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What Does "2 Stags Dave" Have To Say About The Slaying of Britian's Largest Red Stag?

The Magnificent Red Exmoor Stag
"The Emperor"
Killed For Fun & Trophy
British Prime Minister Loves DeerStalking
"2 Stags dave"

The killing of this animal is an absolute abomination against wildlife. A magnificent healthy animal was slayed for the fun and enjoyment of a paying trophy hunter, who was it? What does Britain's Prime Minister "2 stags Dave" have to say about the totally unnecessary killing of this animal? What can he say when he loves nothing better than to kill health stags himself? How come that most Tories love nothing better to don hunting attire and go hunting foxes, stags and other wildlife? What is it with these people that fail to be able to respect other life forms? It is 2010 for goodness sakes. If the Tories cannot even respect innocent wildlife, how can they respect the millions of people their cuts are going to affect, from their housing to benefits, to the 1.5 million the Conservatives (Tories) are going to make unemployed?
David Cameron wants to repeal the "Hunting ban", this is what he had to say on BBC Radio 5 Live to Nicky [Tory Biased] Campbell:
British Prime Minister
"2 Stags Dave"
In Pursuit of Foxes
(Something Else He Loves Killing)

Asked to explain what Campbell called "the joys of hunting", Mr Cameron responded: "I’m a country boy, I was brought up in the countryside and I love walking in the countryside and riding in the countryside and every aspect of growing up in the countryside.
"I was taught to fish by a wonderful grandfather. I was taught to shoot rabbits by my dad. I’ve always been a country boy and I went hunting as well."

What "2 Stags" has failed to tell you here is that he *USED* to take holidays in Jura, on his wife's stepfather's huge Scottish Estate, specifically, so he could go "Deer Stalking" this is where he learned to kill two deers at once, crawling on his fat belly through the under-growth picking off innocent stags, Cameron is a despicable! Yet he KNEW if he admitted in that interview and spoke of his passion for killing stags and hacking their heads off for trophies, with the blood of those magnificent animals all over his hands and wiped over his fat spoon-like face, he would cause an outcry in the electorate, so the cowardly duplicitous murderous arsehole just kept quiet, like the coward and the liar that man is.  If he cannot respect innocent animals, how can he respect the people of this country? Animals provide the nation with food, to treat them so disrespectfully, to kill them for pleasure is despicable.

Tories love to hunt.
Read about Cameron's hunting ways Deerstalker Dave can fell two stags with one shot

Report Below Take From The New i Newspaper

British Prime Minister
"2 Stags Dave"
Murders Stags For Pleasure

"The hunt for the marksman who slew Britain's largest wild animal, the 9ft tall stag known to Exmoor residents as the Emperor, escalated yesterday, with suspicion turning towards a handful of landowners, one of whom is suspected of co-operating with an out-of town trophy hunter.
The stag had been protected, even by local hunstmen, because he was such an impressive specimen.
The search for the killer has to the bucolic north Devon village of Rackenford, eight miles from the safety of Exmoor National Park. The 300lb stag could habitually be found in the nearby Worthy Folly wood, where he and his hinds were protected by the wood's owners. He was shot after straying from the haven of the trees onto surrounding land.
The atmosphere in Rackenford has turned sour. People there are furious that the Emperor was shot in the middle of the rutting season, preventing him from passing on the genetic bounty that allowed him to achieve such stature. A good stag fetches £1000, but the Emperor's would have obvious inflated trophy value.
"He went out of those woods and into someone else's land," said a local source, who wouldon't speak on condition of anonymity. "People are facing hard times and struggling to make ends meet. When they can get thousands pf pounds from this, they do"
Exmoor, a former royal hunting ground, is popular with wealth outsiders who fly in on jets or helicopters to stalk red deer. They pay landowners to hunt legally on their land.
The restaurateur and property businessman Richard Caring, who last year offered £15.000 reward for information after two stags were killed on his 500-acre Exmoor estate, is among those demanding to know how the Emperor came to be killed.
"It's diabolical," Mr Caring said yesterday. "It's a healthy animal, 9ft tall. It's a beautiful animal. A farmer will have sold the rights to someone to come on to his land and kill that animal. I would understand if it was infirm. But I don't think people should be allowed to wander around and murder such a magnificent animal that way.
The vice president of the Exmoor Society, Ian Liddel-Grainger, who is the CONSERVATIVE MP for nearby Bridgewater and West Somerset, said he was "bloody furious" and plans to establish the identity of the culprit. "it is inexcusable," he said.
John Norris, a huntsman with the Tiverton staghounds close to Rackenford, said that the hunt had chosen to protect the stag because he was such an impressive specimen.

***October marks the beginning of the red deer rutting season. The biggest strongest male rounds up a harem of hinds and challenges rivals with a guttural roar, driving them off with his antlers if necessary***" (Taken from the new paper the Independent's 'i' only 20 p, not available online- so no link)"

Just One Word Describes The British Prime Minister "2 Stags" *BASTARD!*

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