Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is This a Government or Omnishambles?

Seems that most people are sick to the back teeth of the ludicrous coverage the bullying ex Tory Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell is now receiving in the press and on TV, his bleeding heart act is becoming both a bore and an irritant.

The whole saga has descended into yet another government omnishambles, which is going to end up costing the taxpayer dearly.

David Cameron could have called a halt to this immediately. He had an admission from Andrew Mitchell that while still at work he had gone into Downing Street, lost his temper, had an altercation with police protection officers and used the word "fucking", he swore and was abusive and offensive. It matters not if he said the word "pleb" or not, the prime minister should have sacked him on the spot.

If any other public servant had behaved in that fashion they would have been suspended and then sack closely following.

Turn it around, what if police had lost their temper and sworn at Mitchell in Downing Street? For example: "go take your fucking bike through the side gate" and "I thought you politicians were supposed to be fucking helping us"  how long would he/she have stayed in the job? I bet they would not have lasted their shift out.

What about if a nurse had sworn at his/her patients or other staff members while on duty? The government is for ever attacking and demonizing nurses anyway, what would the Health Secretary and the PM  have said? Exactly, we all know what would have happened, yet we are all supposed to ignore Mitchell's crass behaviour and feel sorry for him now? Well no it doesn't work like that, he's a public sector worker and he should have been sacked on the spot, no ifs or buts. If Cameron had not dithered and sacked him like he should have done this would not have got out of control. And what happened to Cameron's p[re election promise of us being able to recall our MPs, supposedly for exactly this kind of thing? Yet another lie and yet another false and broken promise from the prime minister.

Mitchell is bemoaning that this was a conspiracy to "ruin his political career" and "toxify the Tory party", he is lashing out at all and sundry, it is everyone else's fault barring his own and far from toxifying the Tory party, this habit of blaming everyone else is synonymous with this ramshackle incompetent government, each and every omnishambles that comes along, from the economy to the mess they are creating in the NHS and education, it is always the fault of something or someone else.

It is no ones fault but his own that it appears many backbench Tory MPs do not like him or his bullying ways and even Mitchell's neighbours have said he is prone to losing his temper and not one of them had a good word to say about him. Who's fault is that?

I have news for poor little "victim" Andrew Mitchell, he ruined his own career when he overstepped the mark and tried to bully and intimidate police officers doing their job and protecting him and when he decided to shout and swear and abuse police officers in the street, which he admits to doing whether he called them plebs or not.

Also no one has toxified the Conservative party, it was already toxic enough and well known for looking down its noses at the unemployed, the disabled, the sick, the vulnerable, single parents and immigrants etc. Look at what this toxic government is doing to people now? It is bullying, demanding, dogmatic and is trying to set sections of society against the other in classic divide and rule, it has the poor queuing up at soup kitchens and food banks and wants them given food tokens in future, so they cannot have a fag or a beer. Why not go the whole hog and have "working class scum" tattooed on us? They have forgotten the expense accounts they all enjoy, hope none of them spend that money in the bars, clubs and restaurants of Westminster etc, perhaps they should be given an expense card which prevents them spending out on such luxuries as red silk cushions and luxury loo brushes (Employment minister Mark [expense account] Hoban.)

The Tory party is already toxic and has always been toxic and the present lot are no exception, only in as much as they are worse than any other toxic Tory!

So hopefully Andrew Mitchell will grow up and will not be treating us to anymore long winded sob stories in the Times and take his medicine, the same medicine he and his government dish out to others. Not wait until he has seen the video footage and see a way he can back into government, despite what he admits to doing.

If Cameron brings him back into the government it will be the biggest mistake he has made to date. Can you imagine it a cabinet with David Laws (housing benefit cheat stole £60,000 from taxpayer). Jeremy Hunt who admits misleading parliament over his involvement in the Murdoch BSkyB take over bid. Andre Mitchell who   is a foul mouthed bully who shouts and swears in the street at police and it is even rumoured that Cameron wants to bring back Lib Dem liar Chris Huhne, who hasn't even appeared in court yet and then Liam Fox of the corrupt Adam Werritty Atlantic Crossing affair, he is rumoured to be on his way back too.

Good lord, what do you have to do to get the sack and stay sacked from Cameron's government? Murder someone?

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