Saturday, November 20, 2010

David Cameron Full of Balony and Empty Promises

David Cameron Makes Empty Promises to
Victims of Salford gas Explosion
Another empty promise, another busted pledge from David Cameron. Just 2 weeks ago, David Cameron promised the Salford Gas Explosion victims the help they needed, that help it transpires is their council will have to spend £700.000 of their own money before central government will help them. This means of course, that the poor people, and pensioners etc will once again be caught  in the middle of Cameron's empty gestures and broken promises.

Talking is cheap Mr Cameron - Actions speak louder than words.

The victims of the Cornish floods should also be very wary, Cameron promised them help too, no doubt he almost certainly will find a way to renege on that promise too. They should be expecting it, because previous to the flooding the Tories had already pledged to cut the money to flood defences.

"There could be “dozens” of flood measures  among the casualties of the spending round including a £100m flood prevention scheme in Leeds.
The budget for building new flood defences and upgrading existing defences has been reduced from an average of £335m a year to £261m a year for the next four years.

Insurance companies have warned that they will be unable to offer cover to people living in flood areas if government funding is reduced and flood defences suffer.

You could say this is unsurprising in the context of wider cuts to almost all parts of government. But it flies in the face of comments by ministers: such as Caroline Spelman and her insistence during the summer that she would ensure the protection of vital spending on the key areas of animal health and flood prevention."

The Institution of Civil Engineers
has has warned that these cuts could end up
costing more than they save:
 The Institution of Civil Engineers has warned that these cuts could end up costing more than they save:
"According to the Environment Agency, for every pound spent on flood defences we save eight in the future in terms of reduced damage. By this argument, and in the worst case scenario, a reduction of £150m in the budget over the next four years could cost the public circa £4.8bn in the future."
This is yet another policy that the Tories have not thought through properly, they seem to lack logic and cohesive thought process, this policy will end up being more expensive in the long run, this government doesn't appear to have a clue! It is the same in the NHS, in education, child benefit and housing benefit, the brutal cuts in all these areas will in the long run end up costing the country far more and the deficit will increase instead of reducing, while causing untold pain and distress to thousands of people. This government is a total nonsense, and a complete farce, like kids being let loose in a sweetie shop do not know when to stop eating, this government does not know when to stop cutting.

Last week speaking in Cornwall Tory minister Caroline Spelman said the budget was increased, which is yet another complete distortion of the truth, as figures have proved.

I sincerely hope the victims of the Cornish floods are not expecting much from this government. The residents of Tewkesbury and Cockermouth etc need to feel alarmed too. The government's planned cuts in flood defences is going to leave them (and other flood threatened areas) fatally exposed!

When Gordon Brown visited Cockermouth and Tewkesbury during their floods, he promised them help as well as increased funding to flood defences in threatened areas, they received this help, now this Tory Coalition Government, are brutally removing all the safeguards that the Labour government tried to give. I do hope they remember this the next time it comes to marking a cross on their ballot papers!
"Eeny Meany, Miny Mo"
Britain's Flood defences
Have to Go

Should anyone really be surprised at "spiv" Cameron? Recently when Salford's MP, Hazel Blears spoke in the House at PMQs, asking for assurances of help  from the prime minister David Cameron for the Salford gas blast victims, Tory and Liberal Democrat front and backbenchers started jeering and booing and heckling her trying their best to drown her  questions out, what a despicable way to behave! This was real people with dire problems, their homes had literally been blasted away, but again should we be surprised at such crass behaviour? After all, these Tories and Liberal Democrats are the exact same people who shouted and hurrahed, and whooped with joy while waving their order papers about when their Tory chancellor, George Osborne sat down after just announcing that 500.000 public sector workers were to lose their jobs in the recent spending review!

 Cameron - Once a spiv PR conman spin doctor, always  a spiv PR conman spin doctor.

Typical Tories, what is staggering however, they are now being egged on and enabled by Liberal Democrats!

Who would have thought this, this time last year?

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