Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Shame Of The Cameron "Terrorist" Effect

David Cameron and His Big Mouth!

'Wholly Damaged'! This is the effect that David Cameron's big ugly spiteful, mean mouth had on the appeal for donations to help combat the terrible effects the floods are having in Pakistan.

Please Help Them
 He may remember Pakistan, it's that country our allies in the war against terror use. The country whose people suffer daily at the hands of extremists. It's the price the Pakistani people pay for their government allowing the UK and the US to use their country's borders with Afghanistan in order to fight the Taliban. The same country whose people Cameron slagged off for what he called "their links with terror". The people Cameron did not even know who suffer daily with loss of life, while others are being terribly injured on a daily basis, for giving the UK and the US their support.  Cameron shamelessly forgot that Pakistan's president Zadari's late wife, Benazir Bhutto, herself a former prime minister of Pakistan, was murdered by terrorists during her election campaign. Not only did Cameron dreadfully insult the vast majority of good decent Pakistani people in his own ignorance, he chose to do it from neighbouring India! Knowing that relations between India and Pakistan are volatile. I say knowing, but of course he may not have known, after all Cameron's grip on historical knowledge is a bit tenuous to say the least, so why would we expect him to know the history of Pakistan and India, when he doesn't even know the history of his own country?
Cameron's 8 days of visiting overseas really showed the lack and depth of  knowledge of the British prime minister. This will not be the last time he offends people of course, Cameron is proving to be a klutz, so expect many more gaffes from this gaffe prone imbecile. Cameron blustered and barged in all over the place and  managed to insult half the world, in the case of Pakistan it was to try and gain favour with India and almost unreported, Cameron went on to axe the £825 million the UK gives in aid to India and chose to sell them arms and fighter planes instead, despite being advised not to do so.  Obviously Cameron has no ethical foreign policy, actually Cameron has no ethics, he also has none of that other 'E' word - empathy! All he was concerned about was trying to make a name for himself as a 'tough talking statesman', he failed of course, and he failed miserably. Cameron came across as a huge joke and not only embarrassed himself, he embarrassed this country on the world stage and now the rest of the world thinks we have a total chump for a prime minister, well of course they are right, a chump is exactly what we do have. Cameron is not a real prime minister, he is a pretendy one, a complete joke, but the trouble is no one is laughing!

Please Help The Children
David Cameron's big mouth singularly damaged the appeal in the UK for donations to relief funds for those millions of people affected by the natural disaster in Pakistan. First of all he pledged a joke £5 million, when he then came under pressure he pledged £50 million, not enough, nowhere near enough. People must understand that this country, despite what pretendy pm Cameron and pretendy chancellor Osborne and the fat headed joke deputy pm would like us to believe, is actually one of the richest country's in the world, 'despite the deficit', we are not bankrupt, we are nowhere near bankrupt. We have a morally bankrupt sleaze ridden government, who would not know the truth if it bit their spreading backsides and who are fast becoming the biggest danger faced by people in peacetime Britain. A way of increasing aid to flood stricken Pakistan is to force this pretendy joke government to cancel that ridiculous waste of £100 MILLION it has given to pretendy deputy prime minister, 'fat head' Nick Clegg to have "fun with", by giving us a referendum the majority of people do not want, at a time we do not want it,  when we could not be less interested in it, as we fight to protect our families and ourselves from this vicious, callous, brutal Tory-Lib Dem government, who are intent on destroying and privatising our NHS. Give that £100 million to the Pakistani people where it would literally save the lives of thousands of little children and babies by providing medicines and fresh water and decent sanitation, and all the UK would suffer, is not having referendum that most of could not care less about and do not want anyway!
There have been tails of mothers giving birth in flood waters unaided and then walking 40 miles through flood waters and searing heat to get their baby to the nearest hospital for treatment, a far cry from the arranged Cesarean birth Cameron's own wife had while on holiday, in a marginal constituency as the Tory approval ratings slipped! In a nice clean, well equipped NHS hospital with treatment still free at the point of need, thanks to the outgoing labour government, a hospital that is now under siege from this callous vicious extreme right wing fascist type government of Cameron's and who will have to shed many of its staff in order to save money!

Pakistani flood survivors shelter from rain in a makeshift
roadside camp
Thanks to David Cameron's ignorance, many in this country now think that Pakistan is made of entirely of terrorists and because of this have not donated any money to the relief aid. One in 8 people are now homeless and if they are lucky they have a makeshift torn and tattered tent by the road side, with no fresh water and disease rife.
TB and Cholera and Diphtheria, etc and pitifully malnourished and dehydrated children and babies are dying every minute of every day, in their parents bereft and helpless arms, while disaster was hitting Pakistan, so too was David Cameron hitting Pakistan, with his cruel, ignorant and arrogant words.

Real Suffering £100 Million To Waste On a Referendum
Or give It To Pakistan to help the Millions
Of Displaced People?
 No Pain To Us, But Real Gain To Them!

What a complete joke Britain has for a prime minister, only no one is laughing anymore. 
This just isn't very funny.
Charity begins at home does it Mr Cameron?

After the pretendy British PM and pretendy chancellor grows up a little and takes stock,  perhaps they may like to look at the terrible suffering he and Osborne are about to inflict on our own people, as they lose their jobs, lose their businesses, lose their homes and the vlnerable, sick, young and elderly lose benefits as they brutally and viciously attack the elderly, the young, the disabled, perhaps they should listen to the OECD and the IMF and stop these insane cuts?  Before it is too late?


George Redvers said...

Even scamorons arms sale announcements proved to be arms sales for the Indian industry due to licensing agreements, what a bumbling oaf he is.

Gracie Samuels said...

Compeletely so George. Unfortunately for us, he is a dangerous bumbling oaf, who is proving to be 100% klutz.

Peter Robson said...

We may see Camorons resignation soon due to family circumstances as the men in grey suits will put it and a dark horse will emerge not so prone to gaffes. And they may forget about the pledge to hold an election within 6 months of a new leader taking office or we may be subjected to one before the true depth of the cuts are revealed. I hope our leadership team are ready.