Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Richard Branson......

Richard Branson hobnobbing with the lying prime minister!
I used to like and respect Richard Branson until he appeared to turn Tory backing their spending cuts.

In truth at one point I never knew what he voted, didn't want to know, and cared even less. He seemed to be a person who used his immense wealth for the common good until he  allowed himself to become mixed up with David Cameron and Gidiot Osborne and his reputation has soured and suffered as a result.

If I could ask Richard some questions, first I would ask if he still holds the same views on how the government should cut spending? If he does, this would seem in direct contradiction to what he has said since the 2010 general election. I and many like me are not business people, we are not economists, but we forecast more accurately than all the prolific letter writing Tory businessmen who wrote letters to the right wing press in support of Tory policies and all the Tory supporting economists just what the outcome for our economy would be if Gidiot Osborne's insane austerity plans were implemented. Would Mr Branson acknowledge that we have been proven correct and all the others wrong?  So would Mr Branson still urge the government to "reduce spending immediately" to show they "had the matters in hand"? Would he allow Gidiot Osborne to crow about having his support now?

Now that this government have destroyed our economy, destroyed growth and created a double dip recession into which they push us into deeper and deeper each day, Branson decides to attack the coalition over growth. What a shame he did not see what we all saw, but then we were not blinded with the allure of massive government contracts!

Would he so flippantly agree with putting over 750,000 public sector workers out of work without so much as a thought to the devastating effects this would have on them and their families? What did he think these workers, nurses, teachers, police, armed forces, cleaners, bin men, lollypop ladies etc were going to do, how would they support themselves and their families *AND* the British economy when Osborne kicked them out of work? Did Richard, along with Cameron, Osborne and Clegg think it was OK to demonise these people because they had the "audacity" to work for the government/local authority for a living? And not only that this Tory government have encouraged others to demonise public sector workers too?

How did Richard Branson, the businessman, think the economy would hold up under those kind of job losses? I know and realise that "bashing" public sector workers and forever attacking the "bloated public sector" and blaming them for virtually everything that was wrong in the British economy became very fashionable, but honestly, did he not realise that public sector workers pay their taxes; buy houses; rent houses; have extensions built; buy soft furnishings, make extensive purchases from DIY stores, buy music and go on holidays in airplanes etc etc etc and that loss to the already fragile economy would prove catastrophic?

Did he not understand that the public sector actually supports the private sector in so many more ways than the private sector supports the public sector?

What did Richard think of Gidiot raising of VAT to a massive 20%? Did he not think that this would suppress the economy, stifle growth and kill demand? Does Richard believe VAT is a regressive or progressive tax? Poorer people support their local economies more than those with more money and cars etc, poorer people spend all their disposable income, usually in their local economies, so raising VAT would straight away reduce their spending power and reducing their spending power will have a direct effect on their local economies - wouldn't it?

Give poorer people more income and they will support the economy, give rich people more income and they will support the banks!

Richard Branson virtually endorsed this government and seemed quite happy to accept they were wrecking peoples lives, until they made a decision that affected him personally, when Virgin Trains lost out on a contract that they had held for 15 years when the government awarded it to FirstGroup instead. Richard Branson threw a wobbler and is now taking the Tory led government to court over the contract being awarded to FirstGroup, calling the decision insane. I happen to agree with Branson, it is insane, totally insane and I feel for the people who will lose their jobs as a result. Now he has learned the hard way that this is a totally incompetent, feckless government and not one of them knows what they are doing.

However, something else I think is totally insane which I don't see Richard Branson getting too upset about is the large lucrative NHS contracts awarded to Virgin Care and Virgin Care profiting from the break-up and privatisation of the NHS. Branson is only too pleased to take taxpayers money out of the NHS and award it in dividends to Virgin Care share holders. Did Virgin Care worry when NHS staff in Surrey were taken over against their will by Virgin Care and told if they did not like it then they could leave?

I wonder if Richard Branson believes that putting Jeremy Hunt in charge of the NHS is "insane" too? Mr Branson didn't seem to mind when Jeremy Hunt stepped in to personally intervene and help speed up the controversial takeover of hospitals in Surrey by Richard Branson's Virgin Care.

Jeremy Hunt the new Health Secretary is making quite a name for himself intervening in takeover bids, first BSkyB and now this in his very own constituency! What others are lurking underneath the surface waiting to come out? Hunt personally intervened in a £650m deal because he was concerned it was taking too long. Virgin Care is taking over the running of 7 hospitals in Surrey.

It's plainly obvious that the Conservatives are privatising the NHS, but as Branson is benefiting from that I guess this is not "insane"? It's OK for Branson to take over 7 hospitals, dentistry, sexual health clinic and children's care etc etc  in Surrey and make a profit out of it and be awarded the contract on the same day as the queen signed the royal assent for the Health and Social Care Act, gaining the contract before the ink was even dry? That, apparently is OK, but Branson soon started complaining when that same government ripped him off over the contract for Virgin trains and FirstGroup. Maybe the government thought they had done Branson a favour with granting him huge lucrative contracts enabling him to take money out of the NHS, maybe the government thought they had bought his silence?

If you lay down with dirty filthy lying dogs Mr Branson, you will catch with fleas!

Question is, did Richard Branson know or ask Jeremy Hunt to intervene on Virgin Care's behalf? Jeremy Hunt couldn't even lay straight in bed if  his life depended upon it, he is as bent as a none bob note! Yet when it suits Branson he says nothing!

Once again we see just how "corrupt" Jeremy Hunt appears to be.

And people how much more proof is needed to understand what the Conservatives aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats are doing to our NHS?

The NHS is being privatised under our noses, we can help stop it, Labour have promised to repeal the Health and Social Care Act if they win the next election, so make a pledge now, NEVER, EVER vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat ever again and help save our NHS!

Richard Branson has not only let the people of this country down, he has let himself down, I hope he can live with himself knowing that he has helped put thousands of people's health at risk and knowing he is helping one of the most dogmatic incompetent lying government's of all time to destroy this country's NHS.

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Anonymous said...

You clearly don't live in Britain or you would realise Labour is Never the way to go. Nothing you have made has made sense. I think you should brush up on your knowledge of current events...maybe avoid being spoon fed by the bbc.