Wednesday, April 20, 2011

David Cameron - Unravelling - He's Lying AGAIN!

David Cameron's Government is cutting £335 million from our community's public services. And now, to add insult to injury, he's telling lies to blame Islington for the cuts.

In a speech to Tory Party activists earlier today, he claimed that... we are refusing to cut waste, and he lied about the cost of our Chief Executive.

Please join me in sending him a message telling him to apologise for the lies he tells.

Today David Cameron, campaigning in the local elections, claimed that Islington is refusing to cut our Chief Executive's salary, even though we have cut it by £50,000 to one of the lowest levels in London.

The Tories are desperate to distract from the damage that their unfair cuts are doing to our community and communities up and down the country. They want to claim that councils like Islington are just cutting for fun - but nothing could be further from the truth.

We have made more than £25 million in back-office savings and we have fought tooth and nail to keep vital services in place. We have kept all of our libraries and children's centres open, despite getting the largest cut in London.

The truth is that David Cameron and his Tory Lib Dem Government are pushing through unfair cuts that hit inner city communities hardest.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have chosen to target communities like Islington, and now they are trying to pin the blame wherever they can.

Don't let him spread lies and distraction. Join me in telling David Cameron to apologise to Islington's community.

Thank you,

Cllr Catherine West
Leader, Islington Council


Anonymous said...

And this to Gracie with the prime minister going on TV having a go at the incapacity benefit scroungers

Anonymous said...

Apparently he doesn't like fat people which means he wont like me as i am very thin ?