Monday, October 25, 2010

David Cameron To Award His Cronies With 'Peerages'!

If you ever wanted proof that the British Prime Minister is a corrupt gerrymanderer, then look at the list of "would be" people to be awarded with peerages.

The news has broken today that David Cameron and his  faithful nodding dog "Little Nicky", plan to flood the Lords with 44 new peers in an effort to stop Labour sabotaging their policies in the upper house.
Cameron reportedly intends to award 29 peerages to Tory donors and other political allies, with 15 for Mr Clegg's Liberal Democrats. By contrast, Ed Miliband will get just ten new Labour peers.
Well so much for democracy then Little Nicky! Does the nodding dog not remember he promised a re-alignment of the relationship between the people and the state? “The biggest shake-up of our democracy in 178 years”? a "fundamental resettlement of the relationship between state and citizen that put you in charge". Obviously he has decided against his fundamental resettlement and just gone for the 'mental resettlement'! This turns out not so much an Apocalypse of the Lords, as  "A-pox-on-the-lips" of Nick Clegg and David Cameron! Again we witness the lies and the broken promises of the promise of "New Politics". I worry about the damage that is being done to politics in general. Politics already buffeted badly by the MPs expenses scandals, is now being hit again with a tsunami of lies, broken promises, corruption, sleaze, self interest, arrogance, political manipulation and gerrymandering from this government that promised so much and so far has delivered nothing, all this and it is only month 5! Clegg promised PR for the House of Lords, is that before or after he helps David Cameron flood it with his lousy stinking, letter writing, Tory doning, business leading cronies?

So Much For Cameron's Faithful Little
Nodding Dog Nick Clegg's
New Politics
Where is this "New Politics" we were promised by Cameron and Clegg? Is this their idea of democracy? They are already trying to gerrymander the boundaries and parliament, now they step up to the House of Lords and apparently try to do the same thing?
If this is coalition government in practice, if this is the "new politics" in practice, then Clegg and Cameron can keep it, and Clegg can stuff his AV in PR (per rectum) because I want none of it.

"Sources say that Tory peerages could go to outgoing Marks & Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose, and millionaire businessman Andrew Feldman, an Oxford University friend of David Cameron who was appointed party co-chairman earlier this year.
Others tipped to become peers are Strictly Come Dancing star Ann Widdecombe, fellow former Tory MP Angela Knight, who is now head of the British Bankers' Association, John Tusa, the former head of the BBC World Service, and spread-betting multi-millionaire Michael Spencer, who stood down as Tory treasurer earlier this month.
Tory grandees Sir Patrick Cormack, former Deputy Speaker Sir Michael Lord and Richard Spring, who all left the Commons at the last Election, are also expected to be elevated to the Lords.
But a number of MPs who were in line for peerages are thought to have been dropped from Mr Cameron's list after being tarnished by the parliamentary expenses scandal."

Hey look and dontcha just love it, Cameron and Clegg are even trying to get their mates the bankers into the Lords!

The comes Sir Stuart Rose asset stripper extraordinaire the grim reaper of struggling companies, cometh the hour, cometh Sturat Rose, cometh the axe man, to cut of your job. (Ask Bookers PLC etc etc etc) He has been responsible for making thousands of people redundant and shoving them out of the door as cheaply as possible, while himself accepting "Golden Hellos", "Golden Handhsakes", "Golden Goodbyes" and "Gold Plated Pensions", he must be almost a billionaire, if he is not already and he is one of the people who have signed both letters of Osborne's, one on National Insurance Contributions and the other recently on backing the cuts.

This will be his reward no doubt! Ad this government gets older it gets more, bent twisted and corrupt!


Part From  The Daily Mail

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