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When Did Lord Gus O'Donnell Decide He Had The Power To Decide Our Futures?

I apologise for banging on but the more one thinks about  about Jeremy Hunt the ex Culture Secretary being parachuted into the role of Health Secretary by a prime minister now well  known for his appalling lack of judgement, the more barking mad it actually seems. There just has to be much more to this than meets the eye, what is behind Cameron's thinking or has he now totally lost the plot and this is just an outward sign of panic?

I don't think that former Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley is going to go that quietly either, I have a feeling he is mightily aggrieved and his ire will burst forth in the not too distant future with all kinds of revelations!

Hapless Jeremy Hunt The New Health Secretary

Even the most dispassionate of people will have to admit that Hunt's evidence to the Leveson Inquiry was atrocious, weak at best and false at worse and his appearances in the House of Commons trying to absolve himself of all guilt while forcing his adviser to resign and take the blame for him and his actions were utterly cringe-worthy and wholly lacking in morality. No satisfactory explanation over Hunt's previous involvement with the Murdochs and the failed BSkyB takeover bid has ever been given, maybe this is because there is no satisfactory explanation, and Hunt really is a slimy guilt ridden spineless slug with a red ministerial box?

Jeremy Hunt lied to the House of Commons and deliberately misled MPs and the public over his true involvement with the BSkyB bid and the Murdochs prior to taking on the brief. Hunt was just 12 hours away from approving the takeover bid before Murdoch was forced to withdraw it. There should be no coming back from this and David Cameron should definitely have demanded Hunt's resignation but astonishingly that was not forthcoming, it makes both men look seedy, shallow and downright shifty, as if they have something to hide, which obviously they have! We have yet to learn what, but in my experience this is only a matter of time.
Hunt even cosied up to and glad handed Rupert Murdoch outside the Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Games, laughing and joking as if he didn't have a care in the world. Once again sticking a metaphorical middle finger up at the electorate and treating the public with utter contempt.

Hunt Glad Hands Disgraced Media Tycoon Rupert Murdoch
 At London Olympic Games

My guess is that something new will emerge concerning Hunt, Cameron and the Murdochs, Brooks, Coulson and BSkyB. Cameron would have probably preferred to get rid of him but because Hunt has taken a bullet for Cameron, or knows too much, or both, he cant, so promoting him and giving him the poison chalice of a completely ruined NHS (thanks to Lansley, Cameron and Clegg), was the next best thing he could do. Expect to see some serious problems occurring within the NHS for which Hunt will be forced to take the blame for.

Jeremy Hunt is about as popular with the public as a abscess on the end of the nose, just like Gidiot Osborne, Hunt was booed and jeered at the Paralympics. What made members of this millionaire "posh boy" Tory cabinet believe they were popular choice for presenting medals at the Games? Especially when they have caused so much distress, heartache and terror to disabled people, to such an extent that some have committed suicide? This government aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrat party have launched an astonishing attack on disabled people giving statements to the right wing press like the Sun, The Mail, the Telegraph and Times etc inferring that all disabled claimants are scroungers and lead swingers etc and they are having their claims refused. Like the soldier who lost a limb in Iraq who had his claim for DLA turned down because he wasn't considered disabled enough and could walk 400 yards unaided. The fact that he had to have a prosthetic limb to enable him to walk 400 yards never seems to have crossed the minds of those who call themselves doctors and who work for Atos. That is unsurprising when we have recently learnt that a doctor employed by Atos sent to assess a patient with a severe form of Chron's Disease  had not even heard of Chron's Disease, let alone understand how debilitating it can be. How can you call yourself a doctor if you do not know this? Where do Atos doctors get their qualifications from off of the back of a cornflakes packet?

Before the 2010 general election Cameron promised us we would be able to recall our MPs in the case of wrongdoing, this is yet another promise that has fallen by the wayside, or for sure Hunt would have been recalled. Cameron also promised us all a hands off government, instead what we have is a government that is so dictatorial that it is interfering in every part of our lives. What we have learned since the election is that Cameron is a liar, he has appalling judgement and he deliberately misleads us and reneges on all of his promises, far more than any other politician in the history of this country - what a record! Cameron is a prime minister that continues to defend the indefensible, he has put in charge of the NHS someone who sacrificed his adviser in order to get himself out of trouble. Jeremy Hunt has no scruples whatsoever and soon this country will have no NHS! I believe Hunt who's reputation is already irretrievably damaged, has been put in charge of the NHS to fully privatise it and whatever his hold over David Cameron is, it must be pretty serious and what we are seeing now is Cameron's attempt to oust Hunt by  any means possible and Cameron doesn't care if we lose the NHS in the process, in fact losing the NHS which the Tories have previously described as a "millstone around the neck" was and still is the main objective of Cameron and the Tories and now also the Liberal Democrats!

We read today in the Mail on Sunday that Boris Johnson is in cahoots with Zac Goldsmith and that Goldsmith may give his seat up to Johnson, this is to usurp Cameron from the leadership and PM of this country. I don't know how true it is, but what this clearly does show is that once again the Tory party is split right down the middle and as usual the EU has a lot to do with it. The Tories are once again pressing the self destruct button, they are so arrogant that they believe they can do anything and get away with it. Meanwhile the Tories they have their self indulgent  internal strife this country's economy is going down the pan fast, thanks to Cameron, Osborne and Clegg, who haven't got the first idea of how to run this country. This country is bad enough with Cameron as PM, I shudder to think about how bad it would become if the over privileged, out of touch, oafish, gaffe prone, philandering Johnson was PM! The country is going down as a direct result of Osborne's insane "fairynomics" and all these over privileged Bullingdon Boys can do is fight and squabble amongst themselves. It may go down well in well heeled Richmond (Zac Goldsmith's seat of privilege) but I doubt it will be viewed so leniently by the rest of the country's real people, who are worrying for their family and children's futures, or trying to pay the bills and hang on to their jobs etc - typical self indulgent Tories, it's as if no one else exists, only them!

It's hard to believe that in May 2010 when Labour handed over the economy to Osborne that despite the worse global recession for over a 100 years and a banking collapse brought about by the greed of the Tory bankers, this economy was handed over in recovery and strengthening growth. It's even harder medicine to take that if we as voters had not believed Cameron and Cameron had not blatantly lied and was then granted leave to get away with his lies and the country had stuck with Labour, the country would be in a much better and stronger position now, instead of the muddle, mess mayhem and chaos brought about by the sheer incompetence of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.

I detect a growing feeling of no confidence in David Cameron or this so-called coalition government and if the Liberal Democrats were not tied into this government by their greed and lust for power at any price, they would have walked away from it months ago forcing a general election; instead, they are actually enabling the Tories to stay in government, to worsen the economy and to destroy the NHS, education and welfare. Cameron, Osborne and Clegg changed our terms of parliament to fixed five year terms, they did not do this because they thought it best for the country, they did this to protect themselves in parliament and award themselves longer terms in power, which makes what the Liberal Democrats are doing by enabling the Tories to stay in power with their wrecking ball even worse! If the Liberal Democrats had any kind of feelings of duty and loyalty to the British public they would walk away now, the fact that they haven't and are clinging on to Cameron's Bullingdon Boy coat tails for dear life, says an awful lot about them and yet still they seem unable to grasp the true depth of the feeling of utter contempt towards them and their party by people in general and especially their own now former party supporters.

We have a government who has systematically failed to understand the difference between governing and ideology. The economy, the NHS, education, welfare, defence, police and transport, in fact all the major infrastructures of our country are greatly suffering as a result and are the subject of barking mad insane policies which most people see immediately will never work in a month of Sundays. By now it must be apparent even to the hapless and hopeless Cameron, Osborne and Clegg that you cannot govern a country on ideological terms alone, yet they who have self imposed themselves and charged themselves with the running of this country in the absence of an overall majority appear to be the only people unable to understand this.

I wonder if the former Cabinet Secretary now Lord Gus O'Donnell, must be ruing the day he ever interfered in the constitution of this country to make it easier for Cameron to grab the reins of power? But then maybe not as Lord O'Donnell is the man who wants amendments to the Freedom of Information Act to make it easier for civil servants to be undetected when they make a "fudge" of accurately reporting the minutes, accidentally, or accidentally on purpose! O'Donnell overstepped his brief to make it easier for Cameron and he was awarded with a peerage, and the country is awarded with the most incompetent, over privileged, out of his depth unelected prime minister in living history.

We should not have been forced to have a coalition government! Contrary to the utterings of biased politicians, the country did NOT actually vote for a coalition government, not one single ballot paper included the choice for a coalition government or hung parliament, in simple mathematical truth this is just how the votes stacked up, it is numerology NOT the electorate voting with clear intention for a hung parliament or coalition government and I am sick of listening to the protestations of mealy mouthed Tory and Liberal Democrat politicians using this as excuse for their horrendous mistakes and attacks on the ordinary people of this country when they are implementing profoundly insane and unpopular policies! In the immediate aftermath of the 2010 general election and in the absence of any party holding a clear working majority, the Tories being the largest party should have governed for the time being and then called another general election at a later date, instead, aided and abetted by O'Donnell and the microscopic 57 seats of the Liberal Democrat party this ill fated coalition government was formed and forced upon us. Subsequently they stitched things up designed things, so even a sitting lame duck Tory government cannot easily fall foul of a vote of no confidence in parliament and the will of the people is now being totally ignored by Cameron who promised us small government who would not interfere in our daily lives (what a complete joke and oh, the utter irony of that!)  Where in Gus O'Donnell's job description did it say he was invested with the power to do this and inflict what he personally wanted onto the general public? One man dictates what happens and overrules what the entire electorate of this country says, and he isn't even the subject of a public vote! It is insanity and Cameron should not have allowed him to do this, but then Cameron was and still is the beneficiary of O'Donnell pushing too hard for the formation of this coalition government. It was simply not in his brief to make public statements about the kind of "strong governance" that Britain needed at that time post the 2010 general election. His only say about that was through his vote at the ballot box just the same as everyone else, and now he should also take as much blame as the hapless hopeless incompetent and almost "fascist like" politicians he helped foist upon us for the demise of this country that Cameron & Co have inflicted upon us and for its continuing demise under a government that a growing number of people do not want, are afraid of and yet are now totally powerless to do anything about.

When was it that Gus O'Donnell the man who has spoken so many wise words about the meritocracy of the civil service did decide to overstep that doctrine and dictate to the electorate what we should have or not have and use scaremongering to cover up his own appalling mistakes over foisting David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg upon us?

The time has come for these people to call a general election and allow the people to decide if we wish to carry on being governed by this terrible confused muddled chaotic government, who announce a policy in the morning and denounce it by coffee time, or lunch-time at the latest, in a series of u-turns. However, we will not be given that chance, not while the Liberal Democrats continue to enable this hideous government to threaten the livelihoods and equilibrium of an entire nation.

If O'Donnell ever writes his memoirs, will he list as a direct consequence of what he did to enable the most dogmatic dictatorial, yet wholly incompetent government to establish power and governance in this country, disabled people have had their benefits stopped, many living in fear, some have even committed suicide, the unemployed are being forced to work for nothing as the government gifts others people labour to their corporate friends under the threat of sanctions and our reputation for caring and looking after our most vulnerable is now laying in tatters in the gutter along with the NHS. The NHS which this government O'Donnell enabled are destroying and privatising and giving to their mates in the private healthcare industry. "What else has Gus O'Donnell done to make himself feel proud"?

Thanks Gus for rendering us utterly impotent to do anything about this hideously incompetent baby fascist government for another 2.5 years. If that was your intention, you did it well - what a legacy you have bequeathed us!

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