Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Real Ed Miliband Is Now Standing Up!

I wrote earlier about David Miliband's article which appeared in the New Statesman last week. I said that I thought it was time that David Miliband accepted that his brother Ed Miliband had the right to enter the leadership battle and win. Since that article appeared David Miliband has sought to clarify that "100% this was not an attack on his brother".

At least the penny appears to have dropped, David Miliband's article did not have the desired effect that he thought it would, much to the disappointment of Miliband's senior's so-called "friends"! I believe this article to be the start of David Miliband's swan song and as myth depicts, it may well become known as the song that a dying swan is said to sing.

However, if David Miliband does not want this to be his last contribution then maybe he should rethink his "friends" because they appear to be imparting some advice that he would be far better off ignoring. The trouble is that if one hangs around with with malcontent's all the time he is in danger of becoming one himself. If this happens I think this will be as much as a tragedy for the Labour party as it will be for David Miliband on a personal level.

The Labour party is a progressive party, it is a movement of people and a broad church of differing opinions and views, but ultimately it has learned to come together and unite when it needs to for the greater good of the people of this country.

Ed Miliband has shown himself to be progressive, he has shown he has the steely determination to change the party for the economy it will inherit and the future it will be forced to meet. You may not like all what he has to say, you may not agree with him on certain issues but we should respect his right as leader to say it and do what he thinks best for the party in order to get it elected, where it can at last help the people that are being so cruelly attacked and victimised by this hideous true blue right wing Tory government that likes to deceive people into believing that it is somehow "liberal".

Ed is calm, assertive, intellectual, he is inherently decent and honest and will tell the truth, even if he knows his party do not necessarily agree with him. I believe that David Miliband also possesses these qualities, what a pity then that he is allowing others to influence him.

We have one liar, manipulator and gross misleader in the shape of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, we do not need another.

If, as David Miliband has stated since his article appeared last week he has the best interests of the people and the party at heart, he will put away the past, stop listening to the malcontent's and hasbeens and accept the offer of a job his brother has open handed extended to him and help fight this hideous government before it has the chance to damage the people of this country still further.

Ed Miliband is setting the agenda and David Cameron and Nick Clegg are scrabbling to keep up with him.

The Real Ed Miliband is Now Standing UP!

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