Monday, January 21, 2013

The Arrogance of The Tories Knows No Bounds!

Bernard Jenkin MP

Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin is Chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) which examines quality and standards of administration within the civil service and scrutinises reports of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Grand title, sounds responsible, so you would think the public could expect high standards from this Tory MP. Not so seemingly! Mr Jenkin thinks that former  disgraced Tory Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell swearing and effing and blinding at police officers in Downing Street in public earshot, is nothing to worry about its "just detail" - apparently!

So if a nurse or a doctor, or indeed a police officer turned around told a patient, a member of the public or another member of staff to eff off, or use the eff word, or other profanities in the middle of the ward or the street etc this would be entirely acceptable and it would be classed as "just detail" and Bernard Jenkin right wing Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex, who holds Baroness Thatcher as his icon would not bat any eyelid? I wonder if someone had approached Margaret Thatcher and effed and blinded at her, Mr Jenkin would think this acceptable? Or if a patient decided to eff and blind at their doctor, or nurse, or member of the public decided to swear shouting abuse at police officers in the street on a Friday night, that is ostensibly OK by Mr Jenkin too? If I ever met him or the prime minister or Iain Duncan-Smith or another member of this hideously incompetent foul Tory controlled Government that I vehemently dislike, not just as a government, or as politicians, but mainly as human beings and I let rip with a string of profanities to express my displeasure at them, this would perfectly OK, it would be "just detail"?

It's odd that, because I seem to remember watching  David Cameron out campaigning on TV in Smithfields Meat Market  (I think) during the the 2010 general election and a rather exuberant lady market trader said to Cameron to "go and get the bastards" he said to her "please don't swear", she actually said it again, and again he asked her not to swear before moving hurriedly on. So we can assume it is not OK for that market trader to use the word "bastards", but it is perfectly OK for a high ranking member of David Cameron's government to use the eff word at police and eff and blind in the street at officers because according to Bernard Jenkin, it's "just detail"?

What if we all went around swearing and cussing at everyone who  got on our nerves, or annoyed us in some way, what a thoroughly unpleasant place it would be.

Bottom line is, that it isn't alright and it isn't OK to swear at police officers and it is definitely not "just detail". Whether Andrew Mitchell called the officers "plebs" or not is irrelevant, he swore at them in the street and that was totally unacceptable behaviour from anyone, let alone someone who held such a high profile high governmental position and for that the coward we have as our prime minister, David Cameron should have instantly dismissed him, which is exactly what would have happened to you or I if we had carried on like this in our place of work.

Of course what Jenkin is trying to do along with other "friends" of Mitchell, is to try and get his job back and if this happens, then this government lead by Cameron will be once again showing the public how beneath contempt they hold us! These Tory MPs arrogance knows no bounds!

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