Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Shady Deals Concerning Conservative Party Finances - And This is the Government That Expects Us To Lose Our Jobs & Benefits and Not Complain!

And The Very real Threats To Our Democracy From This Coalition [Tory] Government Will be Overloooked At All Our Cost!

Controversial business man David Rowland who is estimated to be the 25th richest man in the country, gave the Tories £137.000 just weeks before stepping down as party treasurer. Rowland helped David Cameron and George Osbourne rake in a record £12.3 million into the Tory party coffers!
Further, Rowland 65, gave the Tories a cash injection of £2.7 million in the run up to the 2010 general election. This man is well known to have shady deals, yet David Cameron the prime minister of Britain, personally hired him to be the Conservative Party treasurer- why? Now why would Cameron do this? What kind of judgement (or lack of it) is Cameron displaying here? Add this to his one a minute gaffes on foreign policy the other week and it makes for a frightening picture of exactly what, or who, we have running this country at this crucial time. Could Cameron's motive be to install Rowland in this role and launder him over a few years? To "launder" Rowland so-to-speak, just like people launder money to clean it up? The when the time is judged to be "politically correct", Rowland would be given a "knighthood" at the very least, for services to the Tory party, but more likely, Rowland would probably end up with a ticket into the House of Lords, and could become "Lord Rowland of Dodgy Deals and Donor to the Elitist Tory party" where he could sit and preside over us and help make laws that should we break, would find us in court and prison, in essence, one law for the rich, famous and privileged Tory voter and financial backer and another for us!
In Westminster, the David Rowland story was the talk of the hour. It seems that Lord Ashcroft and Michael Spencer had both warned Cameron that Rowland would come in for unfavourable coverage from the media if appointed and that they worried that other donors would not want to deal with him. Apparently it was feared that his appointment could undo much of the work they had done to strengthen the party’s finances.

Yes you did read that correctly, Lord Ashcroft, better known as Lord "Cashcroft" the king of dodgy deals, who has avoided paying taxes here in the UK and in a poor country like Belize, was actually warning Cameron about appointing another person of dodgy heritage, one's mind boggles, if "Cashcroft" was warning about Rowland just what on earth is lurking beneath the filthy scum and lightly baked crust of today's Tory party?

Last week at a moments notice Cameron phoned up Sir Philip Green and parachuted him into a role to look at spending savings, yes this is the man, the known tax evader who lives in Monaco on a multi billion pound fortune that he made mainly in the UK, but avoids paying tax on, not only this, Green describes giving his wife £1.2 billion pound per year as a "bit of housekeeping".

If all this is not enough we are now informed that Stanley Fink is to take over as the Conservative party’s treasurer following the resignation of businessman David Rowland.
Mr Fink, 52, currently serves as co-treasurer alongside Michael Spencer but will take on the top job following the Conservative party conference in October.

Stanly Fink is apparently "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry and runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management and according to the 2008 Sunday Times Rich List he has a personal fortune of £116 million.

Mr Fink is also another Tory party donor this time to Boris Johnson the London Mayor, it seems that the "dodginess" is like some contagious disease, more potent than "swine flu" and is spreading through the Tory party like an unchecked Australian bushfire! Not only was Fink a key donor to the Boris Johnson mayoral campaign he donated more than £1 million to the Tories in the run up to the 2010 general election!

"Legally, hedge funds are most often set up as private investment partnerships that are open to a limited number of investors and require a very large initial minimum investment. Investments in hedge funds are illiquid as they often require investors keep their money in the fund for at least one year".
For the most part, hedge funds (unlike mutual funds) are unregulated because they cater to sophisticated investors. Investors like the Conservative Party who has taken huge donations running into millions of pounds from people who have invested their money in "Hedge Funds" and make money out of betting that the UK banks would fail!

Is it any wonder then that David Cameron and George Osbourne famously did NOT want Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling the pm and chancellor of the then labour government to bail out the banks? If these banks did not fail, then investors in "hedge funds" would not make so much money and perhaps would NOT then donate much of that money made out of the recession and failing banks to the Tory party.

Something really stinks in the Tory party and I have a feeling that it is all bubbling away under the surface, of that thin Tory crust, but one day very soon, just like the famous Icelandic volcano, it is going to erupt and the fall out for the Tories will be felt far and wide and have the propensity to shock the country, like nothing ever before.

Nick Clegg must be aware that anything that sticks to the Tories and takes them down, will also take down the Liberal Democrats, it is not as if this is not widely known, yet Nick Clegg is still willing to risk everything his party has ever stood for, every single stand or principle it has ever made in its entire political life, just so he can strut around like some kind of arrogant "anti-peacock" as deputy PM and be driven around in his ministerial Jaguar and be a pretendy prime minister, a not even almost, not even nearly, not even quite deputy pm, who is only there because Cameron needed to shop for numbers to make his minority Tory government into a majority one, when Cameron has his required number to govern and the Lib Dem lackeys accept it all without so much as a murmur of discontent and the chosen 23 Lib Dumoprat MPs just lay back and "think of their fame and fortunes" and accessions to knighthoods and the Lords and just allow themselves and the rest of their party and worse still the whole country, to be shafted viciously and cruelly by a masochistic Tory Master with a whip for every occasion and all for self aggrandisement and the headiness of sudden power and its trappings.

Is this bad enough? You would think so but it gets worse, much worse as gently that crust is being scraped away.

In order to cling on to this and shore himself and the Tories up in government for what Cloggy has arrogantly boasted will keep the labour party out of power for over a 100 years!

Lays the intention of David Cameron and Nick Clegg to gerrymander not only parliament, but the boundaries as well. These two men actually want to change the way parliament votes in order to win a vote of no confidence against a government that is failing its people, hurting its people, viciously and cruelly, and so render us the people who are supposed under Cameron's "New" politics, to have the final say, absolutely impotent and powerless. If they get their wish, not only will this be the most profoundly undemocratic piece of parliamentary legislation to have ever been passed in the history of the House of Parliament, it will render the government itself useless and powerless and unable to pass critical and vital acts for the well-being of the country, in short we will have a "lame duck" government which parliament is powerless to vote out.

Is that enough for the "chameleons" of politics, whose only real needs and wants is to cling on to power at any price? No it isn't, because not only do the Tories David Cameron and Nick Clegg and George Osbourne (yes I do consider Clegg a fully fledged Tory), want to cling onto power at any price and detriment to the British people, they actually want to make sure that the labour party NEVER again has a chance of being elected. They are setting about this by:

  1. Gerrymandering Parliament
  2. Gerrymandering the constituency boundaries
  3. By attempting to bring in legislation which will prevent the unions from making donations to the labour party.

Not only is this mind blowingly and wholly hypocritical when you read above (and so much more) what the Tories do to get their money to fund their election campaigns and all the dirty donations they readily accept from so-called "business leaders", the Tories, with their greedy dirty grasping hands held out in private and behind closed doors willing prostitute themselves like some kind of high class hookers for money, more money and even more money and their bank account swells daily and is groaning under all the donations from the rich and powerful, that always want more "bang for their bucks", they are trying to stop the unions donating to the labour party, in effect they are attempting to stymie their political opponents and render them unable to fight back. The unions have donated to the labour party for donkeys years, it has NEVER been concealed, all donations are recorded and announced, in fact the labour party has a very open way of declaring donations to their party, while the Tories take the laws and manipulate them to suit themselves and now they are in a position to make the laws to suit themselves and have them passed in parliament ENABLED by a lame duck 23 Liberal Democrat MPs. These idiots have not yet cottoned on to the fact, that not only are the Tories trying to render the labour party unable to fight them fairly and squarely in the next election, they are doing the same to the Lib Dems and the idiots are helping them to do it!

If the Tories are not stopped come the next election the Lib Dems can forget about two party politics, there will only be one party and that will be the Conservative party and once the Tories have managed to do this, they will spit the Lib Dems out into the gutter, their use for them totally expended. The Lib Dems can completely forget about winning any referendum on AV voting, that is destined to be lost, it is why Cameron granted it, AV lost and FPTP firmly ensconced, if the Lib Dems still harbour any thought of ever obtaining full PR, then they should all be locked away in the nearest asylum for the "politically insane", it "aint" never going to happen.

The Liberal Democrats are actually aiding and abetting a "neo" fascist government, with a "neo" fascist prime minister, who is not only going to hurt the Lib Dems and make it virtually impossible for any other political party to beat them fairly and squarely, this fascist government has declared war on anyone unfortunate enough to have to claim welfare for whatever reason, they are attacking our young and elderly before our very eyes and they are abusing and scaring disabled people and the sick and most vulnerable in our society and when the Tories have finished doing this, they will come for the ordinary people, in fact, this has already started with the demonising of public sector workers for having a job and then when the government puts them out of a job, they demonise them again for being unemployed and bully them into picking up litter daily and if they refuse then they will take their job seekers allowance away from them and starve them and their families and there wont be a single thing we can do about it.

Will Nick Clegg mind? Of course not, he will pop up somewhere in some nice safe Tory seat after he has crossed the floor of the House, his reward for being the dumbest of all of all Liberal Democrat leaders, his reward for helping Cameron turn this country into a country of a few haves and a majority of have nots, with a ONE PARTY system and we can all look forward to having a neo fascist tinpot dictator Tory prime minister, whether it be Cameron or someone else, someone like George Osbourne (God help us), who doesn't care a stuff about poor people, we will be those people that "one has to step over when one leaves the opera" the people that live in cardboard boxes on the Thames Embankment, or the people begging in shop doorways, all relics and not too distant memories of the last Tory stint of 19 years in government, the time when they almost succeeded in killing the NHS and education and turning the country into a police state! Guess what? The NHS is again under fire, it is going to be privatised, it is happening. All aided and abetted by the "ILLiberal Dumoprats"!

Wake up and smell the coffee BEFORE it is too late!

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