Tuesday, February 28, 2012

David Cameron's Serial Lack of Judgement!

The latest on David Cameron and Emma Harrison debacle is that number 10 has issued a press released maintaining that Cameron was not told - unbelievable!

Anyway ignorance is no defence.

This tacit admission immediately begs the questions; "so does this mean that someone knew about Harrison and A4e and simply did not tell Cameron"? Or is that as so often happened in the past, David Cameron knew all about it, decided to ignore because he obviously knows best? Does it mean that NO checks were carried out on Emma Harrison prior to her being given this position as Cameron's "Families Tsar"? Are we now expected to believe that this woman was allowed near the PM and near to the heart of government with access to highly sensitive personal records of the public without her background being gone over with a fine tooth-comb? She could have been a serial killer, she could have been a terrorist, or then again she could have just been a common thief who was free to steal millions of pounds from the public purse, while forcing disabled people and people with terminal illnesses to work stacking shelves for nothing for an indefinite period!

How many times has David Cameron's judgement been called into serious question? Here are a few.

Emma Harrison - "The alarm bells began to ring when veteran and wealthy Labour MP Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, questioned Harrison's company executives about their failure to hit Government back-to-work targets and unearthed the fact that Harrison had paid herself £8.6 million in one year." yet still Cameron has not learnt a thing. Further reading: Daily Mail  

David Rowland - tax exile.  Cameron hired him against the expressed wishes of senior Tories after they questioned his judgement; a senior Tory told the Daily Mail that Cameron repeatedly ignored warnings that Rowland was unsuitable for the position. Conservative party central office suddenly  announced that Rowland would not be taking the post after all due to his "developing business interests"! Bizarrely this came soon after  the Tories announced that he would take over as their Treasurer even though he had became the subject of a string of stories in the Daily Mail that painted his business dealings and personal life as controversial. 

Conservative Peer, Lord Ashcroft - Profoundly shocking - Yet still encouraged to bankroll Cameron's Tories with his dodgy tax free millions in Tory marginal seats.

Stanley Fink...  Co-treasurer, Conservative Party, is apparently "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry and runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management . 
Wants to raise £40m to “blow Labour out of the water” by the end of 2009. (he didn't succeed) Recently left Man Group and started ISAM, another hedge fund.
 Fink also a key donor to the Boris Johnson mayoral campaign he donated more than £1 million to the Tories in the run up to the 2010 general election.

Key By-Election in Ealing Southall - Cameron's appalling judgement goes much further back than 2 or 3 years, it has always been present, in 2007 Cameron staked his reputation on Tony Lit in the above by-election, backing a man to become a Tory MP who had absolutely no interest in politics! Previously Lit even donated £4.600 to Labour before he joined the Conservatives! (Follow the money) read what the Liberal Democrats thought of this (oh how times change)

John Cruddas  -  billionaire spread betting gambling magnate ( Cameron has recruited to raise funds for the Conservative Party – despite reports that he may have dodged tax in the past. Cruddas is a hedge funder and short sells. Has a £10 million home in the tax haven Monaco.

Andy Coulson -  Former News of the World editor and former Director of Communications for David Cameron (his right hand man). Here once again not only did Cameron ignored warnings from senior Tories and the press, he even ignored a letter written to him by former Labour Deputy PM, Lord John Prescott advising him of the reasons why he should think carefully before hiring Andy Coulson.  Cameron was given many warnings about Andy Coulson from many different people privately and publicly, yet chose to take the word of Rupert and James Murdoch and  Rebekah Brooks. Coulson is heavily involved in the hacking scandal and the hacking of the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.
Cameron has never answered one very big question to do with Coulson's security clearance, or total lack of it, he attended sensitive classified meetings and had sight of sensitive classified documents both of which  he should have been heavily security vetted for, yet he received only the briefest of checks - why? Was this because cameron knew that Coulson would not pass these security checks? If so why was he allowed anywhere near classified information? Cameron knew this, was warned about it and ignored all warnings. Even after this all came to light Cameron kept Coulson on when he should have been fired, he hung on to him for grim death. One small but revealing moment in one of  David Cameron's press conferences : when he was asked  whether he was warned about specific problems in Andy Coulson's past he said he couldn't "recall" being told. A warning light should go on any time a politician uses that formula. It is neither a denial, nor is it an acknowledgement. It is a holding device that says, in essence, "I don't have a line on this yet, my lawyers have told me to say nothing." This is an on-going case being investigated by three different police inquiries and the Leveson inquiry. More "jaw dropping" revelations are expected this coming week.

Phone Hacking: Daily Mail Editor Leveson Inquiry - where even former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie accuseDavid Cameron of setting  the leveson inquiry up to "escape his own personal lack of judgement" in hiring former News of the World editor Andy Coulson.

Multiculturalism - Cameron made a speech virtually accusing all Muslims of being terrorists - he did this because once again by subtly playing the "race card" he was helping to dig himself out of a hole of his own creation. Cameron needed to gain lost support so he had another "bash an immigrant day", notice that this is becoming a regular feature and when he thinks he can no longer get away with that he goes for other vulnerable groups like the disabled, the sick, the unemployed, single parents and the vulnerable.

Summer Riots - parliament was in recess and David Cameron was in Tuscany, taking his fourth foreign holiday of the year while people back home struggled under the weight of his cuts and job losses. A riot which began in Tottenham over a few days spread to many other major cities in England. you would think that the site of the country being overrun with lawlessness, arson and looting would have brought Cameron back home at the first instance, but no, he made one initial short statement, said "he was keeping an eye on things and carried on with his holiday!  Nick Clegg the [non deputising] Deputy PM, Home Secretary Theresa May, Conservative Chancellor George Osborne, Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson astonishingly were all out of the country and on holiday at the same time and no one was left in charge of the country. The only person who was left was William Hague, the Foreign Secretary and after making a short statement and with the country burning he went to ground too to his official country residence and could not be contacted. Remarkably, this was on top of an unfolding crisis in the Eurozone.  On the 4th day of rioting and images of this country burning being broadcast around the world, only then did Cameron decide to leave his holiday and return home, up until that he was bizarrely holding photo opportunities with the press with a Tuscan waitress. When Cameron did decide to return rather than letting the buck stop with him he sought to pass the blame for what happened onto others, this time it was the police.

Stephen Hester - Boss of RBS, Cameron was told about Hester's bonuses and signed it off. Hester later was forced to repay the bonus after extreme public pressure. Bizarrely Cameron has made two speeches in recent weeks, one attacking the greed culture of banking and the other saying that attacks on bankers had gone way too far.

Cameron's Foolish use of Veto endangers millions of British jobs and it now transpires that Cameron's use of the veto was the first a veto was used that failed to stop anything!  Cameron's lack of judgement could damage British business interests and British jobs and has risked British isolation in Europe, using our Veto to dig himself out of a hole with his right wingers was never a good idea, particularly as the veto can only be used once! What happens when we really need to use it for the common good?

NHS - Health and Social Care Reforms Bill. Where was Cameron's judgement when he blatantly said that under his government there would be no more top down reorganisations of the NHS and then immediately he assumes power he orders the biggest top down reorganisation of the NHS.  Where was his judgement when he stood in the House of Commons and lied about having *all* the Royal Colleges on the side of his reforms? Did it never once occur to him that all of his lies will find him out? he said there would no top down reorganisation of the NHS at a time when he was working on the biggest reorganisation in the NHS 63 year history!

Cameron is a PR man first and foremost he doesn't feel like a real prime minister, and Cameron definitely doesn't do detail.  He has stood back and allowed his ministers to come up with enormous structural reforms in welfare, defence, education and the NHS etc., yet is unable to grasp the detail of the reforms.  Once a reform is presented to him he rushes to announce his ministers policies (before they can), plucking out all the parts he knows as an ex PR man, will make all the good sound-bites. After successfully gaining the plaudits and the favourable headlines and telling people what he thinks they want to hear, he then quickly forgets all about them.  As a result, in the middle of what some would call a depression, he has allowed his chancellor to willy nilly introduce a massive VAT hike, damaging spending cuts and also to add hundreds of thousands to the jobless total, the result is that growth is now contracting and we are verging on recession. We have huge reforms in welfare with people being forced to work for mega rich multinational companies for nothing or risk losing their JSA. We have the DWP threatening disabled people if they do not return to work for *nothing* they will lose their benefits that is bad enough, but the most shocking of all, the threat to terminally ill people with more than six months to live, that they must go and stack shelves for work experience for an indefinite period or risk having their benefits stopped. We also have underway massive reforms in police, defence and the NHS. Cameron seems to be completely unable to grasp the enormity of his own reforms and what he himself is proposing!  His foolhardiness is now translating into real damage to real people’s lives, and in the case of the NHS it could mean actual loss of life. 

Every time David Cameron gets into bother he tries to seek a tone of contrition  holding  dramatic press conferences and by making even more dramatic speeches from the House and form his lectern outside number 10 and elsewhere.

Present in each and every one of these speeches, press conferences etc., are three common denominators; 1)  they are usual damage limitation 2). The Prime Minister is seeking to pass the buck and the blame others for when things he has  previously been warned about and 3).The problems have always been brought about by David Cameron's appalling lack of judgement. Look t at the classic example of what is happening within the NHS and which he is primarily responsible for.  The country and virtually all medical practitioners, patient groups the Labour party and concerned groups have voiced their concerns about his reforms bill, yet he is totally ignoring all of them and is still trying to force this bill onto the statute books.

It makes no difference to David Cameron that he has been warned repeatedly,  his arrogance, stubbornness and his oblivious ignorance have once again taken over and is preventing him from doing what is right for the country, we are being forced into a precarious and lethal situation by our very own prime minister. His lies really are beginning to look like a real sickness, he often exaggerates ridiculous things like in the middle of one of his infamous press conferences about public sector workers strike he suddenly blurted out that his son was looking forward to running the country the next day when he took him to work. The fact that this was easily checkable never even entered his head, Cameron did not even take his son to work on that day, and Downing St did not open a temporary crèche as the PM had insisted they would. The truth is that Cameron's lies and exaggerations are now appearing to be bordering on  pathological, (see how many traits he shares).  Someone should be saying something, yet no one in his coterie seems able or brave enough to face him down about them and this is leaving our country and our people wide open to serious danger.

How many times has Cameron shouted; "We are all in this together"? But who is with us  in the mess he and his government are creating of our lives, of our NHS, our economy, our welfare, our policing, and education etc.?  Not him, he and his Tory doning, tax dodging friends are all sitting pretty with their millions stashed safely away in the bank, what do they care what we are going through while we are forced to pay for the mess Dodgy Dave's banker mates made of this country? If he is caught lying or exaggerating or contradicting himself, he will simply seek to lay the blame for his own actions on someone else..

Yet when he has destroyed the NHS, made hundreds of thousands jobless, has terminally ill people spending their last days stacking shelves in his rich mate's supermarket for nothing, has hundreds of thousands poverty stricken homeless people and impoverished children and non-existent  healthcare and diseases running rife in our country, when we have rising crime leading to lawlessness and riots on our streets and not enough police to control it, who will he point his finger of  blame  at then? 

Meanwhile Cameron's dreadful judgement which has been an issue before he became prime minister and now countless times throughout his short premiership, remains very much an issue today.

Because of David Cameron, Britain is becoming known as more "Fool Britannia" than Rule Britannia! 

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