Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seems David Cameron Has Always Been A "Gaffe Man"!

Cameron has made horrendous gaffes on the world stage, showing his talents definitely do not lay as a statesman able to deliver an "ethical foreign policy" for Britain. He referred to this country as the "junior partners" to the US and had us taking a minor role by with the Americans in WW2 in 1940, when in truth Britain was fighting the Nazis alone, the US did not come into the war until after Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in 1941.
Unperturbed Cameron then went on to diss Israel when he referred to the Gaza strip as one big "prison camp".
Then Cameron went to India, inferring that Britain is India's "junior partners", during a speech when he was crawling to the Indian prime minister, he more or less accused Pakistan of aiding and abetting terrorism, completely insensitive to the fact that the Pakistani people suffer injuries and death terrible terrorist attacks from the Taliban and the president of Pakistan's own wife was actually killed in a terrorist attack while campaigning for their elections.
Cameron was warned against do arms deals with India, but did them anyway, so this country now sells arms and fighter planes to India, while at the same time as delivering aid of £825 million. India apparently cannot care for its own poverty stricken people but can buy arms from the UK, how ethical was this deal?

However his recent many gaffes were not unique, one of his previous Oxford girlfriends, Francesca Ferguson, said that one time she brought him home to meet her father and her German mother.

Cameron gave them a Monty Python record, which, unbeknown to him, included a famously bad-taste Hitler and Goebbels sketch in which the two Nazi leaders have taken over a B&B in Minehead after the war.
When Francesca's family insisted on immediately playing the record, Cameron apparently doubled over in embarrassment.


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