Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Olympics and Part Time Work Masking Crisis In UK Unemployment


The Office National Statistics (ONS) has released the latest unemployment data and has recorded a slight fall in unemployment. Hidden in the statistics are alarming reasons why unemployment seems to be bucking the trend of the deepening recession.

According to the ONS the number of unemployed people dropped by a mere 7000 between May and July. Average earnings were said to have risen 1.5% in the year to July but dropped 0.3% on the previous month. Apparently the number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance fell by 15,000.

Temporary work at the London Olympics are helping to skew these figures as most of the fall in the unemployed is recorded in London.
According to the ONS the Olympics is thought to have been responsible for 91,000 of the rise of those now in work.

Without the 91,000 now said to be in work and without the huge rise in the number of people now working more than one part time job, the true unemployment figures would be alarming.

What happens when the Olympic and part time job bubble bursts?

The number of those in part time work has increased by 134,000 reaching 8.12 million, this is the highest number recorded since records began in 1992.

Public sector employment has also fallen for the eleventh quarter in a row,  by 235,000 to 5.7 million.

The number of people working part-time because they cannot find a full-time job has hit a record high of 1.42 million.

The country is mired in the longest double dip recession ever recorded. These figures are tied into the fact that very high numbers of people are now working more than one part-time job because they cannot find full-time positions.

If the so-called "falling unemployment figures" were a true indication of what is happening then they should be backed up with people spending in the economy and they are not as this remains flat.

The number of people unemployed has supposed to have fallen for 6 consecutive months and accounts for a total of around 75,000 since January 2012, yet 91,000 people are said to have been employed by the London Olympics. Stripping out the 75,000 from the 91,000 we also see a set of figures that just do not tally up in any intelligible way.

The number of people now working part-time has increased by 134,000, add that number to the 16,000 and we have an approximate figure of around 150,000 *rise* in the number of unemployed since January 2012.

These are basic very simplistic figures, however, they do seem to give a very confused, chaotic and muddled picture of the true number of people who are actually out of work and looking for full-time positions. It appears that the government are muddying the waters to try and disguise the true number of people who are actually unemployed. This is also masking the horrendous damage this Government are doing to the country's economy. It cannot continue like this and this month's mediocre fall in the number of people the Government and the ONS claim to be a "fall" in the unemployed is the beginning of the bursting of this bubble and the tissue of deceit shrouding the true unemployment figures.

This is not taking into consideration the number of people now being forced by the DWP to do unpaid work under threat of being sanctioned and losing their benefits if they do not agree. People being forced to work full-time for nothing do not appear on the unemployment register as they are not classed available for work.

The figures also showed the number of people out of work for over a year was the highest for more than 16 years – at 904,000, up 22,000 on the previous quarter.

There is also a rise in the number of graduates who are being forced to work for free, or next to nothing. The coalition Government is overseeing a huge exploitation of unemployed people.

While companies like Tesco, Asda, Poundland etc take on thousands of unemployed people and paying them nothing, they are NOT hiring ordinary full-time workers, as those being forced to work for free under the threat of sanctions are taking up full-time paid positions.

Part-time workers do not make it onto the unemployment register either, we now have a huge 8.12 million part-time workers, the highest number since records began.

It's time this deceitful government came clean over the truth of unemployment in this country and stopped fixing the books!

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