Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming Soon To a Village Hall or Community Centre Near You!

Nick Clegg
He Thinks He's Such a lady Killer!

Gideon George Oliver Osborne
He Thinks He's So Slick

 With hunting bill to be reformed and Osborne, Cameron and Clegg's attack on the poor and most vulnerable, I envisage the "big houses" in communities making a resurgence, with Lords and Ladies (Cameron's cronies) making a come back. In case we have all forgotten how to behave in the presence of the landed gentry, there will be lessons in service and forelock tugging, these lessons will be called subservience instructions, and will be held in every village hall and or community centre across the country. Attendance will be compulsory, and unpaid, and will be a condition of receiving Job Seekers Allowance. This is to be ordered by the toff millionaire government, and Vince Cable will be made super quango butler to oversee it all!
Some of The Ruling Tory Government
at Elitist
Bulligdon Club
2. David Cameron...8.Boris Johnson

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