Monday, August 8, 2011

Britain Wasn't Broken - But It Is Now

Furniture Shop in Croydon
Been In same family since 1867 They have lost everything - they are absolutely heartbroken!
When David Cameron was in opposition he toured this country telling everyone it was "Broken Britain" and how he was going to fix it. He was going to "hug hoodies" until they were all better. Well he had his chance for the past few days but the closest he got was hugging an Italian waitress for a photo opportunity to appear back here in the press so we could all go "ah he's not such a bad chap".  I haven't a clue if this was before or after he sacked his Italian tennis coach and flew out his British one and I don't care, what I care about is that he was playing while the country burned and he had no sense of urgency about the escalating mob rule in this country.

I am absolutely sickened and appalled at our prime minister's total lack of judgement.

Parade of shops and flats In Peckham

Britain was *NOT* broken before Cameron, Osborne and Clegg got hold of it, but it bloody well is now!

Remember this speech of Cameron's in October 2009?

I want to get straight to the point.
We all know how bad things are, massive debt, social breakdown, political disenchantment. But what I want to talk about today is how good things could be.
Don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions. If [I]win this election, it is going to be tough. There will have to be cutbacks in public spending, and that will be painful. We will need to confront Britain’s culture of irresponsibility and that will be hard to take for many people. And we will have to tear down Labour’s big government bureaucracy, ripping up its time-wasting, money-draining, responsibility-sapping nonsense.
None of this will be easy. We will be tested. I will be tested. I’m ready for that – and so I believe, are the British people. So yes, there is a steep climb ahead.
But I tell you this. The view from the summit will be worth it.
Redacted: (Stomach Churning Bilge)

The instinct to protect the people we love is so strong. Nearly two years ago it was that instinct – that love – that drove Fiona Pilkington to do something desperate.
When I first read her story in the paper I found it difficult to finish the article – it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.
Fiona was so driven to despair by the vile thugs that bullied her and her lovely disabled daughter Francecca and by the police that didn’t answer her cries for help that she could only see one way out. She put her daughter in her car, drove to a lay-by, and set it on fire.
If no one would protect them then by ending their lives, she was keeping them safe.
No one could hurt them anymore. Just think about what we allowed to happen here in our country. This goes deep and it’s been going on for years.
It is about a breakdown of all the things that are meant to keep us safe......a complete breakdown of responsibility.
A Complete breakdown of responsibility?
You said it Mr Cameron Remind us all, where were you exactly when all this was happening?

A breakdown of morality in the minds of those thugs a total absence of feeling or conscience. A breakdown in community where a neighbour is left to reach a pitch of utter misery. And a breakdown of our criminal justice system.
Every part of it, the police, the prosecution services, the failing under the weight of big government targets and bureaucracy. The police aren’t on the streets because they’re busy complying with ten different inspection regimes. The police say the CPS isn’t charging people…because they have to hit targets to reduce the number of unsuccessful trials.
And the prisons aren’t rehabilitating offenders…because they’re focused on meeting thirty-three different performance indicators.
This all needs to change. I’m not going to stand here and promise you a country where nothing bad ever happens. I do not underestimate how difficult it will be to deal with this problem of crime and disorder.
We cannot rebuild social responsibility from on high. But the least we can do the least we can do is pledge to all the people who are scared, who live their lives in fear and who can’t protect themselves, that a Conservative Government, with Chris Grayling, with Dominic Grieve, will reform the police, reform the courts, reform prisons. We will be there to protect you.

Remeber When David Cameron Said This: Together We Will Mend broken Britain

Just 15 months later he has brought this country to its knees. This government is totally incapable, incompetent and downright dangerous - they need to go. they had to be forced back into this country, forced to leave their luxury foreign holidays. It is sickening beyond belief.

You bastard Cameron, you could not even be bothered to come home from your luxury holiday in Tuscany, you stood by and let our country slip out of control and you sunbathed and hugged waitresses and played tennis while our country burned and hundreds of people lost their homes, cars, businesses.

You are coming home now but it is far too late - our country is out of control - A state of emergency must be called and the army brought in.

PS Mr Cameron, have we any soldiers left after you made them redundant by email? How many more police are you going to get rid of?


Robert said...

"You are coming home now but it is far too late - our country is out of control - A state of emergency must be called and the army brought in."

You can bring the army in as much as you want but until you solve the underlying neglect that makes people feel like they have nothing to lose and no stake in society it will get worse in the future. If this country continues on this extremist right-wing path this is only the beginning.

Gracie Samuels said...

Yes well Robert we do not have the luxury of time to solve the underlying problems, so we are forced to deal with the symptoms and that priority must go to the innocent people who are losing their homes and businesses.

Gracie Samuels said...

Robert I agree with you if we continue on this extremist right wing path then we can expect more of this and I find that really frightening.

Mike said...

This government of the rich, for the rich, by the rich is responsible in large measure for the straits the south finds itself in today.
Whilst I in no way approve of criminal damage I can understand why simmering discontent, which is being denied a legitimate way to air its grievances, has exploded.
Take everything from people including hope, alongside the democratic right to protest and this is the result.
If the coalition continue to plough this particular furrow more unrest, more damage and more injuries will follow.
The very tenuous situation of policing by consent, strained to breaking point, by recent instances where the constabulary have appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner will be irreconcilably damaged.