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David Cameron The Hypocrite & the Homeless

These Multi-Millionaires
 Had Somewhere Comfortable Warm and safe
To Take Their Baby
(At the taxpayers expense)
Will You?
Will your Son/Daughter/Grandchild?
Will your parents/grandparents/children
Be struggling Next Year?
David Cameron has to go down as one of the most hypocritical disingenuous liars that Britain has ever had the misfortune to have for a Prime Minister.

Cameron is a multi millionaire, his wife Samantha part of the aristocracy landed gentry and heiress to a fortune, is already a multi millionaire in her own right, Cameron himself stands to inherit a couple of million from his recently deceased father's estate. It all tots up nicely for the Camerons, they will never have to worry about being homeless, or worry where the money was coming from to feed and clothe their children, they will not lose a wink of sleep worrying if they can afford to turn the heating on, although Cameron himself may worry if he will lose his cushy job at the next election. (God willing.)

Cameron has waged all out war on those claiming housing benefit in London, where it is very hard to get a house to rent privately for under £400 per week, there is a lack of affordable housing in London which left these people little alternative but to seek tenancies from private landords. It has emerged by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Tory Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander, that indeed most people claiming Housing Benefit are in fact in work but are on low wages and do not earn enough to pay all of their rents. As ever with this government they have rushed out a policy which turns out to be ill advised and ill thought out and stands to cause mass confusion and if implemented will cause "Social Cleansing" , not just in inner London either, this will apply to people on housing benefits right across the country, especially those living in inner cities where private accommodation is always more expensive.

However, one thing is certain, before this housing benefit was awarded the people in receipt would have gone through means testing and if they were found to have been earning over a certain amount the would not have been awarded housing benefit. So now we have that clear, perhaps David Cameron could tell us why he claimed for a second home in Notting Hill and then in North Kensington in the years prior to him becoming prime minister?

Why should the British taxpayer be forced to pay out to keep multi-millionaire Cameron and his multi-millionaire wife and family in a second home, just because he chose to become an MP? Would anyone else get the council to cough up that kind of money if they went and got a job that was miles away from their family home? No you would have to take all your expenses out of your wages and if it was not economically viable for yo to work, then of course you stayed unemployed. (Pity Cameron didn't).

Prime Minister David Cameron's Expense Claims.

In 2004-5 he claimed.........£20.902
In 2006-7 he claimed.........£21.359
In 2007-8 he claimed.........£20.563

That is a total of................£62.842, the British taxpayer has paid off this multi-millionaire couples mortgage on their 2nd home.

Further they bought a grand home in Dean, Oxon, in 2001 with a £305.000 mortgage, which taxpayers paid the interest on the loan for the house.
Months later the Camerons paid £75.000 off the mortgage on their trendy home in Notting Hill. Experts say that they could have saved the taxpayer £22.500 in interest payments by reducing the loan on their second home instead.
the Notting Hill house was later sold for £1.1 million four years ago when the Camerons traded up to a larger property in neighbouring North Kensington. The Edwardian property in Kensington is now rented out and is worth at least £2 million. Their Oxfordshire property is valued at £1 million.

Why was the taxpayer forced to pay for these mega rich people's extravagant life-styles? they could have afford to pay for their homes themselves.

Shouldn't MPs be means tested to see if they should receive a second home allowance?

The claims by the prime minister and chancellor George Osborne and the hapless dolt George [where is my calculator] Osborne, that the proposed changes to housing benefit will target scroungers have been exposed as a complete lot of nonsense.
New figures exposed by the Mirror newspaper show that the impact will be felt all over the country and it is NOT the minuscule amount of people playing the system, that the Tories and Liberal Democrats like to talk about.
In fact many Tory MPs are adding their voices to the concern of the impact of this policy on their constituents. When the changes come into effect in April 2011, families will get no more than £400 per week for a four bedroomed property, £340 pw for a three bedroomed property and £290 for a 2 bedded home and £250 for one bedroom.
This change will have the biggest impact in London, where property prices are at their highest, forcing families from their homes and turning large swathes of the capital into no-go areas for the poor.

Meanwhile in a second change to Housing Benefit will have an even bigger impact on than the proposed cap and will effect many families outside the capital. Housing benefit for those in private properties is currently limited to half of the average rent in the local authority area, but will be cut to a  third.
The FACTS Speak for
That will mean that 775.000 households across the country losing an average of £39.00 per month. Even in London it will affect more people than the national caps will.
Taken together the two measures are expected to hit 939.220 households including almost 800.000 outside the capital.
More than a quarter of those affected. 241.700, are in work compared to the 206.470 on Jobseekers Allowance.
The numbers of workers who qualify for help with rent has risen sharply over the last two years as struggling firms have cut back on their hours.
Only on in 20 jobless people claim unemployment benefit for more than a year meaning that most claiming now will have been recently laid off.
More than 50.000 pensioners are among those who will be worse off because of the housing benefit cuts.
Another 308.540 people on disability benefits or Income support will lose cash too.
Things will get even tougher for those who rent privately because the coalition will change the way that housing benefit rates are increased. In future payments will rise in line with shop prices rather than rents.
This is not about a handful of people living in expensive homes that the right wing press love to splash across their front pages, living in expensive homes in central London. These cuts are going to affect almost ONE MILLION households right across the country and in many cases the affects are going to be devastating.

So before people think that this housing benefit cap/change is all about that handful of people living in expensive central London homes and that all people who are on housing benefit are somehow in that bracket, they are NOT. Think about it, how does your pensioner parents/grandparents, other elderly relatives pay for their rent? The chances are they receive some kind of help. How does your recently unemployed son/daughter and their families pay their rent/mortgage when they have just been made jobless by this government?
In the future are you sure you will not be needing these benefits? Is your job safe? Are the jobs of your parents/grandparents, brothers/sisters etc etc safe? With these measures how will they/you manage when you have lost your job?

Don't fall for the Cameron/Osborne/Clegg lies, most people who claim housing benefit are good decent people who have lost their jobs, or are in low paid jobs because this is all they can get, the extremes that this lying trio talk about are just in the tiny minority. Don't let this toff multi-millionaire government turn you against your relatives, your neighbours and your friends, because this is exactly what they are trying to do, it is called "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" don't be taken in by them. Fight to protect our services and our welfare state, yes the welfare state needs reforming and modernising, but that should not mean the persecution and the horrendous treatment of almost a million people and those who may need help in the future - think on, that person could be you and your family.

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