Monday, August 22, 2011

Why When Cameron Sinks To Writing in Basket Case Sunday Express - Britain Not Only Has The Wrong Answers - Cameron Has NO Answers!

Camerons Enjoying Their Fifth Holiday This Year!

Perhaps it is because he is missing the Murdochs and the now defunct News of the World, but bizarrely the prime minister, David Cameron has actually sunk to new depths to writing in the "basket case" Sunday Express, where next will his pen land? The Daily Star perhaps?

Why is he writing in such a depraved newspaper as the basket case Express?

I sense that he is writing this article because he feels personally under attack for his appalling judgement, arrogance and breathtaking complacency.

Cameron is a populist PM who only acts when he thinks his popularity is under fire, nothing he does is done for  the good of the country or the people, it is only done if David Cameron thinks it is good for David Cameron.
In the article he talks about the riots, and responsibility etc but he was on a luxury holiday in Tuscany ( his fourth of the year, fifth since he assumed the role of prime minister), yet hell had to visit our streets in outbreaks of violence, rioting, looting and arson all over the capital and in other major towns and cities across the country, before he even considered returning home to his country. Images of the country burning to the ground where people were losing their lives, homes and businesses were being beamed around the world and the official line from his luxury £9.400 per week villa in Tuscany was "I am being kept informed about the riots" and that was it, so where was Cameron's responsibility towards this country? It was not until the riots had spread to so-called "leafy Ealing" did he decide that perhaps he had better come home. He showed us all a lack of empathy, lack of responsibility and total lack of judgement.

Cameron only wants to associate himself with the good things and things that can look favourably on him, which is why when he did eventually return to this country he refused to meet ordinary people, he went to affected areas but stayed well clear of the angry public and briefly spoke to a fire crew. By direct contrast even though the leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband knew people were angry, he went right into the heart of affected areas and spoke directly to the people concerned.

So Cameron and the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson, were only pictured with brooms and the PM can only talk about the good people who came out after the riots to help clean up our city streets. Yet while he was in opposition Cameron regularly preached to people that Britain was broken, well it wasn't then and thankfully it is isn't now. This is a law abiding country the vast majority of people are good, decent kind people, yet Cameron is giving the impression that we are all bad and that this country is all bad, he has already greatly harmed our reputation abroad, it looks very much now that he is going to finish the job off.

You can always tell when Cameron is in trouble or an election is due, he starts running down single parents (namely single mothers), he attacks immigrants and he attacks people on welfare.

Home Secretary, Theresa May once referred to the Tory party as the "nasty Party", which she said  had sunk into "corruption, incestuous feuding and the electorally disastrous exclusion of women and minorities."
She was right then and if she repeated  her remarks today, she would be right now!

The now Tory government (because this in effect is what it is aided and abetted by the poodle Liberal Democrats) is evry inch the "nasty party", in fact it is not only nasty it is an abhorrent and vile government run by millionaire elitist  ex public school boys, who have demonised our public servants and it is now attacking our most vulnerable people in the form of the disabled; the unemployed; the elderly; women; children; youths; students; and anyone claiming benefit whether they are genuine or not. They are even closing down children's parks and forcing parents to pay for their children to use other children's playgrounds. Cameron's government is attacking minority groups, but he should be careful because even though they may be minority groups, together they form something else entirely.

"But what is clear in the aftermath of these riots is that we don’t just need to reclaim our streets, we need to reclaim our society. The greed and thuggery we saw during the riots did not come out of nowhere. There are deep problems in our society that have been growing for a long time: a decline in responsibility, a rise in selfishness, a growing sense that individual rights come before anything else" - David Cameron

What does Cameron mean by this? Reclaim our streets? The majority of our streets are perfectly law abiding, this is just more sensationalist clap-trap from this out of touch prime minister. What we have seen in certain areas is a backlash against the very measures Cameron is trying to inflict, he is in the process of taking much away from people that already have next to nothing and if he is to continue doing this then we are going to see further violence on our streets. Cameron talks about "greed and thuggery", but forgets to mention the greed and white collar thuggery of the bankers who got this country into this state, whereby the vulnerable are now being forced to pay for it all. Cameron talks about greed, but he himself is a very greedy immoral man, he has taken £42 million for Tory party coffers from the very bankers that caused this pain and hardship for ordinary people. Cameron takes money the bankers "looted" from the British taxpayer to stash away to help the Tories fight the next general election, the bankers give him this money in order that they can influence Tory party policy to make the rules that we are forced to live by!

It just goes on and on with this government. How has David Cameron got the brass nerve to mention a "broken society" when he has spent the last 15 months blasting huge holes into it from all angles and his much admired predecessor Margaret Thatcher once claimed there was "no such thing as society"? we do not need to reclaim our streets, we need to stop attacking the people that live in them and continue the work that was already being done in them by so many great and caring people. If we want those people to continue working with the young and families and communities then we needs to STOP cutting their funding and help them in their aims not hinder them, as Cameron and his Tory government have been doing and will continue to do because they just do not care about us, they do not understand working people, because they are too far removed from working people. They think we are all here purely to "tug our forelocks as they ride by in their bullet proof luxury taxpayer funded limousines!

This government also needs to lead by example and needs to start chasing down those companies like Vodafone who owe this country £6 billion in unpaid tax. Unpaid tax that George Osborne has waived so that his friend who owns Vodafone does not have to pay us the people!

It is estimated that large corporations and individual bankers with off-shore accounts and other individuals like Tory Lord Ashcroft, (who bankrolled the last general election for the Tories throwing millions of pounds into marginal constituencies) owe this country at the very least £120 BILLION in unpaid taxes. If they were forced to pay this country what they owe us then there would be no need for these insane cuts that are harming our people, our growth, our economy, and our country. Most of these people who are being allowed to get away with not paying their proper taxes donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Tory party. (See links above) It absolutely reeks and the stench of corruption is so high it is now affecting our ability to function properly in the world. How can we expect other nation s to behave properly towards their people when we have a government that cannot behave properly towards our own people and who appears to be systemically corrupt? Where is the answers to the recent rioting, looting and arson on our streets contained in this behaviour from the Conservative government?

How about David Cameron explain why it is that bankers rights have been placed by him, and his government, and his chancellor George Osborne, over and above the rights and needs of an entire nation?

Libya is now at a vital stage, the country is still cleaning up from the riots and what is the prime minister doing? NOTHING, he is away on his FIFTH holiday of the year, supping pints at the cricket and  then playing cricket on the beach and having barbecues. Once again the PM shows his appalling insensitivity in the fact that people are struggling to live under the weight of his austerity measures and absolutely appalling judgement.

He hopes that "people will not begrudge him his 5th holiday and a work day afternoon at the cricket, he said he needs it or his brain will fry. I dispute that to have a "fried brain", first you must have a brain to fry!

Now it is reported that he has returned from his holiday to deal with the Libyan uprising. Perhaps as he knew before he went away that Libya was reaching a critical stage it may have been a good idea not to go away in the first place? One gets the sense that the only reason why David Cameron returned from his holiday to talk about the Libyan conflict is because he wants to bask in any reflected glory going. Cameron is a shallow minded narcissistic pathological liar.

We haven't got a government in the UK what we have is a band of playboys that think they can do and say what they like and think they can ride roughshod over people.

This Tory government is a joke on law and order and a complete farce in running this country, they are ruining it, and denigrating it on the world stage in front or our very eyes. We have become a complete and utter joke. Look what the respected paper the New York Times - Wrong Answers In Britain has written about David Cameron.

I have read all what Cameron has written, I have listened intently to what he has to say and I have come to the conclusion, that Cameron has absolutely no answers to the problems that he is creating and has created in Britain. This country can have absolutely no confidence in Cameron or his government. Cameron should worry less about poking his nose into Libyan affairs when he has enough problems of our own to contend with and he should concentrate less on instructing how Libya should govern and form a government when it is absolutely clear that he has no idea of how to govern his own country and his own government is a complete sham!

Cameron also needs to stop talking this country down and giving off the completely wrong impression of lawlessness on our streets. He gave the impression that "Britain was Broken" once before when he was in opposition for his own political ends and helped top prolong the recession and damage this country's reputation abroad and now he is doing exactly the same again. He is blaming the country because he lost control of it while he was on holiday and now because it suits him politically he is giving the impression that this country is "broken" once again. David Cameron is actually harming this country and no one will be wanting to come and invest here when he is giving the impression that there is a "broken society", because he allowed images of burning Britain to be beamed around the world, now who will want to set up a business here? David Cameron is a danger to this country and every single person in it.

Perhaps it is time we had a "very polite English Uprising" of our own and overthrow this bunch of incompetent clown jackasses, before Cameron, the Tories and Liberal Democrats ruin this country completely?


Robert said...

"He hopes that "people will not begrudge him his 5th holiday and a work day afternoon at the cricket, he said he needs it or his brain will fry."

LOL but he hasn't done any work yet, he just delegates almost everything and doesn't even bother to oversee it. In fact the bastard has never done a proper days work in his cosseted little life. That's why he keeps going on holiday because he's been on a continous holiday all his life. Work is for the little people as far as he is concerned.

Being Prime Minister is just a hobby for him, vandalising this country is recreation for him and his chums just like they used to do to restaurants during their Bullingdon club days.

"Perhaps it is time we had a "very polite English Uprising" of our own and overthrow this bunch of incompetent clown jackasses, before Cameron, the Tories and Liberal Democrats ruin this country completely?"

But how? They wont give us an election for a few years yet, the propaganda papers are still mostly right-wing, plus in my opinion the Labour party is still infested with right-wingers like Purnell and Frank Field and I think Miliband is still New Labour despite his rhetorical break with the past. His willingness to pay lip service to right-wing propaganda against the sick and disabled does not bode well.

I admit New Labour were better than this lot which isn't saying much, but they were still too far to the right, they allowed the bankers to get out of control with light-touch regulation and have enabled a lot of the stuff this lot are doing now, and I haven't seen any evidence that they are moving back to being a real left-wing party, which is what this country needs.

Only a true left-wing party would at least try to rein in and curb the pernicious influence of the banksters.

Gracie Samuels said...

I don't know Robert, I wish I did, I do not want to see a repeat of the riots, but fear if we cannot get this government out we will see it again and again as peoples lives become more and more blighted with them.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree about NL and Ed Miliband, maybe it is because I don't much care who leads the party as long as they lead it effectively and can get us into a position to get this lot out. I accept that different leaders all have different traits. Tony was centre right no doubt about that, Gordon was centre left and I think Ed is centre left, but they all have different styles.

The one thing I want an incoming labour government to do is to change Atos and clear up the mess they started there and I will not stop until this is achieved. I also want to see many changes in the way people that have difficulties in parenting changed, they need help not hitting over the head with a stick.

I go a lot on gut instinct and my instinct is telling me that this government will not go full-term, I think it is almost split now. The Lib Dems are going nowhere fast, if nothing changes for them in this next year then it is not going to (I don't think it will at any cost), they will be forced to do rethink their position) the Andy Coulson affair is going to bring this government down, if the LDs do not see this then they really will be stuffed!

I agree about the right wing press. It is astonishing to see them all allowing Cameron off of the hok repeatedly over the most appalling things, can you imagine if this was Gordon Brown? they would have been screaming for his resignation well before now, yet they all meekly follow Cameron - why? they are making themselves look like a bunch of "sheeple" halfwits!

Robert said...

Yes, people hated Gordon Brown because the Newspapers and TV told them everything was all his fault even though they could see for themselves it was a worldwide financial collapse. The power the media has is frightening, they can make people believe absurdities and they are mostly owned by rich extreme right-wingers.

I agree with getting this lot out, but I dont just want them out for a while only to return in a few years, I want them out for a generation at least, forever if possible. I don't want a watered down version to replace them, because Right-wing policies are detrimental to the majority of the people.

By compromising with these creatures inequality went up under Labour. When right-wing policies adopted by Labour fail, the newspapers say that is because left wing policies don't work and people believe it and vote for the Tories. I don't want to ever see anything like that again.

I do hope you're right that the Andy Coulson affair will bring down the government, it ought to.

I think the Lib Dems know this is their last chance of power ever, now people know they are yellow Tories, so I have a horrible feeling they are going to try and hang on to it until the end. They have no honour.