Saturday, January 26, 2013

David Cameron's Pyrrhic Victory!

I'm all for renegotiating in the EU and getting the best possible deal for Britain and I also believe that the EU should be cutting back and that the UK should negotiate for a cut in payments  to the EU (which incidentally David Cameron failed to do) but we could have done this without putting British business and British jobs at risk. I would also like to see exactly what terms Cameron will be renegotiating, because he said absolutely zero about this in his speech - why? If he is making a speech about the possible exit of the UK from the EU and it all depends on what terms he can renegotiate then why did he not have list of points up for renegotiation to read out to the public? I believe one of the reason Cameron is so coy about announcing his renegotiation strategy is the fact that some of the terms of renegotiation include taking away hard fought workers and human rights! Do the Tory doning leaders of industry support Cameron because he is going to make it easier for them to hire and fire people and to bully and trample all over their work-forces? What next? The abolition of the national minimum wage?

Why do we need an in or out referendum supposedly to be held in 5 years time announced now? Why is Cameron blatantly trying to bribe the electorate? Why is his loony right wing hack mates in the equally loony right wing press not seeing through Cameron's ruse and are just allowing him to get away with it, in a torrent of mush and gush that pass for "news headlines"? The entirety of Cameron's EU speech boiled down to this "vote for me and I will give you an in or out referendum on the EU", he may just as well as saved time of his speech writers and just announced this one line, because the whole thing was just a naked political bribe. Cameron is running scared of the loony right wing faction of the Tory party and of UKIP. I smell Lynton Crosby behind this blatant bribe and EU speech sham.

All Cameron has done is force this country to go through at the very least five years of uncertainty which will impact heavily on inwards investment, growth and jobs. If this is any victory at all then it is surely a Pyrrhic victory. The cost to this country could potentially be enormous, Cameron says he wants to remain in the EU, there are two questions rise immediately from the one sentence:

  1. If Cameron fails to renegotiate what he believes to be reasonable terms, will he then campaign for withdrawal from the EU?
  2. If Cameron successfully renegotiates and campaigns to stay in the EU and the public decide to say no and vote to come out of the EU, will he abide by that referendum result and exit the UK from the EU?
David cameron and this entire unelected government are playing politics and gambling with the lives of the British people. If Cameron thinks a referendum is so vitally important why does n't he hold one next year when we have the European elections? Why wait for at least five years destroying faith in Britain? Is this why Honda is pulling out?

The GDP figures were out yesterday and they have recorded a 0.3% contraction and ever since the Tory controlled coalition has been in unelected government, our economy has flat lined, their policies are not working, yet they are too stubborn and too stupid to see it, stop it and change course, once again they are placing politics and their own narrow party interests against the lives of the people of this country and once again the right wing press, the BBC and Sky News are just allowing them to get away with it.

Osborne and Cameron have had a bad week.It started when IMP chief economist Olivier Blanchard told them the recession was made in Downing Street and they should do a U-turn before it was too late.Then in a party political broadcast the PM falsely claimed the debt was falling, even though it was rising.Over the past 12 months, the deficit was also up, not down as he had claimed.Osborne told journalists at the Davos meeting the economy was going “in the right direction” and healing.That same evening he was spotted with Boris Johnson and the PM.They noisily enjoyed pizza that many commentators took to mean that there was good news coming on the economy. But there wasn’t.We now know that the economy shrank in the fourth quarter by 0.3%.Indeed it is very likely that the next quarter will also be negative, meaning that Slasher is likely to push us into a triple-dip recession.He will try the old excuse of there being snow, but we won’t let him get away with it. Read More: The Mirror

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