Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Falling Unemployment? Are You Sure Mr Cameron? Time To Come Clean and Stop Your Abuse of Power!

Unemployment Stats Update:  We are now supposed to believe that unemployment  fell again between September & November by 37,000. When is this government going to stop lying to us? Read On for an honest and factual appraisal of true state of unemployment.

Car makers Honda are going to lay off 800 people and a subsidiary company that relies on supplying parts to Honda has already said that as a direct result of problems at Honda they will be forced to make redundant 300 from their workforce.

Jessops the photography chain closed its doors today with the loss of over a 1400 jobs in its 187 stores and of course the knock on effect there will mean further job losses in the supply chain.

Last October sports chain JJB went into administration and closed its doors on 133 stores with the loss of 2,200 jobs.

At the tail end of 2012, Comet the electrical chain also ceased trading with the loss of over 7000 jobs. So in the space  of just three months, and counting just these companies alone (there have been many more), the loss of jobs is at the very least 11,700 and this is not counting all of the companies who supply these companies who must also be laying off staff.

February 2012 saw Peacocks clothing chain close and taken over at the loss of 3,100 jobs.

Last June 2012 Clinton Cards closed, administrators managed to sell 400 stores and save around 4,500 jobs, but approximately 2,500 jobs were lost.

March 2012 Game Group stores closed at the loss of 2,200 jobs.

The NHS has lost approximately 7000 nurses.

Today we have the News that high street music chain HMV is going into administration with the possible loss of around 4000 jobs in its 248 stores.

Yesterday it was announced that Jaguar Land Rover are to create 800 jobs, although the company doesn't say when, if they come they will come in Solihull. This is great news, but where are all these other jobs being created in such big numbers just in order to keep the e unemployment figures stable, let alone see them fall?

It's mystifying! I would like to know just how the government explains the fall in unemployment? They say that the private sector is making up for the job losses, but where? Big mac jobs? Cleaning? The millions of part time positions being created as the government make it easier to hire and fire staff?

The fact that George Osborne has made it easier and cheaper for Tory doning companies to hire two part time workers rather than one full time worker, by reducing the amount of national insurance the employer has to pay for part time workers?

Last November  Unite union identified 20,000 more jobs that are at risk of being lost and this is on top of those I have mentioned.

Since the coalition came to power they have culled over 500,000 thousands public sector jobs and there is a further 250,000 to go.

You do not have to be a mathematical genius or a statistician to realise that something is not right and that something is definitely not adding up.

Richard Branson's Virgin Care (at the last count) had taken over around 120 NHS services. Last summer they signed a £500 million deal (before the ink was dry on the Queen's royal assent to the Health and Social care Act) to run community health services in Surrey and Devon.

Virgin Care has taken over 1,100 staff who were previously employed by the NHS Devon and Devon County Council.

At a rough estimate Virgin Care must employ at the very least 105,000 staff who were formerly classified as public sector NHS workers.

Last year 200,000 staff who were previously classified as public sector workers in colleges had their employment status reclassified as private sector workers.

When the last employment stats came out at the end of 2012, the government boasted that the private sector employment was up by 65,000 to 23.9 million while public sector employment had fallen by 24,000 to 5.7 million.

How many of these jobs out of the quoted figures were NHS staff formerly employed in the public sector who had their employment reclassified as private sector in companies such as Virgin Care?

I quote Virgin Care, but of course there are other private sector companies doing the same.

Why isn't the Office National Statistics (ONS) more transparent about how they are arriving at these figures and who and what makes them up?

Either someone somewhere has got their sums wildly wrong, or there is the strong stench of corruption and the public are deliberately being kept in the dark about the true state of problems this country is now facing.

Take for example the government's much heralded (but useless) workfare programmes where private sector companies get paid millions of pounds of taxpayers money for taking the unemployed from Job Centres and are supposed to be finding them work. In reality what is happening is that the unemployed are being forced to go on these programmes and forced to work full-time for *ZERO* pay for companies like Debenhams, Poundland, Argos and Tescos etc if they refuse on whatever grounds to comply, they will have their Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) of approximately £72 per week sanctioned (withdrawn). JSA can be removed from anywhere between 3 months and 3 years! Incidentally many of the companies who are taking part in these schemes also "coincidentally" have top people in them who are connected to the Conservative party in some way and some are Tory donors who donate large sums of money to the Conservative party.

While the unemployed are forced to work for nothing at these big chain stores, the ONS has confirmed that these unemployed people are *REMOVED* from the unemployment register.

Which means that the Labour Force Survey are currently counting hundreds of thousands of people as employed, even though they a have *NO* proper job and *NO* wage. it is the taxpayer who is funding the private sector companies payroll by providing a workforce free of charge to these big companies. The prime minister, chancellor Osborne and IDS have criticised the unemployed and labelled them as shirkers and spongers off the State. Who is the scroungers here? The companies who are using the unemployed as slave labour in Britain in 2013, or the unemployed, the *vast majority* of whom are genuine and unemployed through no fault of their own and cannot find proper work because these companies are using them and abusing them and while these companies are receiving tax payer funded *free* labour, they are *not* employing people properly. The dismal failure of the Work Programme in its first year is highlighted by the fact that only 3.5 per cent of those placed in work were still in employment after six months - below the target figure of 5.5 per cent. Yet the Prime Minister stood up in the House of Commons and blatantly misled people.

This is the work of the Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan-Smith at the Department of Work and Pensions, who along with David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Mark Hoban are colluding to deliberately mislead the British public over the true state of unemployment in this country. Incidentally, Mark Hoban is the minister who claimed for red silk cushions on his expense account and a loo brush which cost £18 and could have been purchased for 50p. Read about the scandal which is Mark Hoban and his expense account Here.

If people refuse to work for nothing on these placements then their JSA is sanctioned, which means at any one point there could be hundreds of thousands of people who are unemployed, but are *NOT* being counted as unemployed on the unemployment register or the claimant count.

I also believe that the true number of unemployed is probably nearer to 3 million and that is *NOT* counting those classed as "underemployed".
The underemployed are made up of people who have started their own business and maybe not working but waiting for the phone to ring, but technically counted as employed. This is currently affecting a growing number of people and these are the people who David Cameron recently boasted about as "small business start-ups".

The underemployed are also made up out of hundreds of thousands construction workers who have had little or no work for the entire 2012, but who do *NOT* claim JSA, so are *NOT* counted as unemployed.

I believe the unemployment figures could be corrupt and are possibly being seriously manipulated by the the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

But why is the ONS allowing this to happen, even though they know it is going on?

Why is the government in the form of the PM David Cameron, Chancellor Osborne, and Liberal Democrats, DPM Clegg, Business Secretary Vince Cable and Chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander blatantly lying to us and massaging the figures with the sole intention of keeping the entire country in the dark?

Only 4 months ago Mr Cable was telling us how wonderful Honda is and how the future of British car making was safe and improving, when he personally visited the Honda factory. Is he seriously trying to suggest he knew nothing about Honda troubles such a short while ago when they must have been obvious?

Osborne and Cable should explain to the nation how ravaging the the car industry with a massive 2.5 VAT hike was going to help car sales and keep people in their jobs.

Cable should now explain why right up to the 2010 general election he was against making stringent cuts and against any rise in VAT yet after one whiff of power and a ministerial car he changed his mind in a 180 degree u-turn and helped the Tories implement the VAT hike, which incidentally the Tories said they had no intention of raising!
But why am I surprised when this government have reneged on every single promise they have ever made and lied through their back teeth in order to get into power and have been lying, cheating, manipulating and deliberately misleading the public ever since.

I do not believe this government is telling us the truth about the state they have managed to get this country into with their insane ideological austerity policies, policies they were told would not work by virtually ever world leading economist, as well as the Labour opposition who let's face it had experience dealing with the problems the crash brought the country. This country had gone through a bad time, but in t 2010 when Labour lost the election, they handed an economy over to the Tories which was in recovery with 2.4% growth and borrowing falling. Exposed the deficit myth.

This Tory controlled coalition government is deliberately misleading the British public, it is also governing by means of fear, chaos and confusion and using a black propaganda disinformation campaign.

There are several ways they are misrepresenting the unemployment figures and this must be a concerted effort and they must have conspired to deliberately mislead the British people. I have just demonstrated the ways in which Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Duncan-Smith, Hoban, Alexander and Cable are deliberately misinforming us. It's not just arrogance, this is a total abuse of power and yet the Tories mates in the right wing press are comprehensively *failing* to inform the public about what this *unelected* government are doing.

One more thought, if this is happening in unemployment, then what else are they conspiring to keep us in the dark about? Education? Policing? Defence? Privatisation of the NHS?

Cameron and Osborne a couple of fools that wanted power and its trappings so badly that they lied and did anything to get it and when they got it, they hadn't a clue what to do with it or how to handle it and they are certainly not able. This country is being run into the ground by an unelected pair of feckless narcissists aided and abetted  and being kept in power by Nick Clegg, a Pike (Dad's Army) lookalike who is as totally clueless as the character!

This government is proving to be an unmitigated disaster for Britain, but what is unforgivable is the way the Liberal Democrats work to keep the Tories in power by going against every principle and tenet they ever held, not only do they do this, but then they go on the airways to defend the Tories and make lame excuses for the mess they are helping to create.

Britain needs to wake up and wake up fast, we are sleepwalking to wards utter catastrophe! If the Liberal Democrats do not walk away and help collapse this hideously incompetent, uncaring lying manipulating Tory government, the it is time for the people to rise up and do it for them!


Nick said...

sounds like the uk is following Pakistan with corruption ?

Anonymous said...

Why did the Labour Party not offer Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems a REAL electoral reform referendum ie one on PR with at least one and preferably two or more PR systems being the subject of that referendum? If you had done so this utter shambles of a 'government' wouldn't be in power and making such a total mess of everything? The damage they are doing particularly to the welfare state may well be irreversible and Labour will be responsible for that.

Gracie Samuels said...

So Anon you are blaming the Labour party for not winning the last election and not offering Lib Dems PR in the hung parliament game and because the Tories are making a mess of the country?

I understand how frustrating it is to see this omnishambles, but you can hardly blame Labour for that, especially Ed Miliband. Also I don't think it would have mattered one iota, Nick Clegg was never going to go into a pact with Labour, he'd already made his mind up and had negotiations with the Tories BEFORE the election took place. If you want to blame anyone, blame Clegg for continually propping up this hideous lying deceitful government and if you really want them out, the only way to do that is vote Labour.

I'm sick of them too, I hate this government more than I hated the Thatcher government and that's really saying something!