Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vince Cable - The Acceptable Face of Tory Capitalists!

Anyone who watched and listened to Vince Cable give his conference speech and believe any of that guff has got to be as deluded as those people in the Liberal democrat conference hall. 

Vince Cable Had to Have His Conference Speech Vetted By
George Osborne, David Cameron and 
Tory "Phone Hacker"
Andy Coulson.
It was just words and meant nothing, will never amount to anything and will "deliver" nothing.

Cable had to have his speech approved by Tory chancellor George Osborne and Tory prime minister David Cameron, as did the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.
How can you take a political party seriously when they tell you they are a separate entity from the right wing government they support, when all their "keynote speeches" have been vetted by George Osborne, David Cameron and that "phone hacker" extraordinaire Andy Coulson? So much for keeping the Tories in check then, so much for being a separate party, read my lips I did not have sexual relations with the woman oops sorry wrong politician. So much for keeping the Liberal Democrat identity, that is long gone.

I wonder can we report the blue Tories and the orange Tories to the "Monopolies and Mergers Commission"?

"Libetory Dumoprats"
How can political shows like BBC Question Time, continue to allow two MPs from the same party on the show to gang up on  the only MP from the only progressive party now in opposition? Although the Liberal Democrats and now almost fully fledged "Blue Tories" and a standing joke, serious questions about these matters still need to be asked.
Vince Cable is nothing but a political opportunist, a political "flip-flop", he has no more idea about the UK economy, than George Osborne does and the pair of them are being allowed to run rampaging around completely clueless. Osborne and Clegg think a "key policy" is something that you get into Foreign Secretary William Hague's cheap hotel room with, to check out the singles!

The sad thing is that Cable used to command respect across the political divide, now all he commands is laughs at best and sneers at worse. However, don't rush to feel sorry for the man, it is all of his own making, he need not have sold himself out so cheaply at the first sniff of power, he could have stood firm with his principles, but he chose not to, he now deserves the political barracking he is going to get. The trouble is with his position, is that he will get the flak from all sides! but if you want to be a political chameleon that is the price you pay!

Cable was never going to help put Britain back on the financial map anyway, he kept changing his mind about what to do every day it was something different. His political "Tom Tom" needs sorting!

The Liberal Democrats loved his speech, but what does that say about the hapless hopeless Nick Clegg? If the delegates like Cable's phony attack on capitalism in his phony left wing speech, obviously the conference was full of left wingers, or are they really phony left wingers, just planted there for show to appease the growing despondency and plummeting support for the Lib Dems out in the constituencies?

Did the same people who designed the set for the Tories, design the Liberal Democrat set too? I mean a BLUE backdrop at a Lib Dem conference, even the lectern was blue! And that message on it "Delivering For Britain" had no mention of the Liberal Democrats it just portrayed a picture of an almost extinct bird!  the Liberal Democrats have not delivered anything for Britain and come to mention it, neither have the Tories, although I suppose they did push the claimant count of those claiming benefits up by 2.300 last August and at the same time increased government borrowing to a record high of £15.9 billion pushing up the deficit, I am confused too, were the governments immediate £6.75 billion of cuts immediately after the election meant to decrease borrowing not put it up? (Still they did have Alistair Darling, the former chancellor's bank windfall tax of £3.5 billion to offset the money this coalition Tory government lost while trying to save money!)
There was no clear message to emerge from the Lib Dem conference, the only real message was one of  complete confusion. No one there seemed to know what or who they are, or what they actually stand for anymore and frankly after listening to the heavily Tory vetted speeches of Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and even Simon Hughes, I am not at all surprised, the surprising thing will be if next year the Lib Dems still gather at a separate conference to their new bed fellows the Tories, why bother with two separate venues when one will do?

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