Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Tory MP accuses Corbyn’s team of lying. Minutes later, she gets caught lying herself [TWEETS]

MP Lucy Allan is best known for fabricating a death threat. Which is why it was surprising to see her sharing an article that accused Labour supporters of lying. Again. Especially as Allan actually lied in response to criticism of what she’d shared.

Oh dear

Allan shared an article from Order Order:

In response, one Twitter user mimicked Allan’s tweet:
Allan denied this to be true though – seemingly having forgotten that the internet never forgets:
For full article please read at The Canary HERE:
Well worth reading the full article which exposes another Tory MP Lucy Allan of telling blatant lies. Obviously the Tories are in panic mode over Jeremy Corbyn's rising popularity, after all, they have spent the last 2 years telling lies and deliberately misleading the public about the man. Look what happened as soon as the public got to read about and see the real Jeremy Corbyn, where the right wing Tory press like The Sun, Times, Telegraph etc could not disinform people. His rise was almost meteoric and today he is more popular than Theresa May!


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