Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Beginning of the End For Our NHS!

I have learned something about the NHS that if it comes to fruition may be the beginning of the end for a free NHS at the "point of need".

Derby City Primary Care Trust has been put out to tender, a number of expressions of interest have already been received and one is believed to be a major private health care provider. PCT staff in Derby City were told this week that that it was being put out to tender after a possible merger with Derby City Council fell through.

It is also believed that there is interest from Boots to run the walk-in centres!

This is the same for PCT's nationwide. Is this the beginning of privatisation of the health service?

What is this coalition/Tories playing at with the NHS?

This needs exposing, the coalition government ie Andrew Lansley, is lying to the British people.

We know that the Tories have financial supporters who have donated to the Tories in the past John Nash who donated £21.000 to Health Secretary Andew Lansley's office during the general election, he is chairman of Care UK. Sir Peter Gershon who helped the Tories draw up plans for cuts in the NHS, is chairman of Healthcare UK. There are also American healthcare providers companies circling our NHS waiting to pick off the most lucrative contracts said to be worth billions of pounds.

GPs are already said to be extremely worried about the government's proposals, they fear being pushed into a role of accountant and healthcare rationing as budgets run low. Many GPs who simply will not be able to take on the role of accountant will be forced to hire in administration staff, placing further pressure on already overloaded budgets. With PCTs gone, who will take up the strain of hospitals or "GP consortia" if they run out of money, due to natural events, like a swine flu outbreak? Privately run Walk in Centres will not be treating people! The care of the chronically sick, the disabled or elderly is going to be placed in grave danger as GPs are forced to strike them off their lists, this will create "healthcare gypsies" being shunted to and fro GP surgeries in search of emergency healthcare!
Is this where the axe starts to fall upon the NHS? NHS bosses have already said to have drawn up *SECRET* plans for sweeping cuts to services, with restrictions on even the most basic treatments for the sick and injured.

We believe that this move detailed above are part of those still "secret" plans.

Today a report in the Sunday Telegraph has also leaked a slightly different aspect to this story, the presence of this story is actually more or less confirming what I have been told about plans for the NHS!

Plans to cut hundreds of thousands of pounds from budgets for the terminally ill, with dying cancer patients to be told to manage their own symptoms if their condition worsens at evenings or weekends. Read More:  The Sunday Telegraph

Tying in with our story above and the closure of all 152 Primary Care trusts and 12 Strategic Health Authorities, there will simply be no one available to help these vulnerable patients.

Is this what people voted Conservative and Liberal Democrat for? Where is the mandate for this despicable policy proposal?

People need to wake up and wake up fast, we are sleepwalking smack bang into an American style healthcare system and this Conservative government with its lackey "prop up poodles in their pockets" Liberal Democrat MPs are enabling them to do so. Are the Liberal Democrats going to vote this one meekly through parliament too?

This is creeping privatisation of our NHS by the back-door!

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