Friday, September 7, 2012

Hunt as Health Secretary? You Have To be Joking Cameron!

New Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt - How Long Will He Last?

Just back from holidays, but want to say that I am absolutely astounded that Jeremy Hunt the ex Culture Secretary,  who lied to and deliberately misled parliament over his "cosy" dealings with the disgraced media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and News International's BSkyB bid has been made Health Secretary.

Hunt being somewhat of a political lightweight, a stranger to the truth locked in with dubious dealings with Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks really should have ruled him out of this position, obviously though Hunt's "loyalty" to his boss and probably taking a bullet for him over Cameron's own position inside the murky world of the Murdochs has made Cameron overlook best practice once again.

Either Hunt has taken a bullet for Cameron, or his close association with the Murdochs has furnished him with knowledge of Cameron's inside dealings with the Murdochs and NI, which Cameron is terrified will come out and which in turn has put him (Hunt) in a position where Cameron is too scared to demote or sack him. Cameron should have sacked him a couple of months ago but failed to do so. Both of them should not make themselves too comfy because the BSkyB issue has not gone away and is due to come thrusting back onto the front pages in a huge way very soon!

How long will it be be before Hunt's appointment to the NHS all ends in tears? Unfortunately though, the tears will be our tears because it is us who use, depend on and rely upon the NHS, not these millionaire posh boy cabinet members, they have money, they have choice, they always have options - we don't!

Hunt is the man who has co-authored a book with the much reviled Daniel Hannan, the man who deliberately misrepresented our NHS to American viewers on Rupert Murdoch's (who else?) Fox TV on denationalising and privatising the NHS. Hunt does not want a a national health service, he wants a system like they have in America, which would spell disaster for the majority of ordinary people in this country. Why did Cameron put him in charge of the NHS, when the NHS is already steeped in Tory mire and incompetence?

The appointment of Hunt to Health Secretary has shown that David Cameron is a prime minister with a serial lack of judgement. I cannot think of another person who is more politically and intellectual unsuited to the role of Health Secretary except for the outgoing Andrew Lansley or Cameron and Gidiot Osborne themselves.

Whatever else this appointment shows, it demonstrates that one, Cameron is totally bereft of any kind of judgement and two, that Cameron is definitely privatising the NHS by means of using the back door. People really need to wake-up to what the Tories, enabled by the Liberal Democrats are doing, if they don't, the next time they or their family need the NHS, it may not be there without a price!

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