Monday, August 15, 2011

Where's Willy?

Where's Willy?
He was supposed to be in charge of the country, he dragged the inexperienced Lynn Featherstone and made her face the camera when the economy was nose diving and put the aptly named Justine GREENing up to make a complete fool of herself over the economy. Hague was seen on the TV the day before the riots broke.

On the morning after the Tottenham riots, William Hague had gone to his official country residence and stayed silent, he never said one word the whole time the PM David Cameron, and London Mayor Boris Johnson was refusing to return from holiday, the country was burning there was widespread looting and n anarchy and the PM had lost control of the country, yet absolutely not one single word from Hague in all those days - odd -very - very odd.

I would like to know if William Hague was at his country residence or if he had flown out of the country to start his holiday too?

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Anonymous said...

Willy knows nothing about finance Gracie so that could explain his absence
The bank of England deal with all matters regarding this country finance's and bat to their best ability at all times in what are very difficult circumstances it sometimes come across that a government minister may sound authoritative but in reality they are just the spokesman for the bank