Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vodafone Dodge £6 billion Tax Bill

Pay Your Taxes Vodafone

This Multi-Millionaire Government are forcing children, women and the elderly to pay for the bankers greed, while Tory Chancellor George Osborne waives the tax bill of corporate businesses like
Vodafone UK.
It is NOT fair and it is NOT right it's downright bloody IMMORAL!

Does The Director of Vodafone UK 'Andy Halford' or any other Directors or Persons Connected with Vodafone Donate To The Tory Party?

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 "For years now, Vodafone has been refusing to pay billions of pounds of taxes to the British people that are outstanding. The company – which has doubled its profits during this recession – engaged in all kinds of accounting twists and turns, but it was eventually ruled this refusal breached anti-tax
avoidance rules. They looked set to pay a sum Private Eye calculates to be more than £6bn.

Then, suddenly, the exchequer – run by George Osborne – cancelled almost all of the outstanding tax bill, in a move a senior figure in Revenues and Customs says is “an unbelievable cave-in.” A few days after the decision, Osborne was promoting Vodafone on a tax-payer funded trip to India. He then appointed Andy Halford, the finance director of Vodafone, to the government’s Advisory Board on Business Tax Rates, apparently because he thinks this is a model of how the Tories think it should be done.

By contrast, the Indian government chose to pursue Vodafone through the courts for the billions in tax they have failed to pay there. Yes, the British state is less functional than the Indian state when it comes to collecting revenues from the wealthy. This is not an isolated incident. Richard Murphy, of Tax Research UK, calculates that UK corporations fail to pay a further £12bn a year in taxes they legally owe, while the rich avoid or evade up to £120bn."

From: The Independent Newspaper

The Tories accept financial donations to the Conservative party coffers from people who avoid
and evade paying their UK taxes. They are not fussy, they accept donations from Hedge Funds and people like Lord Ashcroft who has donated millions to stop the labour party being elected. This is our "wonderful" Tory/coalition government. This is the government that the dumbo Liberal Democrats are bending over backwards to support and to make sure that all the Tory cuts to our welfare state and that £1.3 million lose their jobs, get through parliament. This is today's Liberal Democrat party and this is what the Liberal Democrats stand for today. The Liberals back this government to the hilt, back the attacks on women, children, the elderly, the sick, the disabled and the unemployed and they say NOTHING, yet today's Liberals are more concerned with Harriet Harman calling Danny Alexander a "Ginger Rodent", than they are about what they are helping to do to the most vulnerable in this country! Well done Liberal Democrats - TRAITORS, BETRAYERS and LIARS.

Vodafone UK was just about to pay their UK tax bill, when Tory Chancellor George Osborne stepped in and stopped them, he (Osborne) actually waived Vodafone UK's tax bill! If you or I avoided paying our tax we would be prosecuted, would Osborne step in and waive our tax bills? India forced Vodafone to pay their taxes to the Indian government, but the George Osborne let them off - WHY?

Recently the Tax office started sending out letters demanding tax that the tax off ice did not collect
through their own stupid mistakes, that amounts to £1.2 bn, how come us ordinary people are forced to pay back tax we did not even know we owed, while the head of Inland Revenue and Conservative chancellor George Osborne, allowed Vodafone OFF of their tax! That is tax that this company had deliberately set out to avoid paying? That is defrauding the state, that is defrauding you and I! Shame on Vodafone and Shame on the Tory Chancellor and the Tory party and the Tory/coalition government.

Tory and Liberal Democrat Govenment Are A Bunch Of Fraudsters!

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