Sunday, February 12, 2012

The NHS London Risk Register that exposes Lansley

The NHS London Risk Register that exposes Lansley

by √Čoin Clarke     
February 9, 2012 at 8:20 am 

This is the link to the London NHS Risk Assessment that was sent to the central DoH civil servants drawing up the Risk Register & Report.
You can read it here.
Earlier in the week I revealed that the Risk Register reported that costs could not be controlled as GPs inexperience in Commissioning as well as Private Providers not offering competitive rates meant that costs could ‘surge’. You can read my report here.
I have selected 3 screen prints from the report to save you slogging your way through it. See below for the first one.

London NHS’s Risk Register categorically warns that the ‘deteriorations in the financial positions of one or more NHS organisations’.  
That jargon is put simply is saying that Practices could go bust or require central intervention to prop up their financial position.  The screen print from the Risk Report also warns of economic ‘slippage’ & ‘cost pressures’ arising.
This is quite explicit that the financial viability of the Tory NHS bill is seriously questionable.

This screen dump from the London NHS risk report categorically states that Commissioning groups (GPs) may ‘not be able to secure [services] [...] within the runningcost range’.
The potential consequences raised by the London report are that ‘quality’ of health care may be ‘poor’. The London report also says that there may be a ‘skills deficit’ among commissioners (GPs). This chimes with my report that GPs did not have the required experience.
Now the government needs to publish the full risk register so that we can see the true horror of the damage their bill will cause to our NHS.
Please ask your MP to sign this EDM calling for the Risk Register to be published (here).

Andrew Lansley is refusing to release the 'Risk Register' despite being ordered to do so by the Information Commissioner. 

Please Ask for your FULL copy of the 'Risk Register' HERE  (it only takes about 20/30 seconds)

The text I used was as follows:
"I wish to view a copy of the Risk Register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill reforms, under the Freedom of Information Act"

Please try and do this, if enough people request it they will be forced to release it.  Remember we are in a fight to 'Save Our NHS' from  privatisation


Anonymous said...

David Cameron still thinks that the NHS is going to be better under his reforms.
It is very unclear as to how that will come about when those in the profession think otherwise

I think David your best bet is to leave it and implement what they have to say and wont as you yourself with respect aren't best placed to make that judgement and never could be

Gracie Samuels said...

Hi fourbanks, Cameron is very unclear in everything, the man is obviously out of his depth and incapable of being PM. I really do not think he expected such a fight for the NHS, which in itself shows us how out of touch he is with the people of this country! I think he is in deep shock over the virtual blanket condemnation for his b reforms from the medical profession too, I don't think his ego has quite accepted it yet.

However, if he goes ahead with these reforms and they make it to statute, he will be totally unprepared for the backlash that will come his way, it will finish his premiership and will finish the Tories in government. Losing the NHS is definitely not a price worth paying though - even for his dismissal.

Anonymous said...

Gracie in my experiences of people like David Cameron he will press on regardless
He's been very lucky to have been surrounded by people in his life who aren't that intelligent and has taken advantage and run a muck

That professional age group of his with regret have had a very easy life and even i don't know where he's heading but my gut feeling is that he's a man of no compromise and therefore very dangerous.

If we go down with his plans for the nhs and welfare reform their will be no going back at a later date that i do know so the public had better wise up and get motivated and tell their mp this madness has to stop