameron, within the space of two weeks he has made two key note speeches, one attacking the greed of banks and large corporations and the other informing us all that the attacks on businesses and banks has gone too far - I wonder if he had his "friend" Emma Harrison in mind when he said this?

It never ceases to amaze me how this Tory led government can manage to introduce car crashes to their policies time and time and time again.
What is becoming clear that this government are totally incompetent and totally incapable of running this country from the economy through to  defence, policing, welfare and the NHS. This government is an unmitigated catastrophic disaster waiting to happen any day now.

Something has to give somewhere and it is not those who are in genuine need and on benefits because they find themselves in a downward spiral of this government's making through their insane austerity measures that need exposing, the vast majority are doing nothing wrong, it is those in government who are responsible for awarding  these multimillion pound government contracts to their friends and families that truly need exposing and if that pulls our pathologically lying prime minister into the mire, then so-be-it!

Footnote: Emma Harrison looks disturbingly like Carol Vauderman, let's hope she is forced to take up an unpaid work placement as a Carol Vauderman lookalike with a dodgy theatrical company supplied by a dodgy work placement company on her release from prison. (After the government has taken back all the money it has been defrauded out of , she may need the £53 per week JSA - although I seriously doubt it)

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This is amazing the rate of signatures is climbing rapidly, we have put on 6,826 in the 2 hours, why not add yours and help kill the bill and save our NHS from David Cameron,Nick Clegg and Andrew Lansley's Tory privatisation?
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Let's show the government this it OUR NHS and they do not have a mandate to do this.
True to form this Tory-led government who promised us debating time in the House of Commons if a petition reached 100,000 signatures, has blocked the debate on the Health and Social Care Bill .
John Hemming Liberal Democrat MP joined with the Tories to deny us our voice.
Now Over 168,000 people silenced 
by this cowardly government
David Cameron Where is our Debate?
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Naturally at some point the signature count will slow, but please lets keep this going
200,000 signatures is the next target.

Please sign the petition

Tories Now Looking To Charge Us For Freedom of Information

Does the Sun newspaper editor Dominic Mohan and journalists Trevor [bleeding heart] Kavanagh back these plans to charge for Freedom of Information? It will be interesting to see with right wing Tory supporting newspapers back this latest attack on our human rights and freedoms.

This coming from David Cameron who promised that his government would be more transparent than any other government - total shame and total and utter hypocrisy and once more we see the prime minister laid bare to his own lies, his own hypocrisy and his own duplicity and promise breaking.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the Department of Health has been bombarded with requests for copies of the 'Risk Register' containing details that the government have identified as serious risks to their own Health and Social Care Reforms Bill?

Andrew Lansley has been ordered to publish the full "Risk Register" by the Information Commissioner, up until now he has point blank ignored that order and refused to publish it - why?

Andy Slaughter MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Minister, said following reports that the Government is considering introducing charges for Freedom of Information requests: "It’s alarming that this Tory-led Government is looking at introducing a charge for submitting Freedom of Information requests. Labour introduced Freedom of Information legislation as a means of opening up the public sector and improving transparency in Government. A charge payable for each freedom of information request is nothing less than a tax on transparency. 
"Freedom of Information is a step towards healthy governance. It permits scrutiny of those in power in central and local government and devolved administrations. Introducing a charge is a potential backward step, and will unravel Labour’s drive to open up the public sector to wider scrutiny."
Why is this Tory government trying to prevent people of this country from discovering the truth?

Look out for yet more sycophantic crawling from the Tory supporting right wing press as they either ignore this vitally important story or seek to find ways to justify Cameron's attempt to block us from discovering the truth about him and his hideous government.

Stop Whingeing and Whining Trevor Kavanagh at the Sun and Take a Dose of Your Own Medicine!

Yesterday a Sun newspaper journalist asked David Cameron at number 10 for a political favour, they "invite Downing Street to agree that the police had deployed a disproportionate number of officers to investigating allegations of criminality at NI. 

Downing street refused saying "It is for the police to decide how they deploy police officers."

How will the Sun newspaper respond to this? For years now they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by David Cameron and George Osborne into attacking the Labour government and blaming them for what was the worse *global* recession for over a 100 years and for the greed of the Tory "doning" fatcat bankers that almost destroyed this country's economy as well as them having a collective effect on the global economy.

The Sun has stood by and said nothing about the clear case of conflict of interests regarding the Tories and David Cameron, George Osborne and health secretary Andrew Lansley and their Tory doning private health care companies and the latest scandal to rock the Tories involving management consultants McKinsey & Co, helping to make the very policies which will put McKinsey clients first in the pecking order to  be awarded lucrative government NHS contracts, should Lansley and Cameron's hated health and Social care Reform Bill make it to the statute book.

In its often screaming vulgar banner headlines, the Sun newspaper has backed David Cameron attempts to use his filthy political tactics to divide and rule this country, in order to get his vicious policies accepted by the British people. They have sought to back the prime minister when he has deliberately set out to pit, worker against unemployed, able bodied people against disabled people, working families against those not working, childless couples against couples with children, private sector workers against public sector workers, the indigenous population against immigrants and immigration. They have backed this government to the hilt when they have mercilessly cut the winter fuel payments to pensioners, despite David Cameron's promise not to on live TV during the leadership debates in the run-up to the May 2010 election, when Cameron famously called Gordon Brown a liar, when Brown had done little more than try to warn people what Cameron was going to do. Cameron was in fact the liar and Brown was telling the truth and yet the Sun newspaper has not even mentioned this, yet if this situation was reversed it would be being screamed at us from repeated Sun headlines day after day after day.

All this the Sun has done for Cameron, Osborne and Clegg to try and get them elected and to try and shore up their future election prospect and so much more, so the question is, how slighted will the Sun editor and his whingeing complaining journalists now feel when they have turned to David Cameron in Downing Street for one small favour and received a very large kick in the metaphorical teeth for it?

If the Sun does nothing it will only seek to prove what a set of cowering whingeing Patsys they actually are, who doesn't like it up 'em and who cannot take the medicine it so readily dishes out to others. If they do nothing then Downing Street will feel emboldened by this and Cameron feeds off of events like this, he will take this as sign of total weakness at the Sun and move to manipulate and exploit them still further.

It will take more than the Sun editor's (Dominic Mohan)  bumper edition of  Monday's 104 page Sun and  Trevor Kavanagh's petulant indulgent tirade to save their faces after them begging number 10 for help and it being refused. David Cameron has right royally shafted the Sun and not for the first time dropped it refusing to help when the news got too hot to handle and in so doing has once again made the Sun look like complete idiots.

What goes around, comes around and the Sun and its journalists are now only just starting to feel the presence of Karma behind them.

Is this the start of the end of the "special relationship" between the Sun and David Cameron and the Tories?

I know there is still much more to be revealed about the Sun newspaper, Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and Rupert and James Murdoch's relationship with David Cameron. Up until now it appears that Cameron with the help of the Sun has managed to keep a lid on it, much to the personal cost of Andy Coulson, who was employed by Downing Street on the say so of former News of the World and Sun editor, Rebekah Brooks.

Here is what one ex News of the World employee said about Rebekah Brooks (anonymously in the Mail)

"The integrity of The Sun and the News of the World started crumbling the moment Rebekah Brooks got her hands on them. Throughout her career, she has had one aim only: self-glorification. She used the papers to promote her own interests, not to break stories or to entertain. Whether it was securing seat A1 on her favourite airline, claiming the best view at a West End show or winning access to the Prime Minister’s inner sanctum, Rebekah would do whatever it took. Good journalism was secondary. When she took charge of The Sun......."

The question is now, will the Sun newspaper and its so-called "fierce" journalists continue to support Cameron and his clown government regardless of their incompetence, poor handling of the economy (UK is now under a negative credit warning from Moody's credit agency) and their perilous Health and Social Care Reform Bill which threatens the health of this entire nation and all that this will entail when it all goes disastrously wrong as 98% of all medical practitioners, clinicians, nurses doctors, medical organisations have repeatedly forecast it will? If they do then they will just become known as a band of Cameron's Patsy's who do and say exactly as Cameron wishes them to. Cameron will seek to use this as a tool to tell the nation that he is not in the "pay" of Murdoch and the Sun and he doesn't mind trampling all over people who have been steadfastly loyal to him to do it either.

I cannot resist taking a little Schadenfreude pleasure at the Sun's whining about their treatment at the hands of the police, especially when the Sun has always taken such great delight when this very same treatment has been dished out to others. Why does the Sun expect to be treated any differently to anyone else? Maybe they thought that all those lavish lunches, dinners, theatre tickets they gave out to the police in exchange for classified inside information entitled them to preferential treatment? Maybe they thought all the help they have given Cameron entitled them to preferential treatment too? Turns out no, it has all been for nothing.

Rupert Murdoch has given assurances to Sun employees that the paper is safe, if I were them I would not be taken that as read. If the scandal at the Sun in the way of  phone hacking, email hacking etc takes any further twists then advertisers will start pulling out and if this happens the Sun newspaper will start to look very shaky indeed.

One wonders then if the full extent of any government involvement will start to be known? Just how did the Sun get hold of those government emails that they published and used to attack Gordon Brown and the Labour government with? How did members of the then Tory opposition come to be in possession of these emails etc? It seems strange that some of them got into the hands of journalists and the Tory party just at the time when Gordon Brown was increasing his poll lead!

At the start of this police investigation into phone hacking etc the police have said that they will not be bringing any charges until their enquiries have ended (doesn't Trevor Kavanagh read his own paper?), if at the end of this charges are brought against Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and the Murdochs an any of the other numerous arrests made over the past few months, we  could then start to see the full extent of any involvement in this whole tawdry affair by David Cameron and George Osborne, especially if Coulson lands up in the dock with his liberty threatened.

Something tells me not only are we witnessing the beginning of the end for the Sun newspaper, we are also witnessing this scandal taking still more steadying footsteps closer right to the heart of the British government and David Cameron the Prime Minister, and Chancellor, George Osborne and by association Nick Clegg (who has also backed this government's incompetence to the hilt).

No wonder then that Trevor Kavanagh is throwing a strop, doing the rounds of TV and radio and crying and whingeing and ranting and raving to anyone that will give him (and the Sun) air time.

The Sun's days are numbered, perhaps it is retribution for helping inflict the likes of the narcissistic, incompetent liar David Cameron upon us, at the expense of a good and decent brilliant man in the former PM Gordon Brown! Perhaps Rupert Murdoch may like to think about that too, if anyone deserves a dose of Karma for stabbing his "friend" in the back simply because David Cameron promised Murdoch BSkyB on a plate (another broken Cameron promise), it is Rupert Murdoch!

The Sun's hypocrisy and sycophantic crawling to David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg has  at last landed them with a kick in the "proverbials" - and well deserved, I say! made even more delicious by the sight and sound of Trevor Kavanagh's unedifying moaning, ranting and raving.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The NHS London Risk Register that exposes Lansley

The NHS London Risk Register that exposes Lansley

by Éoin Clarke     
February 9, 2012 at 8:20 am 

This is the link to the London NHS Risk Assessment that was sent to the central DoH civil servants drawing up the Risk Register & Report.
You can read it here.
Earlier in the week I revealed that the Risk Register reported that costs could not be controlled as GPs inexperience in Commissioning as well as Private Providers not offering competitive rates meant that costs could ‘surge’. You can read my report here.
I have selected 3 screen prints from the report to save you slogging your way through it. See below for the first one.

London NHS’s Risk Register categorically warns that the ‘deteriorations in the financial positions of one or more NHS organisations’.  
That jargon is put simply is saying that Practices could go bust or require central intervention to prop up their financial position.  The screen print from the Risk Report also warns of economic ‘slippage’ & ‘cost pressures’ arising.
This is quite explicit that the financial viability of the Tory NHS bill is seriously questionable.

This screen dump from the London NHS risk report categorically states that Commissioning groups (GPs) may ‘not be able to secure [services] [...] within the runningcost range’.
The potential consequences raised by the London report are that ‘quality’ of health care may be ‘poor’. The London report also says that there may be a ‘skills deficit’ among commissioners (GPs). This chimes with my report that GPs did not have the required experience.
Now the government needs to publish the full risk register so that we can see the true horror of the damage their bill will cause to our NHS.
Please ask your MP to sign this EDM calling for the Risk Register to be published (here).

Andrew Lansley is refusing to release the 'Risk Register' despite being ordered to do so by the Information Commissioner. 

Please Ask for your FULL copy of the 'Risk Register' HERE  (it only takes about 20/30 seconds)

The text I used was as follows:
"I wish to view a copy of the Risk Register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill reforms, under the Freedom of Information Act"

Please try and do this, if enough people request it they will be forced to release it.  Remember we are in a fight to 'Save Our NHS' from  privatisation

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Callous Conservatives Attack The Elderly

The Conservative controlled Central Bedfordshire council is to start charging elderly people for their Careline service. (Central Beds is also covered by Tory MPs, Andrew Selous, Alistair Burt and Nadine Dorries. Labour has one MP in Gavin Shuker (who was outnumbered). Careline is a service that gives the elderly reassurance, it is a telephone system where they wear a control unit around their necks and have a button on the telephone that enables them to get in direct contact with help should they fall, cannot get out of bed or maybe need other assistance.

The Tories excuse for charging for this vital service? Is apparently they are not the first to charge and some other councils already charge between 50p and £1.00 per week. So in their warped way of thinking CONSERVATIVE controlled Central Beds council think it is OK to charge £4.50 PER WEEK (approximately £4.00 more than any other council) and they maintain this will raise over £200,000 per year! This unscrupulous council obviously see nothing wrong in using the frailties of the elderly to raise funds in order to try and plug the black hole in funding caused by the vicious and unnecessary cuts in funding by the Conservative central government!

Central Bedfordshire Council is unashamedly making money out of defenceless, frail elderly people and obviously the council see the defenceless, frail elderly as sitting targets who cannot fight back and who will be frightened into handing over their money if they want to continue to feel safe in their own homes. 

The downside of this of course is many elderly already struggling under the the fact that utility bills have soared, food prices have continue to rise and the council have already raised the cost of the Meals on Wheels service to the elderly by a massive 60% and the Tory chancellor has already cut up to £100 off of their Winter  Fuel Allowance, many elderly people are now swearing that they will no longer be able to pay for the service and will discontinue it if they are forced to pay from their already dwindling incomes, many say it is not a case of won't pay, it is a case of just cannot pay. 

This charge will almost certainly prove to be a false economy as this will be the last straw for many pensioners who are already being forced to live in poverty by this callous unfeeling Conservative government.  

Elderly and frail  people consider this service a lifeline which enables many to stay in their own homes,  thus actually SAVING the council money! If elderly people have to start being taken into residential care for their own health and safety, how much will this cost the council per year? It will only take a relatively small number of  pensioners to be forced into residential care to cost the council in excess of £200,000 per year, where is the sense in this and why is Central beds council charging up to £4.00 per week MORE than any other council who charges for this service?

Conservatives, David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg have made much about the rise in the state pension, however, the introduction of this one charge in this one Tory controlled council will more than wipe out that rise in pension in fell swoop! More Tory double dealing disingenuously attacking people who cannot fight back.

All this is in ADDITION, to the fact that the Tories in Central Bedfordshire have already put the cost of pensioners’ meals on wheels up by a HUGE 60%.  Now this morning we wake to the news that Tory run councils are also said to be preparing to raise their council tax and the person responsible for the cuts to local council funding Tory minister Eric Pickles is trying fervently to pass the buck. Well  he should not be allowed to get away with this, the Conservative government should not be allowed to get away with this despicable attack on our elderly, the buck should stop with him, it is his Tory government and his Tory councils who are bringing about these situations across this country, through their incompetence and their startling lack of ability to see the bigger picture and the fact that every time they change something it has a domino effect on others services.

This hideous lying government came into power promising to protect pensioners winter fuel allowance, eye tests and free TV licenses, David Cameron blatantly LIED to the elderly. The Tories have already cut the fuel allowance by £50 for those aged 60 to 80 years and for those aged 80 years and over by £100 and now these other benefits may well be means tested in the future which will inevitably mean that many pensioners will lose out.No thought has been given to the medical fact that as we age the more likely it is that we will suffer from hypothermia, so to cut the fuel allowance of those age 80 and over is a particularly callous move, especially as elderly people have little or no sensation that their bodies are becoming dangerously cold and they will either turn down their heating or turn it off altogether and they could collapse before they realise what is happening, and now they will not even have their Careline service to call for help when they are laying freezing to death on a cold floor, it is an appalling, ill judged and ill thought out  and a shockingly horrendous way in which to treat our elderly citizens!

The Tories have done nothing about the elderly living in fuel poverty who are being forced to make a choice between eating a hot meal, or  heating their homes. 

The Conservatives have done nothing about the growing number of pensioners now living in fuel poverty and who are struggling to pay the cost of the rise in utility bills which have risen by an average of 19% for gas, 14% for electricity and now we are told water is to rise by 6%.
Add all this to the fact that  despite when in opposition David Cameron promised not to cut pensioners winter fuel payments, the Conservative Chancellor George Osborne,  has already CUT  up to £100  from pensioner’s winter fuel allowance, where will it all end? When pensioners cannot afford the Careline service and fall over and freeze and starve to death in their own homes alone, cold in pain and terribly frightened?

Shame on the Conservative government and shame on the Liberal Democrats who are enabling this right wing ideological Conservative government to carry out these shameful inhuman attacks on our elderly and this is not just in Conservative controlled Central Bedfordshire, these attacks on our most frail and vulnerable citizens are taking place right across the country.

Welcome "back" to Tory Britain 2012!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dangerous Parallels of Thatcher, Cameron and Osborne and a Small Clegg

When in opposition, former Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph (remember him?) founded the Centre for Policy Studies, where they and other Tories made provisional plans for "free market solutions" to what they saw as economic problems. The object of this mission was to put their plans into practice as soon as they regained power. Here is where the marked parallels of the Thatcher regime start to compare heavily to the Cameron - Osborne regime.

Sir Keith Joseph was of the belief that "full employment" policies were to blame for high inflation. When Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 general election the pair wasted no time in giving absolute priority to conquering inflation at whatever costs to employment and living standards. Now all these years later David Cameron and George Osborne are adopting the same policies, but far from lowering inflation George Osborne has become the first chancellor to actually increase inflation and increase unemployment at the same time! In 21 months Cameron and Osborne have also drastically reduced living standards too.

The basic philosophies of Thatcher and Joseph then, and now, Cameron, Osborne and Clegg, are quite simple, they believe that government should intervene less, and by leaving companies and consumers to make their own decisions this will lead to an increase in efficiency and individual liberty. However, just as the policy failed dramatically in the Thatcher and then Major eras,  it is now failing catastrophically with Cameron and Osborne. The basic macroeconomic principles of both the Thatcher government and now the Cameron government are the same - 'cutting taxes and cutting government spending'. However, in their haste to cobble together what they hoped would appear as a sensible economic policy and changing its appearance in order to make it look like their own, Cameron and Osborne have ignored one vitally important thing - Thatcherite policies failed the country when she was prime minister, just as they failed again when John Major was Conservative  PM and are failing the country again now and another parallel; just as Thatcher and Joseph had no "Plan B" neither does David Cameron and George Osborne!

Unlike Gordon Brown former Labour PM, Thatcher did not have a global financial recession, the worse for over a 100 years and a banking collapse to contend with but still managed to produce a very deep recession with over 3 million unemployed, the damage her policies caused industry were extensive and long felt, especially by people in the north of England, Wales and Scotland. Today there are still whole communities  trying to recover from being attacked by successive Conservative governments.

Cameron and Osborne like to  portray themselves as "progressive" but they are responsible for introducing a 2.5% hike in the most regressive tax of all  -VAT. Raising it from 17.5% to 20%.  They appear to have failed to learn from their predecessors that raising VAT, cutting spending and constraining the growth of the money supply just does not work.  VAT is a regressive tax which not only taxes the poor disproportionately, it is hurting everyone (including government coffers) and is also causing conflict within his own policy! It is like some kind  of shifting of "economic tectonic plates" which when they crash into each other causes an immovable solid mass of unemployment and economic misery to millions.

However, it is not a new problem, exactly the same problems were caused by Margaret Thatcher (and latterly former PM John Major) when despite her promising faithfully to the contrary (like Cameron and Osborne and Clegg), Margaret Thatcher also raised VAT which in turn led to mass unemployment. Even the hapless useful idiot Nick Clegg noted that a VAT hike was the "Tory Bombshell" in his election campaign, the fact that he soon forgot about it in order to snatch a few glory years in government as deputy PM is something which I guess will be settled between him and the electorate come the next general election!

 We should not forget either that during the former Tory PM, John Major's years, inflation rose to 15.9% and stayed there for over a year, with hundreds of thousands small businesses going bankrupt, huge job loses, redundancies, bankruptcies and home repossessions. Just like we are seeing again now, our high streets then resembled ghost towns, even charity shops are feeling the pinch this time!

  Osborne has allowed utilities to soar and gas has risen by at least 19% and electricity around 14%, now we learn that our water bills are to rise by around 6% too! Rail fairs have risen by 6% and the overall cost of living has risen by approximately 6.9% since Osborne became chancellor in May 2010.

The governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King has predicted that inflation will fall and there has been a very small reduction, however, at what cost to the nation? Is soaring unemployment, wage freezes, unemployment, fear of unemployment and falling living standards, bankruptcies, redundancies, repossessions really an "acceptable price to pay for lower inflation?" In any case because Osborne increased VAT by a massive 2.5%, he actually was the direct cause of inflation rising, so people not only had unemployment, fear of unemployment, wage freezes and the rise in the cost of living to contend with, they also had to fork out for the chancellors regressive Value Added Tax rise.

The present government are once again trying to force through the failed monetary policies of  Thatcher, they have moved from Keynesian demand policies, forcing almost one million public sector workers out of a job, totally relying on the private sector to create more jobs to accommodate the job losses in the public sector. To undertake such a high risk gamble at the best of times could have destabilised the economy, but to take these risks at such a time when the recovery was fragile *as well as* taking away the private sector spending power seems not just foolhardy but basket case mad insane!

Cameron, Osborne and Clegg have created a perfect storm. When they first came to power Osborne immediately took £6.9 billion out of a fragile recovery economy, he then introduced the increase in VAT and made hundreds of thousands public sector workers redundant, which combined had the immediate effect of stalling growth in the economy, people stopped spending, because they had either already lost their jobs or they were in fear of losing their jobs, because people stopped spending, demand in the economy faltered and growth suffered and despite project Merlin, the banks still refused to cooperate, which means hardly anyone can get a mortgage and now unemployment is soaring way out of control and many analysts expect the UK to go into a double dip recession. Still the private sector are not picking up the slack and the government's £80 billion austerity package meant to clear the deficit over the next four years has now started to kick in, there seems little hope that things will pick up any time soon. Despite all the pain, the government is way off target and will fail to clear the deficit by 2015, so all of this pain has been and will be for absolutely nothing! They could have just carried on with the way Labour were intending to clear the deficit, which would have meant cuts of £40 billion over four years. When the Tories inherited this economy far from being dire as they like to say, actually the economy was in 1.1% growth and unemployment was falling and consumer confidence good!

Thatcher decided to attack the unions as her "party piece", while Cameron and Osborne have decided to attack welfare, and the NHS, privatising the NHS is something they seem adamant in doing. Thatcher struck out at the unions for political reasons and Osborne, Cameron and Clegg are trying to get rid of the NHS for political reasons too. If they can foist it off onto the private sector this should give them money to give to people in forms of tax cutting bribes in order to get themselves re-elected. Just as Thatcher wrongly believed that the unions were responsible for all the country's woes, Cameron, Osborne and Clegg believe that the NHS is responsible for all this country's woes and want to get rid of it.
Like the government's predecessors in Thatcher and Major they even tried to gain its own windfall from selling off what was left of public owned institutions like our NHS and our forests etc.

The fact is solely because of previous Tory governments selling off the country's assets, we are now being forced to pay exorbitant costs for our gas, electricity and water which the Tories sold off to foreign countries, the result being that now France has much cheaper electricity and water because we are being forced to subsidise them through our high utility charges!

Rail fares through the Tory privatised rail industry are now so expensive they are well beyond the reach of ordinary people and the railways have been broken up, fragmented and now no one knows who is responsible for what and when. (Just like the NHS will become)

Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are even picking their own fight with the unions over public sector job losses and pensions, they  are taking away workers rights in the work place weakening their hand to fight bad decisions and strengthening the hand of bosses in the private sector giving the private enterprises the chance to shed excess workers without having to pay them proper redundancy pay. The jobs that are being created in the private sector are mainly low paid and unskilled where the private sector has suddenly realised that they can hire two employees virtually for the price of one, with the government paying partly to subsidise these companies by forcing the taxpayer to pay top up credits to people earning low wages. This is the kind of readjustment the Tories want at the expense of the poor, unemployed, disabled, vulnerable and sick. it is as if they are trying to take this country and the majority of people back to the days when people knew their place and tugged their forelocks as the landed gentry rode by!

There is nothing new about the Conservatives it has been one huge con right from the beginning and a cursory look at recent history will confirm this.

David Cameron has schemed, deceived, deliberately mislead and lied his way into Downing Street and against just as his Conservative predecessors, Thatcher and Major, he and Osborne are now totally ruining the British economy, things were never this bad under Labour, not even when we had just gone through the worse global financial recession for over a 100 years, Labour still managed to hand the economy over in growth with falling unemployment and they left this country infrastructure in a much improved state than they inherited in 1997.

It was not Labour's spending on vital public services like schools, hospitals, nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers and police etc that caused the global financial recession, it was Tory doning bankers who were responsible for irresponsible lending and because they gambled our money and lost in casino style banking and who was responsible for deregulating the City and destroying British manufacturing in the form of closing down the coal mines, British steel and British ship making and the British car industry?

Conservative Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher!

Spot the Difference

Which one is Tory Anne Milton and which is Herman Munster?

The Real Ed Miliband Is Now Standing Up!

I wrote earlier about David Miliband's article which appeared in the New Statesman last week. I said that I thought it was time that David Miliband accepted that his brother Ed Miliband had the right to enter the leadership battle and win. Since that article appeared David Miliband has sought to clarify that "100% this was not an attack on his brother".

At least the penny appears to have dropped, David Miliband's article did not have the desired effect that he thought it would, much to the disappointment of Miliband's senior's so-called "friends"! I believe this article to be the start of David Miliband's swan song and as myth depicts, it may well become known as the song that a dying swan is said to sing.

However, if David Miliband does not want this to be his last contribution then maybe he should rethink his "friends" because they appear to be imparting some advice that he would be far better off ignoring. The trouble is that if one hangs around with with malcontent's all the time he is in danger of becoming one himself. If this happens I think this will be as much as a tragedy for the Labour party as it will be for David Miliband on a personal level.

The Labour party is a progressive party, it is a movement of people and a broad church of differing opinions and views, but ultimately it has learned to come together and unite when it needs to for the greater good of the people of this country.

Ed Miliband has shown himself to be progressive, he has shown he has the steely determination to change the party for the economy it will inherit and the future it will be forced to meet. You may not like all what he has to say, you may not agree with him on certain issues but we should respect his right as leader to say it and do what he thinks best for the party in order to get it elected, where it can at last help the people that are being so cruelly attacked and victimised by this hideous true blue right wing Tory government that likes to deceive people into believing that it is somehow "liberal".

Ed is calm, assertive, intellectual, he is inherently decent and honest and will tell the truth, even if he knows his party do not necessarily agree with him. I believe that David Miliband also possesses these qualities, what a pity then that he is allowing others to influence him.

We have one liar, manipulator and gross misleader in the shape of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, we do not need another.

If, as David Miliband has stated since his article appeared last week he has the best interests of the people and the party at heart, he will put away the past, stop listening to the malcontent's and hasbeens and accept the offer of a job his brother has open handed extended to him and help fight this hideous government before it has the chance to damage the people of this country still further.

Ed Miliband is setting the agenda and David Cameron and Nick Clegg are scrabbling to keep up with him.

The Real Ed Miliband is Now Standing UP!

David Cameron's Lies, Damned Lies and Deliberate Misleading

At Prime Minister’s Questions this week (1/02/2012), responding to a question from Tom Blenkinsop a Labour backbencher about the Deputy PM (Nick Clegg)  recently quoting that the government may bring in means testing for pensioners bus passes, in his reply David Cameron spoke about the commitment he gave to not cutting pensioner winter fuel payments, bus passes and free TV licenses shortly before the general election. The prime minister said that the government had not cut these benefits. With regard to the winter fuel allowance this is a blatant lie and is deliberately misleading the public. The government *HAVE* cut winter fuel allowance payments to pensioners, by £50 from age 60 to 80 years, and from 80 years the Tories have sliced £100 from their cash payments. The reason why Gordon brown gave more case to those older pensioners is because studies have revealed that the older we become the more susceptible to the cold and hypothermia we are, yet Cameron and the Tory led government have cut more from the allowance of this age group. 

We are currently in the middle of one of the coldest snaps of the winter with temperatures plummeting to minus 10 in some places, how many pensioners are going to die from hypothermia in their own homes because the Tories have cut their winter fuel payments and they can now no longer pay to heat their homes? 
One in five pensioners has had to cut back on everyday essentials such as food and heating because of the rising cost of living, a study by Age UK has revealed.
The survey of 1,250 over-60s found that inflation and rising energy costs are causing significant hardship, with nearly half of pensioners (47%) saying they are "just getting by" and one in 10 admitting they are "really struggling".
A fifth of pensioners say they are now going out less, while one in five of those questioned have had to cut back on their heating over the winter to make ends meet. Age UK estimates that 1.8 million pensioners are living in poverty and many more are living close to the breadline.

How much longer is the Speaker of the HoC, John Bercow going to allow David Cameron to tell blatant lies and to deliberately mislead the British public? This time the frail elderly are in real danger of dying alone and cold in their homes because of the actions of David Cameron. George Osborne and Nick Clegg and Cameron cannot even tell the truth.

In fact David Cameron did not give an answer to Tom Blekinsop, what Cameron did was once again avoid giving a straight answer to the question.

So are we all now to believe that means testing pensioners for bus passes, winter fuel payments and free TV licenses is going to be introduced? Nick Clegg refused to rule it out!

Deputy PM, Mr Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, said that he believed the Government should cut back on the benefits currently given to all pensioners regardless of their wealth.

Which means of course that most pensioners will not apply for these benefits which are essential to their daily lives and well being.David Cameron is an opportunist and a liar.

Welcome to Tory Britain 2012