Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"We Are All In This Together" - The Cuts

David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg never tire of telling us that "we are all in this together", or, they are making all of these cuts because of the "mess labour left the country in"! They have all their MPs on message, who slip such phrases into any conversation "anywhere" and "anytime", the idea is to spread fear and panic by means of using a process called "disinformation".
The truth of course is, after a harrowing 2 years where virtually every country in the world suffered from the worse global financial recession and a banking crisis for 80 years, which was mainly "made in the USA", with their sub-prime mortgage selling and toxic loans, Britain actually fared exceedingly well and we still managed to keep the burden of our debt lower than almost every other country, including France and Germany.  The fears then were that we would see unemployment soar over 3 million, and thousands of businesses would fail, and home repossessions would rise as people struggled to cope, they were wrong! Britain in actuality, thanks to the brilliant stewardship of the then labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling, fared very well indeed especially against a backdrop where the world's finance markets nearly fell of the edge of a precipice. These predictions back then which warned us all of impending doom belonged to a group of people who have a vested interest in banks, businesses, and off-shore tax havens and many of them are now attached to the governing Tory party in some way, these are now the very same people who are today patting this government on the back and forecasting, "we will not go into a double dip recession" and that the Tory Coalition Government have the austerity measures right, and that cuts to welfare, the NHS, education, the police and the armed forces are not only right, but inevitable - they are wrong again. It has been leaked (accidentally on purpose) by Chief Muppet to the Treasury Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander (the programme of disinformation spoken about on this blog continues) that 500.000 public sector workers jobs are to go, by the year 2013/14, to the general public this means, nurses, teachers, teaching assistants, police and the armed forces. These cuts go far to fast and too deep and the economy already starting to sink under the emergency measures of £6.75 billion worth of cuts placed by this government, is going to sink rapidly, our economy is already showing the first signs of contracting, yet this government is ploughing ahead with these cuts regardless.

By contrast to the dying months of the Labour government, and as their final sets of figures emerged up to last August 2010, Britain saw lower and falling unemployment, those claiming benefits fell and the economy returned to growth and growth was stronger than expected and Government borrowing also fell. The construction industry started to pick up as did the sale of houses and banks started to lend again. All the indications were there in May, June, July and August that the UK was coming out of the worse global recessions for 80 years, however this was before the idiot Tory Chancellor and his band of cutting Muppets got their hands on the this country's finances and now it has all been reversed. Alistair darling and Gordon Brown warned that the £6.75 billion worth of cuts would harm the fragile economy, and they were right, they have! During the general election campaign the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and ex chancellor, predicted that we would be our of recession/recovery by the end of year and all indications were pointing this way. However, thanks to the measures that Osborne has already taken, this country is now heading towards a double dip recession, the results of Osborne's £6.75 billion of cuts can be seen no clearer than in Liverpool, it is frightening when you realise that the people all expected to shoulder the majority of these cuts, mainly live in historically Labour voting areas and the people that are being targeted by this insensitive, unfair, unjust government are mainly who they would consider as labour voters. If this is the outcome of the Tory dimwitted chancellor's £6.75 billion cuts, then you do not have to be the world's leading economist to realise that the £80 billion worth of cuts due to be announced today are going to annihilate the workers, cause rampant unemployment and place at risk every young person, every elderly person, every vulnerable person, every chronically sick person, every disabled person and they are going to destroy the hard fought for and achieved modernisation of our NHS, an NHS that the Tories all but destroyed the last time they were in power, an NHS today that is unrecognisable from where is stood in 1997 after 19 years of Tory rule and chronic underinvestment. Incidentally, the world's leading economist Josef Stiglitz, says the Tories and the Liberal Democrats are completely wrong in what they had done and what they are about to do, leading economists are calling it a "terrible, terrible mistake".

Today we will learn the main thrust of these cuts and the likelihood of their effect, economists like Josef Stiglitz ,and David Blanchflower, have warned that this country is heading for the economic buffers, that the Tories are cutting too far - too deep and all the warning signs are in the economy that indicate they are probably right.

However, it is hard to pin anything down on this government, as the right wing press int his country all appear to be terrified of Rupert Murdoch and at the moment are refusing to publish anything against the Tory party and the result is they are getting away with murder. Everything seems to be covered up,  demonstrations against the cuts where 10.000 marched in Birmingham at this years Tory party conference and which David Cameron tried to have banned and when he failed, the Birmingham Tory and Lib Dem coalition council, successfully prevented the demo from walking peacefully past the conference hall were the Tories were all "bunkered" up and hiding like yellow "livered" cowards. The constant leaking of secret restricted documents and now top Tories in their off-shore tax havens in the Cayman Islands etc, have been exposed on TV, yet have failed to make it in the national press. There must be something happening which is preventing these stories getting into the public domain properly, especially when we have the Tory Chancellor George Osborne a multi millionaire delivering hell to people's doorsteps and saying that he Cameron will go after those that avoid paying their tax to the UK, when all along George Osborne himself is one of those very people, he and his siblings have conspired with their father to DODGE paying inheritance tax on their father's multi million pound estate when he dies! When you consider how venal the right wing press and right wing media such as Sky News and Fox News have been against Gordon Brown ever since he became prime minister before losing the election, it is fair to ask, if it was Brown or Alistair Darling, or even a lesser labour MP wouldn't there have been absolute uproar and mock outrage? Would this not have been screamed at us from every single news stand and right wing paper? Of course it would, and actually quite rightly so, then where you may well ask is all this moral outrage exposing the Tories for being involved in this stinking underhand way of (legally) avoiding paying their UK taxes? Is the spectre of Rupert Murdoch now casting his shadow over every single news outlet and TV news channel in the UK? And what part is David Cameron and Andy Coulson and the former Metropolitan police Commissioner playing in these "news blackouts"?

The Tories are continuing their policy of disinformation by announcing policy through leaks, press announcements and press conferences, they are NOT announcing policy in the House, where it should be announced and where they can be held accountable.

The Spectre of Right Wing
Megalomaniacal "Nutjob" Rupert Murdoch
Hangs Over The UK Government and The UK Press and Media
He Is All Over The New "Tory" Government
Like the Proverbial Rash!
While the Liberal Democrats are virtually extinct after repeatedly trying to commit political suicide, labour is having a lot of difficulty getting a fair hearing in the press, as the press are by and large all right wing, some rabidly so, like the Sun, the Times. News of the World and Sunday Times as is news channels like Sky and Fox news, again virtually owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Whatever your political leanings, to block out the largest opposition party, in fact , the only party of opposition, is profoundly undemocratic. If this continues, then the UK will no longer be a democracy, it will be a one party dictatorship controlled by an extreme right wing plutocrat. If you value our hard fought, hard won democracy, you would reject what David, Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Andy Coulson and Rupert Murdoch are doing out of hand and demand a fair hearing for Her Majesty's Opposition. Speak Up Now, or lose our treasured democracy.

We have a government made up entirely of right wing spin, cuts and no substance and a rabidly insane right wing media who is content to allow them to get away with this. I have never seen the like of this before, I have never seen a government more obsessed with spin than this Tory coalition government, they said that Tony Blair's government was spin obsessed but this present government makes Blair's spin look positively parliamentary.

Make no mistake about this, today the cuts will be announced, but remember to look in the fine print, the detail which will be drip fed to us over the coming weeks. Remember too, that we have been prepared to accept these cuts, through the Tory agenda of disinformation, we have been truly manipulated by the right wing press, especially by the Rupert Murdoch right wing press. Why else do you think that David Cameron had Rupert Murdoch around to Downing Street not 24 hours after he took control? Why else did Rupert Murdoch enter and leave by the rear entrance to Downing Street? Why has Rupert Murdoch attended other *SECRET* meetings with David Cameron at Downing Street? Why has Rupert Murdoch's *inner* team held secret meetings with David Cameron? Why all of these meetings? What was the purpose of them? Why won't Downing Street inform us, the people, what these meetings were about? In the Rose Garden in Downing Street that sunny summer day, David Cameron and Nick Clegg promised us a "NEW POLITICS", they promised us that they would be open and transparent, what happened to that promise? This government have been anything but open and transparent, they have been hit by sleaze and they are barely 5 months old!

We have been manipulated and we are being manipulated now, we are being played for idiots and treated like gullible fools by the liars David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg, they are laughing at us, while they are doing permanent harm to our NHS, education system, welfare state, they are doing what all Tories want to do all the time, "reduce the size of the state" be warned, we are now hurtling at great speed towards an American welfare and health system - don't say you have not been warned. The Conservatives are being helped to by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian, who resides in America, and who now owns the monopoly of news and media outlets in the UK and who now has the Tory Coalition government by the bollocks. The UK is being run by Rupert Murdoch, what you see today, what you will see later in these cuts is the ideology of an extreme right wing nutcase, we have the second coming of Hitler, he is reincarnated and alive and well in the shape of Rupert Murdoch and he has the Tory party and now the Liberal Democrat party in his pocket. Rupert Murdoch is a right wing dictator, he preys on weak people, labour's Darling and Brown were NOT weak and they refused to yield to Murdoch's wishes, this is why they were vilified, personally attacked and humiliated in every single opportunity, even when opportunities did not arise, the Murdoch press invented them and continued in their  programme of disinformation about the two men and the labour party which  lasted for over 2 years and it is still continuing today, when Murdoch is desperately trying to convince us that Ed Mliband is "red Ed" some kind of Communist, of course he isn't, they are refusing Ed Miliband the exposure that he needs to mount a credible opposition in this country and when they do publish anything about Ed Miliband, it is usually to decry him, unfairly, with lies and innuendos and half truths.

Today's cuts will be Rupert Murdoch's cuts, be warned and think about it each time you are tempted to by the Sun, News of the World, The Times and Sunday Times. Rupert Murdoch is a megalomaniac, a narcissistic extreme right wing nut-job in a suit, he is like "Norman Bates with a brief case". The UK government is just a sham, a front for the gung ho Murdoch who loves a war, when it is other peoples sons and daughters he is sending off to fight wars that have nothing to do with us.

If Murdoch is permitted to buy the rest of Sky, then he will have this country in a strangle hold and we will never be able to get rid of, because as he is unelected, we will never be able to vote him out, think about that!

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