Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holidays R Us - By Disappearing Dave Cameron.

The prime minister, "Disappearing Dave"  is in a state of flux, he is unduly concerned, not about Libya, or the recent riots, or the plummeting economy, or about rising unemployment and zero growth, he is very worried that work could interrupt his holidays.

He has sent a  note to Libya to Gaddafi pleading with him to surrender so he can quickly make a speech and resume his fifth holiday -  as yet he hasn't heard back.

The shock of actually working instead of dossing around living the privileged high life at his parents expense has hit  him really hard and is beginning to tell on him, as he is fast approaching burn out one wonders if he will be able to manage another year at this rate - perhaps the only thing to do is to take another "well earned" holiday and try to get his strength back?

He said if he doesn't get to relax he suffers with "fried brain",I dispute that, in order to have a "fried brain" first you have to possess one.

What a difference to Gordon Brown who insisted on staying in this country for his family holiday and when the credit crisis and global recession hit which affected many families making it impossible for them to go on holiday, Gordon Brown insisted on staying home in a sign of solidarity with them.

Alas the current Prime Minister can't do very much  (but he is good at taking holidays).


Robert said...

I came across this so I thought I'd share


Anonymous said...

To be honest Gracie he was never a leader partly because he has had no experience on leading and i think if the truth be told he would prefer to live a jet set sort of life like his friends

He is not in to the social parts of life like mixing in with the sick or disabled or on the spur of the moment having lunch with someone living in a care home for example
That's not David Cameron at all far from it sad to say

The public overall have a lot to learn when it comes to politics and who is a genuine leader for all

The tragedy is that the public may never learn and that over the next fifty years people like David Cameron will still be in control taking this country further down into the gutter ?

Robert said...

We may not have fifty years, we're in a lot of trouble. I've been reading a lot of dyed in the wool capitalists who have made a lot of money, talk about converting their wealth to gold, they are starting to say the game is up. I think we're on the verge of another global economic collapse only this time they don't have the taxpayers money to rescue the system.

Nouriel Roubini Predicts a “Perfect Storm” Coming

As investors ponder the unfolding events in the Eurozone, the United Kingdom and the United States, all of which have essentially rendered the respective economies just shy of impotent, one has got to believe that it simply can’t get any worse. Well, hold on to your portfolio, because according to economic sage Nouriel Roubini, there’s a “perfect storm” coming that will make these recent events look like a spring shower.

Mr. Roubini may just be the loudest and most listened to voice among the many critics who have pointed out that the world’s fiscally troubled sovereigns have done a great job in avoiding (through delay) their fiscal responsibilities. He believes that the various governments are the understated masters of postponement, but inevitably, by 2013, a true global crisis is going to strike, and when it does, the aftermath is going to be devastating.

Here’s how he sees it all playing out.

The United States will see some slow, yet steady growth in the near term; GDP will grow slightly over 2%, but be held back by the housing sector and high unemployment. The 2012 election year will create more problems for the recovery. Only spending cuts and higher taxes can take some pressure off the deficit, but very few candidates will be willing to campaign for that.

In the Eurozone, the PIGS will continue to struggle, burdened with heavy, expensive debt and little prospect for growth. If the contagion hasn’t spread by then, it could be limited to the PIGS, otherwise…

Then, China, the worlds’ economic driver, will rev up their inflation fighting tactics in an effort to hold inflation in the 5-6% range. And in the process, they will have curtailed economic growth, not just their own but the rest of the worlds’. China’s key trading partners, i.e. Europe, Australia, etc., will suffer.

And there you have it, according to Roubini, the current events which are likely to conspire to create in 2013, the perfect storm. And what will the aftermath look like? That’s hard to specifically predict, though Roubini believes it will be wide-spread, and certainly, ugly.


Robert said...

Lots of aricles on here about holidays and where Cameron is, anyone seen Miliband.

Robert said...

This is another good one.

Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012

Commentary: 6 reasons we can’t stop coming economic meltdown


Nicky said...

Agree that Cameron hankers for a jet set lifestyle - which isn't compatible with being a responsible and competent Prime Minister.

Sorry to lower the tone, but that photo of Cam and his grinning wife is quite disturbing - his man boobs look bigger than hers.

Gracie Samuels said...

lol Nicky - I noticed the "moobs" too!

Gracie Samuels said...

Have we got two Roberts on here or are they the same? Only Robert 4:53 seems a little out of kilter with the other Robert.

The difference between Cameron and Miliband taking a holiday is that Miliband is not the prime minister and Cameron is. Equally please note that Miliband and his family holidayed in Devon, not is some luxury villa in Tuscany while parts of the country burnt down!

Gracie Samuels said...

Robert 3:57

This part of your post;

"Then, China, the worlds’ economic driver, will rev up their inflation fighting tactics in an effort to hold inflation in the 5-6% range. And in the process, they will have curtailed economic growth, not just their own but the rest of the worlds’. China’s key trading partners, i.e. Europe, Australia, etc., will suffer."

Strange he should mention this because China has just increased their interest rates to try and damp down inflation. Australia has just reported poor growth figures.

As for gold, well can the gold "bubble" burst?

Gracie Samuels said...

Fourbanks - hopefully he will not be the pm for much longer, although I agree he seems to have a non stick coating but that wont last forever. It is on a compliant right wing press that is keeping him where he is, but gradually more and more people are discovering what a clown Cameron is.

Robert said...

Yes there are two Roberts, the other ones name appears in blue mine is black.

I don't know about the Gold bubble Gracie, but what I've been reading, is some rich people talking about converting their assets to physical gold because in the past gold had features that made it desirable to be used as money and they are betting on people coming to the same conclusion again in the event of another crash. They are saying Gold certificates are useless to them.

I am getting concerned though, that people who benefit a lot from this system and are heavily invested in it are starting to say that they can see it collapsing again in the near future. Nouriel Roubini who I quoted predicted the first crash in 2008 accurately see here: