Monday, November 30, 2015

Impressed With JCCCC - Cool Calm and Collected Corbyn!

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's appearance on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday, was a classic lesson in; "how to keep your head while all around you is losing theirs"!  After the week he had to endure, you may have thought he would appear stressed, edgy evasive, jumpy, you may even have been a little concerned for his health, after all, like many of us he is no spring chicken! But no there he was giving a lesson in cool -  Mr JCCCC, Jeremy Cool Calm and Collected Corbyn!

Andrew Marr did his job, he tried to trip him up, but to paraphrase "you stumble if you want to, the gentleman is not for stumbling",  JCCCC remained eloquent, cool calm and collected, directly answering questions from Marr with the customary direct answers that have become the honest man of politics political trademark.

While a few of  his errant malcontent MPs all ran around like the headless chickens they have become ie, Emma Reynolds, Simon Danczuk etc and even the Tom Watson, (although Watson's head seems to have taken on a life of its own and was last seen trying to force itself through the doorway of House of Commons creaky old toilets), Corbyn gave a master class in how to remain calm and influence people. His appearance on Marr, shows the side of him that the Tory press and the Tories do not want us to see. We saw the sensible man, the man that doesn't want to rush to war, the man who wants heels to cool and for all to be given time to think things out, logically, calmly and rationally. If this is a taste of a future prime minister Corbyn, I say bring it on, the public are ready for a proper PM who takes his office seriously and who is more concerned with the people than he is about his celebrity.

David Cameron;s indecent rush to bomb yet another Arab country was done more to try and divide the Labour party, than it was to help (or most probably hinder) any peace efforts, Cameron has obviously sunk to a new low, using the plight of war torn Syria as a political football to play for his own advantage. Of course anyone with half a brain cell knows this vote was planned to cover up Tory chancellor's embarrassment in making a U turn after Mr Corbyn and Labour forced him to turn back on tax credits cuts. The public have sussed this, but not apparently some malcontent Labour MPs who are b not only intent on undermining Corbyn at every twist and turn as they make new 'friends' with the Tory press, they are obviously intent on undermining their own political careers, as soon as they serve their purpose to the Tory press, their new bestest mate right wing journos will turn on them just as ferociously as they turn on Corbyn, not only that, these MPs will soon discover the wrath of the vast majority of the Labour membership and Labour supporters in general. They should remember Karma, she can be a real bitch when she bites!

Anyway  back to JCCCC's Marr performance, no wonder the Tories and the Tory press and  some of the right wing malcontent Blairites in the Labour party do not want us to see this side of Corbyn and want us to believe he is bumbling, indecisive and all the rest of it (which is patently untrue), they're terrified the public will listen to his common sense, like his cool, clam, collected rational approach and that would be a disaster for them, because the British public would flock towards Jeremy Cool-Calm-Collected Corbyn in droves - as proven throughout all last summer when he drew crowds of thousands at each venue he appeared at.



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