Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Saturday.............

A Contest Fought With Strength of Character and Dignity
Come Saturday One of These MPs Will Become Labour Leader
The Labour Party Is Lucky To Have Them
Good Luck To All And Our Thanks For a Good Clean Contest

Today at 5pm the labour leadership fight ends. Good luck to ALL the candidates.

I do not think there is a candidate among them that does not understand the gravity resting upon their shoulders should they win.

So Good Luck for Saturday and Good luck to all our children too, because on Saturday as the fight for the leadership ends, but the fight for a "decent" future for all our children begins.

According to the latest YouGov poll, labour would be just 2 seats short of an overall working majority, well actually 1 in real terms. Labour will soon go ahead in the polls, we may even creep ahead in one or two before our conference, even before Saturday, who knows? If it does, it does, if it doesn't happen now, it will happen in the not too distant future. However, when we do get past the blue Tories, there will be a fair few whoops within labour and in labour supporters across the country and on labour websites and network pages on the internet, it will be long awaited, it will be a sign that the labour party is on its way back. We will allow ourselves a small amount of time to celebrate because we know it means a lot to us and if the public do not see us as a credible opposition then we can have all the fine and dandy ideas, they'll matter for nothing because they will all come to nothing if we are not in government to serve and help the people by putting into action the policies that we know will help and building on the the good that we actually done in our 13 years in government and we did a power of good for the people, although again the Tories and the Liberal Democrats will now try and convince the electorate that we did not. I just heard the biggest Liberal Democrat turncoat of all "Vince Cable" say in his speech, that we built houses in the sand, he is talking metaphorically of course but he knows he is lying, he has become like any other Tory, provided that "soundbite" for the media. The truth is, we did build *REAL* houses, but we did not build enough and those houses were NOT built in the sand, but they were built on strong footings.  Labour's time in government was brought to an end by the world banking crisis, the global recession and the lies of David Cameron and George Osborne and Rupert Murdoch, along with Andy Coulson and now aided and abetted by the lies of Vince Cable, Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.  However that has happened, it is gone, it is n the past and now with our new leader we MUST move ahead, so when we do move into the lead in the polls and after the whooping has died down, we all know we have a serious job to do and we must fight to stay ahead and challenge every bit of injustice served up to the people by this heartless right wing coalition government and we must never be complacent, this country is depending on us being radical in opposition, having good feasible policies based in reality and not ideology.
Whoever wins on Saturday, there will be no silly nonsense flouncing from us activists and supporters because each and everyone of us realises the enormity of what is happening in our country and we realise how unfair and unjust on the people it actually is, so whoever is elected to lead us, no matter if  it is our choice or not,  we must and we will get behind that person 100%.  We know that now in Britain 2010, the labour party is the ONLY party of opposition and the ONLY party of progressive politics and we must NOT fail, the British people are depending upon us.

'Come Saturday' we must unite and start the serious job of pulling this pretendy government down, because united we CAN do it and more, we KNOW we CAN but even more importantly we know we MUST. Our children and our children's children deserve to have a future and we MUST assure they have their chance, it is down to us. We must stop this planned VAT rise which will hit the poorest the hardest, we must stop this government sacking our police, teachers, nurses and doctors, we must stop them providing "Free schools" (private education paid for by the state for the middle and upper classes)  for the privileged few at the expense of all our children. We must stop the planned destruction of the NHS and privatisation of three quarters of it, we must tell the Tory donors who own health care companies who are now circling around our NHS just waiting to swoop in and take the most lucrative parts in order to make billions for their companies and line their own bank accounts with millions of pounds of taxpayers money, this is our NHS and we do not want it "Americanised", we MUST stop it. We also must stop the shrinkage of the welfare state, something that is inherently GOOD and DECENT about our country, it is not bad or evil, as the Tories and their new friends the Lib Dems would have us believe. What is so wrong with having a caring decent society, where we put out our arms and try to stop people falling through at at time when they need us? Why has being all that is decent, all that makes us British, suddenly become something dirty? We MUST stop it. Not everyone who claims welfare is a bad "welfare scrounger" as Cameron inferred, in fact only a mere 1% are thought to abuse the system and that is a far cry from the lies put out by Osborne, Cameron and Clegg. We MUST expose their lies and expose them as the cheats and liars they actually are!

At the moment this government of ideologues is ruining the chances of your children, my children, our grandchildren. In fact every single child from whatever background in this country, is at present having their chances of a decent future,  living in a decent country, with a decent education system and a decent healthcare and YES a DECENT welfare state, absolutely ruined and we can no longer stand back and allow this to happen. Whoever wins on Saturday must NOT shy away from the long and rocky fight before us, we will do what we have to do and although sometimes it will not feel like it, we will be doing it for all the right reasons. It is going to get really tough and rough, but we have to stand firm and we have to stand united, the time for the lazy days of summer debate belonging to a leaderless party are virtually over, now we must stand and be counted and be ready to face out critics down.

The one thing the labour party is, is good in a crisis and have no doubt my labour brothers and sisters, our beloved country is in crisis. A crisis that was not made by labour, despite what the blue Tories and the orange Tories try to tell us. In fact before this pretendy coalition government decided they were the ones to run this country and just assumed leadership, even in the dying days of Gordon Brown's premiership, they actually treated that good decent man appallingly, they knew his job was to stay in number 10 while these two political charlatans decided what they were going to do with us and yet they were rude and abusive towards him, so utterly uncalled for and so utterly unfair and unjust and "UN-BRITISH"!  At that time although we did not know it, this country was settling back down after a turbulent 2 years where the *WORLD's* economy went pear shaped. Remember the times when the global leaders were panicking and running around like headless chickens? Well there were two men who stood firm, one unflappable resolute man came up with the answers which were eventually adopted and adapted to suit each country and which saved so many countries from toppling over the edge of a financial precipice,  that man was Gordon Brown, the then British Labour Prime Minister. The other man who stood resolute and calmly beside him, was the then British labour chancellor Alistair Darling, and thanks to these two men the world was pulled back from the brink of global financial ruination. You would have thought that their actions would have been enough to have then voted in and returned to power and lead Britain, which thanks to them was once again heading for the good times? But no, they were the subject of a right wing campaign of lies and a personal vendetta to destroy them, especially the good and very decent Gordon Brown and David Cameron and George Osborne the now British pm and chancellor were two of the people along with Rupert Murdoch of the right wing gutter press, that set out to destroy these men and their reputations, with their lies, innuendos and deceit and somehow they managed to convince the British public that Gordon Brown was responsible for all the ills that beset the financial *world*! Utterly ridiculous, they should not have been able to do it, but they did it, they succeeded because they used spin and fear, and the method of "disinformation" through Murdoch's Sun, Times, news of the World and Sunday Times, Sky News and even Fox News. They were cold and ruthless and they did not care that they were destroying a man who had spent his entire adult life trying to help others and serving this country, they just cared about getting power and in Murdoch's case maybe even parts of the BBC and silence over the Andy Coulson phone hacking affair and this is how Britain ended up with this nasty lying, spiteful right wing government, which has NO mandate to do the things it is doing, but it is using bullying and intimidation and lies to do them anyway. Britain is NOT a right wing country, we were CONNED by the CONservatives and now we are being CONNED not only by the CONservatives, but by their right wing Tory mate and leader of the Liberal Democrats (orange Tories) Nick Clegg, aided and abetted by Vince Cable (of all people)  and the moronic Dummy Alexander, who is being used yet just cannot see it, and he is rolled out to defend extreme right wing TORY policies and he and apparently some 48% of Liberal Democrats just cannot see that they are being cruelly used. Even their leader Nick Clegg was FORCED to run his party political speech past David Cameron of the TORY party, can you believe that? And still there are some Lib Dems that cannot see the writing is is on the wall for their party and one of them is the "numpty" in chief and former leader Paddy Ashdown, who has proved he just wants power at any price too. So the Lib Dems are being led down the Tory path they should be helping labour oppose this vicious right wing government, but they are not, they are actually helping them!

So as the labour leadership draws to and end, it is becoming clearer and clearer that our country needs us, now, perhaps more than it ever did.

So now we have this coalition government who have assumed power, (almost coup like,) and  have managed to take an improving economic situation and reverse it. They are in the process of shoving this country into into crisis, where no one knows what is happening,  where both public and private sectors are unsure sure of their jobs. No one is sure what they have or do not have, anymore, or what is being taken away from them, or what is being given in one hand and taken back with another, our people are worried, anxious and scared for the their futures and their families futures and many elderly people are sitting terrified in their own homes, fretting over if this cold unreasonable idealistic government are even going to allow them to stay there, in the homes they have known for many more years than some of us have been alive. Is this fair? Is this right? Is this just?

Is this what you voted for?

On Saturday the arguments in the labour party of left and right, the tussles, the time we had for luxurious debate, ends. On Saturday it becomes now  it becomes "time to do" and each of us must become as one, we have something very important to do, we have to take the fight right to the center of this brutal cold callous right wing government. We must expose the empty void where its heart should be, and we must expose the vacuous space where its brain should be. We must expose to the many that we have no have a soulless cruel right wing ideological government, who are being kept in office by 23 Liberal democrat MPs who are there because they are enjoying the trappings of power. we must expose that those Liberal Democrat MPs and their true blue Tory leader, who told us all they were entering this unspeakable alliance to hold the excesses of the Tory government to book,  have NOT once held this Tory coalition government to rights over any policy that actually matters to the British public! We must do all of this, but yet still more, we MUST have the right plans and polices to put in place.
Political dogma and ideology is ripping this country apart day by day and minute by minute. We cannot afford the luxury of political ideals, the last thing the British public want at this time is more of the very same thing that is currently frightening the lives out of most of u!  We MUST show we are not opposing  change for opposing sake, we MUST show that the labour party is opposing these changes because they are NOT good changes, they are not just to reduce the deficit. We MUST show that this government are actually using the deficit as an excuse to roll back the state and that this is what David Cameron and George Osborne always intended to do and just neglected to tell the electorate, because if they had shown this extreme right wing zealot side of them and were honest about what they intended to do to the NHS, education, the police, the elderly, the young, the disabled, the chronically sick, the vulnerable and the unemployed, they know they would not have stood a cat in hells chance of being elected, so we MUST expose them for what they are, liars and cheats from privileged backgrounds who have personal wealth of millions and have no idea what it is like to be "us"! We MUST expose that the Tories and Lib Dems have made the words "state" and "public sector" and "public sector workers" and "welfare", dirty words and somehow unclean, something to be ashamed of!  This government have demonised public sector workers for going to work, they then demonised them for being out of work and accuse them of being "welfare scroungers" or "work shy", or choosing a life on benefits as a "lifestyle choice" of watching daytime TV, they have inferred that all of us ordinary people are somehow future audiences of the Jeremy Kyle show and have the morals of gutter snipes and that we all sit around in our string vest all day drinking strong lager, taking drugs and abusing our children and think nothing of having unprotected sex and knocking out copious numbers of babies to get a council house and live a life of luxury on welfare! This is EXACTLY what David Cameron and George Osborne and the Tory party think of us, they even think of it of many of the people that actually voted for the Tories in the last election! To their eternal shame Nick Clegg has abandoned the left of his party, stuck two fingers up at the ex-labour voters who joined them and who voted for them in past elections, Clegg no longer wants a "left" in his party, in fact he has made no secret that he no longer wishes to be in opposition and he will do and say anything he can to help Cameron and who ever leads the Tories to stay in power, come what ever, so we can effectively rule out that the Liberal Democrats remain a party of opposition, they are not, they are now firmly part of the Tory party they are true "Orange Tories", so labour is alone in opposing this cruel, brutal government, who only cares for itself and the rich and the bankers who nearly ruined this country.

So come Saturday is the very first day of the *REAL* fightback, we have a serious job to do and more, the country expects us to do it.

  For ALL Our Tomorrows - It is now time to do!

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