Monday, July 31, 2017

Nick Ferrari and LBC Radio

On Sunday I heard a clip of Nick Ferrari the LBC radio presenter speaking to Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond, in it Ferrari and Hammond deliberately mislead listeners about what Jeremy Corbyn did not say about student debt (Independent). Why is LBC Radio deliberately spreading what they know to be false information? It's 'fake news' which they are now making themselves a part of.
Ferrari has not only been told countless times that Corbyn did not say what he repeatedly says he did, he has been shown the actual proof in the NME video.

Yet still Ferrari is permitted by LBC to deliberately spread what they know to be false information, this has a name it is called disinformation.
The clip has Ferrari talking to Hammond asking him about what he thought about Corbyn's promise to students, Hammond replies he was outraged. Why didn't Ferrari ask Hammond if he was outraged that the entire Tory manifesto went into the bin?
Why didn't Ferrari point out that the only numbers in the Tory manifesto were page numbers and not one single policy was costed, unlike the Labour manifesto where every policy was costed in a separate booklet.
Why didn't Ferrari mention to Hammond that over 128 leading economists actually backed the Labour manifesto spending plans?
Hammond was asked by Ferrari if he thought Mr Corbyn had lied about the student debt policy and Hammond neatly swerved the question and Ferrari allowed him to get away with it. Hammond never answered the question because he knows fully well that Corbyn never lied and so does Ferrari.

The NUS backs Jeremy Corbyn and has told an LBC presenter that Corbyn never promised to wipe out existing debt and yet LBC persist with this black propaganda.

As for Hammond what a complete joke of a man, he has the gall to accuse Corbyn and Labour over a promise that is impossible to know would be kept as Labour did not win the election and there was NOTHING in the now binned Tory manifesto about students and since the election Hammond has overseen slyly pushing through and INCREASE in student fees just before the election.
I wonder is Hammond 'outraged' about the fact that he and his government are presiding over an increase in student fees from 4.6 percent to 6.1 percent? Fees will increase to £9,250  this year. Why didn't Nick Ferrari ask the 'outraged' Chancellor about this or the fact that according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) student debt is now reaching over £50,000? Strangely quiet about this is Nick Ferrari and the 'outraged Tory Chancellor!
Why doesn't Ferrari grill Hammond about what the Conservative government have done to students instead of attacking Jeremy Corbyn the only leader actively trying to help students? It's absolutely absurd the lengths that Ferrari is prepared to go to in order to damage Jeremy Corbyn, that said, Ferrari, is nothing but a liar and LBC should not allow him to spread his lies on national radio!


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