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Lying Prime Minister, David Cameron, Is A Political Disaster Already Happening!

Cameron The Pathological Liar!
David Cameron assumed the role of prime minister almost one year ago and yet it is still not clear what he actually stands for. What has become clear however, is his propensity for not telling the truth and his proclivity for making offensive personal remarks to what has now become a very serious extent. My comments are not some flippant remarks aimed at insulting Mr Cameron, I am deadly serious, this is what I have observed and the evidence is all around all over the internet for anyone to observe. Worryingly Mr Cameron appears to have all the traits of a narcissistic personality disorder and pathological lying can be part of that disorder. While people who have narcissism may at first come across as reasonable, likable and affable, gradually they are unable to hide their real personality traits and this is what I believe is happening regarding the prime minister.
David Cameron fits the narcissistic personality disorder almost perfectly, he is goal-oriented, manipulative, cunning and egotistical and often unbearably arrogant. If he gets his own way he may be just about tolerable for a short while, but if he doesn't get his own way, or someone he [Cameron] sees as beneath him has the "audacity" to actually address him, or worse still challenge him, he will fly into a rage and will rant and rave almost hysterically trying to crush the person using any means possible, bullying, arrogance and personal insults will be par for the course and Cameron will use them with absolutely no compunction. In fact he has demonstrated this part of his personality in the House of Commons on many occasions, often attacking the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, not on policy but on personality. David Cameron has often jibed about Mr Miliband's relatives, especially about his brother David Miliband. Mr Cameron's remarks are often deeply personal and offensive at the same time as also indulging in almost childlike bullying and name calling. Typical of a bully he can be observed puffing up and playing to his backbenchers in an arrogant bullying fashion, with an ugly smug sneer on his face he often turns to his backbenchers as signal for them to shout the opposition down and shut down the debate rather than give a direct answer to a direct question to  Ed Miliband. As is normal with bullies they always egg on their accomplices to bully too, this way the bully feels all important and this aspect of  Cameron's behaviour in the Commons is crystal clear. True it must be said that sometimes the Commons feels like an arena, but even the exchanges between Thatcher and Kinnock are put into the shade by Cameron's narcissistic performances, there is a line of etiquette that Cameron breaches almost every time he is at the dispatch box. An example of this is when in PMQs Ed Miliband tried to question the prime minister about dwindling police numbers and Cameron twisted it around and accused Ed Miliband of "knifing his brother in the back", astonishingly this brought guffaws and shouts of "more" from the Conservative cabinet members and backbenchers, however, if you watch the clip look in the background at the Minister for Justice, Ken Clark, Clark a man of integrity, did not seem to find the PM's performance funny and he was right, it wasn't funny, it was a deeply offensive personal and vicious remark designed to try and cause conflict between the two brothers for Cameron's own political advantage. Here is another clip where the PM is inferring that Ed Miliband is Basil Brush and another of the many times that Cameron has likened Ed Miliband to Wallace & GromitHere he tries to belittle Ed Miliband telling him he is only fit to be a student politician (08.30), at the end of this tape he arrogantly says that the opposition will never be a party of government. These outbursts are not one off behaviours, or a bit of light rigging by the prime minister they are nasty, childish and designed to belittle and they happen regularly and this is not the kind of behaviour we have come to expect from the British PM and notably on all occasions Cameron fails to address the questions he has been asked properly and politely.
David Cameron's offensive and odd behaviour is not only confined to Ed Miliband, he also attacks  members of the shadow cabinet and opposition backbenchers in the same way, here is one clear example when he personally attacked the shadow chancellor Ed Balls after Mr Balls had been shouting a question at him, again this was not the first time that Cameron had tried to attack Ed Balls, he seems to make a point of doing sohere we see the PM blatantly lying about what Ed Balls actually said, not for the first time is David Cameron caught out in a blatant lie. 

David Cameron has simply been the most lying, duplicitous, two-faced, power hungry politician this country has ever seen, he has blatantly lied throughout his career, since becoming Tory leader, and he has not stopped since assuming the role of prime minister. I say this is simply unacceptable and he is a danger to every single person in this country. Here are just a few of his lies.

  • Cameron's deliberate attempt to completely mislead audience about the whole Iran/Israel issue.
  • Cameron deliberately misled parliament and lied over EU bailout.
  • Cameron and Clegg misled parliament on Sheffield Forgemasters
  • During the leadership debate Cameron promised he would NOT cut pensioners winter fuel payments he lied - they are to be cut by up to £100.
  • He LIED over Pensioners credits, said he would keep them and are now cutting them.
  • He lied over student tuition fees.
  • He lied when he said the Tories would have "no top down reorganisation of the NHS"
  • Lied about Sure Start centres closing and funding for Sure Start
  • 6th Formers lose Educational Maintenance Allowances he said he would keep.
  • Bankers enjoy tax cuts instead of hefty curbs
  • VAT went up when he said he had “no plans” to raise it.
  • Cameron lied when he told police service they’d be protected, instead he is slashing their numbers.
  • Cameron promised to jail blade-wielding criminals for a first offence HE LIED now they are guaranteed to escape jail under terms his government are introducing.
  • Cameron LIED about protecting Defence, he is in the process of making 17.000 troops redundant.
  • Lied about national Insurance Contributions, he said they would not  raise them, bu they have just gone up.
  • Cameron said Welfare and tax credit fraud and error costs the taxpayer £5.2 bn per year - he lied! DWP estimates that it actually costs about £1bn per year.
  • Cameron said no frontline staff would lose their jobs in the NHS - The Royal College of Nursing has identified almost 27,000 jobs under threat in 100 hospitals.
  • During the election campaign, Mr Cameron repeatedly pledged there would be no changes to bus passes and accused Labour of "lies and scaremongering". Pensioner groups branded Mr Cameron a "liar". (This link is utterly breathtaking lies by Cameron - laid bare)
  • Cameron campaigned by soft-peddling Tory cuts, deliberately creating the impression a war on paperclips would wipe out the deficit, were wholly deceitful.
  • Cameron LIED when he told voters "no Tory government would introduce swingeing cuts or threaten jobs and security"
  • Tory Conference 2007 David Cameron lied. Told a *false* story about a pupil attacking a teacher which he said he witnessed. Anita Harrison said: "It is an appalling allegation" it's not true, the college demanded an apology.
Cameron simply cannot tell this many lies without them becoming a problem and this is only a few of the untruths he has told, there are many more and if Cameron's has got a pathological lying problem, then by default so does this country have a probelm and a very very big problem. The lies have been regularly peppered  in PMQs and the prime minister is becoming known for his outbursts, he is also widely disliked in parliament, number 10, Whitehall and even by his own party.  There have been reports of him shouting and swearing using the foulest of language, he refuses to even acknowledge people he feels are beneath him, let alone talk to them and listen to their concerns. He has told blatant lies to groups like Age Concern, Mumscape, schools, colleges, hospitals.

 It is obvious he is lying  to control and get his own way and that he has lied his way into office. When he is caught out lying he quickly changes his story, which in turn causes chaos and confusion - after all he is the prime minister, we should be able to believe what he is saying. just like in the situation told above where he lied about the boy in the school he grossly exaggerates and lies about almost everything, it is almost like lying is second nature to him. He does not value truth, he lies to get what he wants and he must have what he wants all the time.
Cameron has lied so much about the last Labour government that  he now resides in his own parallel world most of the time, he probably believes his own lies now. Of course labour were powerless to defend themselves against this kind of liar, people generally are, they are genuinely bemused and shocked by such lies emanating from people that should know better. Challenging and questioning Cameron will bring on aggressive defensive behaviour as his behaviour been described in the House of Commons above.
I hate to say this, but David Cameron has even lied for sympathy, he has told parents of disabled children he would do certain things for them because he knows what they are going through, when in reality he has reneged on every single promise made to these parents. Cameron will never admit he lies, but he knows he does, he has deliberately misled the House of Commons many times and he also contradicts himself badly because David Cameron does not possess the flawless memory he needs to be a "good" liar!

What has always struck me about David Cameron is that he believes he has a sense of entitlement and grandiosity and can do what he pleases and never has this been so apparent than since he has become prime minister, this is evident in the way he thinks some people are not worthy to talk to him, it is evident in the way he becomes rattled and aggressive and defensive when he is forced to answer a question in PMQs, he simply does not believe that as PM he should answer anyone or anything that he does not want to. Cameron has frequently exaggerated his achievements and many times (like in PMQs towards Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Alan Johnson etc he has shown a distinct lack empathy and  readily exploits others.

Before Cameron became prime minister it was easier for him to get away with his lies and unless the lies were glaringly obvious, it was hard to separate his lies from the truth, but now he is pm, virtually everything he says is recorded and this has proven to be a massive problem for him.

So what happens now? Many of us realise that we have a big problem with the PM and his lies, the question is, is there precedent set for dealing with someone that obviously has a serious problem with telling the truth?

The frightening thing is that even though they have been presented with the truth many times over and presented with facts as I have done on here, some people still believe every single thing that Cameron says, even though on most occasions what he is saying is an obvious lie, or is later proved to be a lie. Do these people realise they are making him worse by colluding with him and allowing him to get away with his outrageous lying? it is almost as if they believe it is OK for cameron to lie because it is all part of his political strategy, which it probably is, but it doesn't make it right. what it does is make it impossible for others like Ed Miliband who is a truthful honest person to operate, dealing with a pathological narcissistic liar like David Cameron is almost impossible.
 If the Tory supporters are confronted with Cameron's behavior, instead of checking their facts they simply justify thier belief in him and the party they support, this is made even more difficult because now we have the Liberal democrats lining up to support not only the lies of David Cameron, but the lies of their own leader too and the whole situation is now approaching dangerous levels of toxicity, they have heard so many lies that they now do not know what or who to believe.

Public trust in our political system and in politics has become a joke due mainly to the lies and greed of our politicians of all colours and their expense scandals, Cameron and Clegg said they would clean it up, Cameron especially went on about new clean politics and transparency and instead of that he has given the most lies, the most half truths, the most innuendos and broken promises that I have ever heard from one single politician in my life and it is not even a year into his administration. Cameron has thrown morality aside and dumped ethical practice in the bin, he is single handed ruining our democracy and way of life, his lies are turning worker against unemployed, person against person, he is demonising public sector workers and those unfortunate enough to be on benefits, he is making genuinely sick people afraid to claim and he is brutally attacking the rights of disabled people, in fact, no person in need is spared Cameron's rod of hatred. he is destroying the very fabric of our society and all that makes this country British.
People in this country make much out of their belief in human rights, freedom and democracy  but  by supporting the behaviour of David Cameron they are as guilty of destroying our democracy as he is! It does not matter how many people tell the same lie, like the lie all Lib Dem and Conservative supporters like to foster about Labour being responsible for the global financial recession, and the banking crisis, and sub-prime mortgage fiasco and toxic loans, it does not and will never make that lie the truth and in the end people will see straight through it. Allowing David Cameron to get away with such behavior is not only very wrong, it is frightening.
What kind of country are we creating where we are just standing back and allowing our prime minister to get away with his blatant story telling and down right lying? Cameron is not only damaging politics, he is seriously damaging our country and our reputation abroad. I truly believe that David cameron is a walking, talking, lying political disaster, but the harm he is inflicting is a disaster in the making which we are all going to suffer for, but more importantly our children's futures will be seriously tarnished because of this man, his lies, his excuses for cuts that are just ideological and his absolute inability to see that what he is doing is very very wrong.
Cameron feels no shame when his lies are pointed out to him because in his eyes they have become legitimate, but we do not have to accept them and the Liberal Democrats certainly do not need to go on knowingly propping this man and his party up. 
By hook or by crook David Cameron just had to get himself through that door in Downing Street, the trouble is now that he has got the job, he has no idea how to cope with it, he is a man that clearly believes he is far better than he actually is, but what is becoming more and more evident with each passing day, Cameron is not up to the job of prime minister, he is clearly out of his depth, thank God we have civil servants, because if we had no "Humphrey" then God alone knows what would become of us, however, here is a chilling thought, I totally believe that Cameron's arrogance and his false self belief is leading him to overrule his advisers and civil servants, which is why this country is steering closer to economic disaster and the abyss every single day.
Britain hasn't got a proper Government, what we have is one man who wants his own way no matter what, a man who is blatantly over confident, extremely conceited, controlling, and hungry for admiration. What  we have is the pretence of a government with just one man is heading it and he is the pathological liar, we have a dictator in a nice suit with a posh accent - David Cameron. If this isn't bad enough, throw into the mix somewhere a very short news baron who is pulling the strings of the prime minister, hopefully between the pair of them they will not see that what they are doing is about to bring this government crashing down about its ears - it cannot come soon enough for me!


Anonymous said...

According to the medical profession he increasingly seems to suffer from the narcissistic peronality disorder or Hubris syndrome. Perhaps that is how Murdoch seduced him.

Ben said...
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Ben said...
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Ben said...

I couldn't agree more with your comments and I fully share your concerns.

The key point is made at the end of your first paragraph:
"These outbursts are not one off behaviours or a bit of light rigging by the [Prime Minister,] they are nasty, childish and designed to belittle and they happen regularly[. T]his is not the kind of behaviour we have come to expect from the British PM [as] notably on all occasions Cameron fails to address the questions he has been asked properly and politely."

To see how the debate in the commons has deteriorated, contrast recent sessions of Prime Minister's Questions with this clip of Michael Howard and Tony Blair prior to the 2005 general election.

(starts 0:20)

The traits you've mentioned are plainly exhibited in Cameron's performance at the dispatch box against Gordon Brown in the run-up to the 2010 election,

... leading to the spectacle exemplified by last Thursday's Prime Minister's Questions.

(starts 4:20pm, available on BBC iPlayer until 25 Mar 2016)

Without reasoned debate and discussion, democracy cannot survive. Make no mistake: David Cameron is posing a threat to democracy in this country. This is an increasingly urgent matter of conscience for Conservative Party members and MPs as well as voters in the forthcoming general election.

Lest anyone should be reassured by Cameron's recent (and, on reflection, odd) comparison of a third term in office with an extra helping of Shredded Wheat, we should take all of his remarks with an extremely large pinch of salt, as I'm sure his party political rivals will. It's amazing how the appetite can increase once one gets going, isn't it? As a rival breakfast cereal ad put it: "The trouble is, they taste too good". For those with an appetite for irony here are a few of the famous commercials our Prime Minister has chosen to allude to an in interview in his family kitchen this last week.

We should bear in mind that David Cameron became a member of the shadow cabinet only one year before he was elected as Conservative Party Leader and, as mentioned in a clip from The Daily Politics (2014, below), his victory occurred very largely on the back of a focus group endorsement which ran for the entire duration of a BBC Newsnight programme shortly after the Tory candidates' speeches.

Cameron's own performance to Conservative deligates was noted for having been made without notes. So our new leader is a proficient media propagandist who makes stirring, rousing speeches apparently off the cuff, and, following a long period without much recognition, made hay just as new forms of communications technology were displacing the old ones in shaping allegiances. That doesn't remind us of anyone, does it?