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The Time Warped Tories - The Political Party Which Time Forgot! Not Content With "Culling" Us They Are Now After Culling Our Badgers!

Time Warped Tories
(The Future Tory Government)
The Political Party Which Time Forgot!
The above photograph was taken about 20 years ago, it shows a young David Cameron and a young Boris Johnson. Many of the others in the photo have gone on to become unelected advisers in David Cameron's Tory led coalition government.

The old fashioned garb, the unpleasant look and the arrogance that seems to leap out of the picture shouts; "look at us, we have more money than you, we are 'better' than you, and we can do what want, when we want, how we want". They look like they could have been transported to the present through the annals of time.

The Conservative party's feed seems to be mainly from British aristocracy with links to Royalty and its MPs ranks are dominated by people from the most narrow range of professions. Here are just a few of the current members of Cameron's cabinet and or close circle of people he likes to keep around him.

  • Prime Minister, David Cameron - is the 5th cousin twice removed from Queen Elizabeth 11.
  • Chancellor, George Osborne - is part of the old Anglo-Irish aristocracy, known in Ireland as the Ascendancy. He is the heir to the Osborne baronetcy (of Ballentaylor, in County Tipperary, and Ballylemon, in County Waterford
  • Health Secretary,Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt - Son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt who was a Commander in the Royal Navy. Hunt's mother Meriel Eve née Givan (now Lady Hunt), daughter of Major Henry C. Givan
  • Lord  Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, 2nd Baron StrathclydePC. He is currently the Leader of the House of Lords and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster as well as being the leader of the Conservative Party in the House of Lords.
  • Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, 6th Baronet is a British Conservative politician. He was the Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal from May 2010 until September 2012

Since David Cameron assumed the role of British Prime Minister, he and his other 'time forgotten Tories' have pretty much been operating a government that gives the impression that it has the right to encroach on just about every aspect of our lives.

Cameron has unleashed a plethora of attacks on the working classes, the unemployed, the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled.  Disabled people are actually living in fear of what Cameron and his government can and probably will do to them, and even more tragic for some disabled people, the fear of the Tories and the fear of ATOS carrying out the Tories fit to work tests has proved all too much and they have tragically committed suicide. Cameron and the Tory party's attack on disabled people has almost certainly contributed to the rise in the number of hate crimes against the disabled which have risen by a third since 2011 and coinciding with the beginning of David Cameron's attacks.

Former Conservative Leader
Iain Duncan-Smith
Now Secretary of State For Work and Pensions
Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan-Smith is currently Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. This is the man who once famously told us all "not to underestimate the determination of a quiet man", perhaps we shouldn't have, as it is obvious Smith is still bearing a grudge against the electorate for not warming to him which in turn led to the Conservative party passing a motion of no confidence in him and he was subsequently ousted as leader in 2003. He founded a right-wing think tank which claimed, that inferior behaviour, such as laziness and decadence will lead to inferior people. Well Smith should know all about decadence, he is responsible for stopping peoples benefits and housing benefit, while he himself  a millionaire, lives *rent free* in a Buckinghamshire mansion complete with extensive grounds, tennis courts, and a swimming pool! A typical Tory case of "don't do as I do, do as I tell you?" In a past speech as Tory leader, he announced; "the quiet man is here to stay and he's turning up the volume". Apart from his dubious claims of a degree (which the university has said they did not present) this is the man who's wife was embroiled in the 'Betsygate' scandal. Smith's wife Betsy, claimed money from the public purse for being his secretary, a role she never actually fulfilled, according to Smith's constituency agent Rikki Radford, she (Betsy) just "looked after the kids"- so money for noting for Smith's wife Betsy! (Typical Tory wheeze) This is the man who is now forcing the unemployed to work full-time for nothing or risk losing their benefits - nice! Smith obviously feels that his breeding and privileged life qualify him to ensure that us "inferior behaved people" do as he tells us to do and not what he himself is doing or has done in the past.
Smith at the DWP is also responsible for forcing terminally ill people to seek work to work for nothing if their terminal illness diagnosis means they have more than six months to live, or risk losing all their benefits. A nastier piece of work who has led a privileged life, it would be harder to find!

It's got to the point where if we were told the government were going to re-introduced workhouses and debtors prisons, or set up homes where single mothers could be sent to give birth and afterwards have their babies forceably removed, not many would be surprised. Britain isn't moving moved forward under Cameron's hideously out of touch Tory led government it is being pushed further and further backwards. It's shocking but true. With open fires making a come-back across the country, one wonders if the Tories will be shoving small children up chimneys next, or forcing them to pick up litter in the streets in their school playtimes for payment for free school lunches!

If Tory MPs, Lords and their supporters do not hail from a long line of 'blue-blood', then the chances are that they will come from a long line of  millionaire bankers, the Tory party has deep links with bankers. Now here is something the Tories do not want us to know;  498 Tory MPs and 134 peers have been or are employed in the financial sector, this includes 70 of the party’s 305 MPs. Among the 193 Conservative peers, more than a third work or have worked in finance or banking.

The Conservative Party is as much as ever the preserve of a small elite of professions of which financial services is by far the largest.”
Among the Cabinet and government members with links to the City are:
 Pay-master General Francis Maude, who has worked for Solomon Bros and Morgan Stanley;
 Leader of the House of Lords, Lord Strathclyde who was chair of Trafalgar Capital Management from 2001-10;
 Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, who worked for NM Rothschild & Son from 1986-2009; 
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, who worked for Lazard Bros from 1979-2009;
 Commons Leader Sir George Young, who worked for the Samuel Hill merchant bank.
Eleven Tory MPs and peers have worked for Barclays, including;
 Richard Bacon MP, Jesse Norman MP, former Chancellor Lord Lawson, Earl Howe and Andrea Leadsom MP. A further eight Conservatives have been at Rothschild, including John Redwood MP, Mark Garnier MP, former Chancellor Lord Lamont and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.
And four worked for Lehman Bros, the company whose collapse sparked the financial crisis.
They include Steve Baker MP, Chief Architect, Global Financing and Asset Servicing Platforms at the company from 2006-2008; 
Brooks Newmark MP and Lord Freeman. Others with links to the financial sector include billionaire Lord Ashcroft, welfare minister Lord Freud, Harriet Baldwin MP and Kwasi Kwarteng MP.

David Cameron's father worked in the City, like his father before him and his uncles too, he is the man who when addressing the City just six months before becoming Prime Minister said: 
“The first thing I want to say is a really big thank you to the Conservative supporters in the  City Circle, who have helped our party, who have helped fund our party, who have supported our party right up until now. 
“This party [the Conservatives] values, understands and will always make sure it looks after the important financial services industry that so many of you work in". 
Toffs Cameron and Osborne, and the whole lot of the millionaire toff cabinet and government, are behaving as if they have a score to settle with the working classes of this country for having the audacity to stop tugging their forelocks at them and because they voted them out of government so emphatically in 1997.  There are also some seriously right wing Tories who are incandescent with rage because we also failed to return the Tories to parliament in 2010 with the majority they craved, thus forcing them to govern with the help of the Liberal Democrats, (who are now better known as the "orange Tories").

With extensive links to the banking industry and the fact that the Tory party is actually mainly bankrolled by the City and bankers, you would think that Cameron would keep quite about unions donating to the Labour party, not so, he believes that he has the God given right to attack the Labour party for accepting donations from the unions, while completely ignoring the fact that the Tory party is bankrolled by the very people that nearly pushed this country off the edge of a financial precipice!. The fact that millions of people choose to belong to a union and pay their dues knowing that some (not all) of the unions will be donating to the Labour party, doesn't seem to resonate with the PM, in fact it's that very point which seems to greatly anger the PM, as well as the fact that many people still choose to belong to unions in the first place.

What about Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson? (Yes he has links to banking too) He worked at the World Bank. I wonder if that bank is one of the fatcat corporations that pocket over £500m taxpayers who make millions for the foreign aid budget every year? It seems where ever there is vast amounts of money to be made, we can find a Tory with his snout in the trough.

Boris Johnson, who pretends to be the cuddly lovable buffoon and people are falling for it (once again they are being duped). Johnson who said of Liverpudlians that it was time "Liverpudlians stopped wallowing in self pity".  Johnson who now says he is sorry and has apologised. I suggest the mayor is only sorry that it may harm his chances of becoming Conservative prime minister (God Help Us) and that is why he has apologised. Amazing how all these people are suddenly sorry now! Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall says she cannot accept Boris Johnson's apology, wise lady, she shouldn't, be cause it is not sincere.
Johnson said that the Sun hacking into the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was "a load of codswallop".

Listen Here: To an Excerpt take from a tape of a conversation between Boris Johnson and Darius Guppy Where they are discussing having a journalist badly beaten up.

To reassure him, Guppy said: "Okay, right, may I just tell you what my plan is. My plan is this, that even once you give it to me I will leave it for one month before I do anything. It will happen in one or two months' time. All right?"
"You promise me that?" Mr Johnson is heard to reply.
Later in the conversation, Guppy repeated: "The deal is basically you furnish me the information, and I will put it on ice for one month."
 Mr Johnson then anxiously inquires: "How badly are you going to hurt this guy?"
Guppy answers: "Not badly at all."
The conversation goes on. Mr Johnson: "If this guy is seriously hurt, I am going to be fucking furious." 
Guppy: "I guarantee you he will not be seriously hurt."
Mr Johnson: "How badly hurt will he be?"  
Guppy: "He will not have a broken limb or a broken arm and he will not, er, he will not be put into intensive care or anything like that. He will probably get a couple of black eyes and a, and a cracked rib or something like that."
This is how Conservatives behave when they think they are not being observed. These people with money think they are above the law and can do anything they please, just look at the way Cameron and Johnson behaved in the Bullingdon Club. Smashed up a restaurant and set fire to the toilets, yet Cameron obviously believes that he has the God given right to stand in judgement over others displaying the same kind of behaviour and to accuse others of being thugs and vandals for doing much the same as he and his upper class mates? Cameron and Johnson believe that because of their privileged upbringing that their "youthful indiscretions" are acceptable  and can be excused and their parents not be involved, while others from sink estates are not afforded that leniency and their parents should be held up and denigrated before the entire country!  Again it seems that it is one rule for the landed gentry of this country and another for us and our children!

If you think things are bad enough now with Cameron in charge how bad could they get with that right wing aristocratic inbred lunatic Boris Johnson in charge!

Boris Johnson the man has no compunction about lying, cheating and hurting people, even those he supposed to love - his wife and children with his repeated extra marital affairs won't give a fig about us after he has managed to slither his way into power!

Yes Johnson is a joke, but he is a dangerous joke, and f he ever fulfills his ruthless ambition and becomes prime minister, then the joke will soon be on us! Remember him entertaining Rupert Murdoch at the Olympic Games? Anyone else with a modicum of humility would not have done that, but not Johnson, he treated us all with  the obvious contempt he holds for y us, after all who on earth are we to question what he is doing? Johnson was  filmed and pictured with Rupert Murdoch  the disgraced media tycoon whose company, News International, is being investigated for serious crimes by the Metropolitan Police (which Johnson is in charge of)  and once again we are shown the arrogant contempt the old Etonian has for us "plebs". We should be horrified at his arrogance, but some of us are not, some are sleepwalking into disaster with this arrogant contemptuous man, who is keeping Murdoch onside in case he needs him to spin for him when he makes his move to become prime minister (and he will). Nothing will change until the public summon up the wisdom to ditch this hideous breed of time warp Tory politicians and we stop allowing them to walk all over us!

Johnson is the true face of time gone-by Tory, a Tory so stuck in a time warp that he thinks he can lie, cheat, and behave like an out of  the history book "lovable cad", treat us with contempt and still become PM and if we do not like it,  I can just hear Boris Johnson telling us to lump it!  After all who are we to question the "great b Boris"? The man who sucked up all the praise for the Olympics, when he done little or none of the work it took to land the bid and set up the infrastructure. Such is Johnson's arrogant immaturity, he said a long list of thank yous, but never once mention the former Labour government (who did the bulk of the main work) or Labour's Tessa Jowell MP who has worked solidly to put on the Olympics, ever since Labour won the bid.

Now not content with flouting the law on hunting with hounds act, peeved that Labour tried to stop them from enjoying their landed gentry barbaric blood sport of watching their hounds ripping a warm, living, breathing, creature apart as it screams in agony. Not content with hare coursing and stag hunting and the biggest joke of all the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip was patron of the World Wildlife Fund leading many hunts, they want to cull our badgers too!

Now this lunatic inbred Tory government has given the go ahead for the first cull of badgers and no prizes for guessing who will be right up the front with their shotguns, clubs and sticks ready to smash badgers to bits or shoot them. I bet the Tories are already planning to turn this badger killing into a nice little pastime, probably salivating at the mere thought of it.
It doesn't matter that renowned scientist whose work has been cited by the Government to justify its plan to cull badgers has called the scheme "crazy", this insane government are still going to do it. But is it any surprise? They are kowtowing to farmers (those other Tory landowners and the Tory organisation the Countryside Alliance), who think that it doesn't matter that it was cattle that introduced bovine TB to badgers, they want to see 70% of the badger population culled because it is interfering with their profits! Most of those badgers now destined to be shot dead will NOT even be infected with TB and at the end of the cull, there will still be bovine TB in cattle, because it is the cattle that is infecting badgers and NOT the other way around and these insane idiotic Tory government are treating the symptom and NOT the cause, so it will NOT get better! That's like killing everyone who contracted swine flu to stop the spread of it - it's bloody crazy! Also when badgers are culled, they will be killing badgers who do not have the disease and empty sets encourage badgers from other colonies to move in, who MAY HAVE the disease, so the buffoons will actually be introducing bovine TB to otherwise clean areas, it is barking mad insane as well as barbarically cruel! And this t Tory behaviour of enjoying killing our wildlife is just NOT normal.

The truth is that most Tories are not normal people, they are odd throw backs from a time when the aristocracy and the landed gentry rode their horses past people kicking up dust in their faces and expecting us (the serfs) to tug our forelocks.

How much more dust do these people have to kick in your spam sandwiches before you realise that Conservatives are truly nasty class ridden snobbish people who belong to yesterday but have somehow got their snouts stuck in the trough of today? And a great many of them are currently in, or connected to the British Conservative Government, forcing us to pay for the greed of the Tory bankers, who continue to increase their earnings and their huge bonuses, while we struggle to feed and clothe our children and pay our bills and heat our homes. Just like it was in Victorian times!

Whoever coined the phrase that "the Tories are so out of touch that they think Downton Abbey is a reality show" got it in a nutshell.

What we now have is a Tory government that is dangerously out of control, totally incompetent, confusing and chaotic and corrupt with an out of control PM and an out of control chancellor. They are allowing time warp Tories within their party and outside it to run rampant and batter the ordinary people of this country into submission and they will keep battering us until we stand up to them and stop them! When will that be? Cameron doesn't care he has lost all authority over his party and once again the Tories are deeply split and divided, he is allowing his ministers to do exactly what they want, when they want, how they want. He doesn't even know when they are going to announce new policy! Which is usually made completely on the hoof.

These latter day toffs are riding rough shod over us and are completely out of control and are behaving like aristocrats from the "big house" and woe betide us if we do not show subservience! They are behaving as if they were born to rule us, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if any one of them was really good at their job and knew what they were doing, but they are not. They are over privilege morons thick as pig shit  who think money, power and status rules, just like in Victorian times. But they are still dangerous, because at the moment they have that power over us and it is working class people who have given it to them! Just as it used to back in the day of the aristocracy! Come on WAKE-UP!


Anonymous said...

Gracie you have struck at the very heart of what makes a Tory a Tory! Keep exposing them!

Nick said...

indeed Gracie they are the worst group of politicians i have seen in my lifetime but the public still support them

The public hold the key for the future but don't know how to use it