Monday, October 25, 2010

Government To Introduce £1 Billion Green STEALTH TAX!

"Chancellor George Osborne, failed to mention a green stealth tax in his comprehensive spending review, the details of which are hidden in the official publication of the CSR paper.  Business leaders have already calculated that around £1 billion a year in green stealth taxes will be raised by the authorities adding around 11% to the average energy bills of British companies. Much of the extra funding will be raised by the carbon reduction commitment scheme which was initially set up to reward companies who were more efficient than their counterparts. However, this has all changed!
In simple terms companies will be penalised financially depending upon the level of carbon dioxide they release into the atmosphere. Yet again green issues have transformed themselves miraculously into green taxes and despite the fact that businesses are complaining about a potential £1 billion a year extra bill it will inevitably be consumers who pay the price in the long run. While the government would argue it has been pushed into a corner due to the state of the UK plc balance sheet, very few people had expected such a hit in the green sector when the authorities have been building up this particular area as a future growth industry."

How is this going to help start the green economy to provide jobs for the future? Next time you are in your local shop, ask about their electricity bills, ask how much they have to pay on "Green Tax", you may be surprised and it may give you some idea of why many corner shops in communities and villages across this country are disappearing!
If governments want to bring the people along on green issues, then they have to stop using green issues as some kind of cash cow and above all they need to STOP doing what George Osborne has just done and introduced a further tax hike by the back door. Why did the chancellor not mention this in his CSR speech last Wednesday? Too afraid of a bad press? Too afraid of businesses? Again the small and medium sized businesses will be forced to pay this and bear the brunt and it is just completely unfair.

We need small and medium sized businesses to help grow our economy and make it stronger, it is from these businesses that will employ people in their millions across this country, we depend on them far more than big business and it is about time this government recognised this fact and started pandering to small and medium businesses instead of sticking their Pinocchio noses up the rear ends of people like Sir Christopher Gent, Sir Peter Gershon and Sir Stewart Rose, and Sir Philip vomit inducing Green. Green employs people for a pittance in sweatshops in poverty stricken countries and avoids paying his UK taxes, he is a bloody disgrace and a big fat embarrassment to this country!

Sir Philip Green
"Hey Fatty Bum Bum"
David Cameron's Chum, Chum
Sir Fatness Philip Green, is the person that our imbecilic afflicted gaffe prone prime minister David Cameron phoned up on the spur of the moment and asked to conduct a review of how government money could be saved. The review wasn't worth the paper it was written on, but part of the nonsense was this:
His "fatness" actually recommended that the government did NOT pay its bills on time and that this would make the government money in interest. Well to the small and medium sized business this would have struck fear into their hearts, this cash flow problem is the problem that has pushed many a small solvent business to the brink of disaster. Not only does the small business that may even be trying to expand themselves into medium sized businesses and employ more people, have to contend with greedy bankers more intent with growing themselves large bonuses, than actually lending these businesses money at competitive rates in order to help grow the economy, they read a man like Philip Green advising the government of all people to pay their bills late, thus causing business horrendous cash flow problems forcing them to borrow money just to keep their businesses afloat at exorbitant rates. Totally and utterly reprehensible behaviour from the fat one who should know better. But what should we expect from the person that avoids paying UK taxes, has phantom offices in the Cayman Islands and Jersey and has a wife who is a Non Dom living in Monaco? If that is not bad enough, when questioned about the money he gave to his wife in their little tax haven love nest, he described the £1.5 bn he gave her as a "little bit of house keeping" and this is the person Cameron asked to carry out this overhaul of government spending?

Where the hell is David Cameron's judgement


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