Monday, October 4, 2010

Pictures From Demonstration Outside The Tory Conference Sunday Oct 3rd 2010

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This is the march that David Cameron and Birmingham Tory led Coalition council tried to ban, as it is they stopped the march which was attended by at least 7000 people marching past the Conference Center where Cameron's Tories are holding their conference..
There also seems to be some kind of news blackout, since when has a huge march like this not been news worthy enough to be reported properly on TV and in the newspapers?
We were marching to protect all our jobs,education and the NHS from Tory cutbacks.
View here for further demonstrations coming up in the future, remember we are all going to be affected,especially if you are young, old or a woman or poor, these are the groups that Osborne and Cameron are trying to bully into submission.
For More Information on Marches  Click Here

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