Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vince Cable pulls out of Oxford seminar

Vince Cable
of the
Liberal Democrat
Dead Bird Party

 Another member of the so-called "coalition" government that has not thought things through and has a policy disintegrating, and yet another government minister that does not have the courage of his own convictions. Why did the police advise Mr Cable not to go? It is totally ludicrous! These students have a right to protest at a policy they feel is unfair and Mr Cable should have the guts to attend and face his critics. If Cable is so sure he is doing the right thing and that this lousy government that he is an integral part of is right, then why is he not doing as planned and going to Oxford tomorrow, instead of hiding behind the "skirts" of the chief constable?
I would suggest Mr Cable is not going because deep down inside he knows that the students are right, he knows very well they have valid points. Mr Cable lied to these students and so did the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, more than that, each Liberal Democrat MP signed a pledge promising not to raise tuition fees and promising NOT to remove the cap and they have reneged on every single one of their promises.
If Mr Cable is afraid of these students and what they wanted to say to him, then he should have stayed a Liberal Democrat MP and been true to his word, not lied and not kept his promises! Cable is discovering that in all the years that the Liberal Democrats were in opposition, and the 3rd party, they could say and promise more or less what they liked, because they were never going to be called on to deliver it, however, suddenly it is different when you are in government and are asked to deliver on what you promise. The days of the Liberal Democrats promising one thing in one constituency, and the polar opposite in another just to win votes are long gone. These days the Liberals are just seen for what they really are opportunistic liars and they are no better that any other political party, in fact they are much worse, at least the other parties stick to their main principles, the Lib Dems change theirs like the wind!

Report From the BBC Follows:
"The Business Secretary Vince Cable has pulled out of a planned visit to Oxford University where students were planning a protest.
He was due to take part in a seminar organised by Brasenose College.
Students from Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities had planned to demonstrate against the government's higher education policies.
A spokesman for Mr Cable said the decision was taken after advice from the police."

University Funding

"He said: "Vince Cable has postponed a visit to the University of Oxford tomorrow where he was due to speak to students in his capacity as an MP about his life in politics.
"This followed advice from Thames Valley Police about threats of a protest and his concern about the level of disruption this could cause to the people of Oxford plus the possible cost of policing."
The government is preparing to announce its plans for the future funding of England's universities following the Browne Review which called for a lifting of the cap on university tuition fees.
The group - called the Oxford Education Campaign - is made up of students and academics from both of the city's universities.
A spokesman said: "It is absolutely laughable that he should abandon his commitments due to a peaceful protest.
"A government minister should have the courage to face the electorate - even those who disagree with him."
The demonstration was being promoted via the group's Facebook page.
Students were planning on marching to the examination schools in the city centre where the business secretary was due to speak.
Students and lecturers are organising a national demonstration against the higher education cuts in London for later this month.
The government announced a 40% cut to the higher education budget in the spending review and offered protection only to teaching budgets for subjects such as science, maths and engineering.
Subsequent comments from the Universities Minister David Willetts suggest the government expects teaching for arts and humanities to be mainly funded by students' tuition fees.
The details have not yet been confirmed."

Student Protests Will Still Go Ahead!


Nicky said...

It appears that Cable has lied (what a surprise!!) - Thames Valley Police did not advise him against going to the Oxford event.

According to Left Foot Forward:

When asked whether they had advised the business secretary not to attend, a spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police told Left Foot Forward:

“No. We did not tell him not to come, we did not advise him not to attend. If we receive intelligence of protests we let people know. His team carried out a risk assessment and cancelled the visit.”

So far, it's only LFF who have reported this.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks for that Nicky, I will look it up on LFF and then update the article.
How surprising that "Saint Vince" has lied - not. So it boils down that he is just a coward and cannot face people after what he has done. If he finds he cannot face people, he needs to seriously think about what he is doing and what he is a part of, because this is going to get worse, much much worse and will never get any better.