Monday, April 21, 2014

Thanks to All

Apologies for lack of posts, we recently moved house and have been busy decorating and gardening etc. Many thanks to all those people who have emailed me inquiring if I am OK and asking when I will be posting again.
I will be posting on a regular basis again very soon.


Terry said...

I was beginning to wonder, Gracie. But I kept the faith and didn't delete your feed.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you have got it spot on about the Tory party, and the Liberals, the trouble is the Labour party are just as criminal about their policies also, did not the Labour party promise a referendum to get into power and then cancel that it.!!!

Gracie Samuels said...

No I think you are thinking of the Lisbon Treaty Anon and Labour never actually promised a referendum on it, that was just daily mail mischief making.