Monday, November 1, 2010

Coalition of Tories & Liberal democrats Endangers NHS & Patients

There is Another way
There is a Better Way.
The Tories formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats because despite having every political advantage, millions of pounds in their coffers, business leaders signing letters and making huge donations, Lord Ashcroft spending millions in the marginal seats to ensure a Tory victory, the Global recession and the banking crisis (which was unfairly blamed on the Labour government) and also virtually every newspaper printing scare stories for the Tories, the Conservatives still could NOT win an overall majority!

Neither the Tories or the Liberal Democrats were given a mandate either separately or as a Coalition government to do what they are doing in the NHS. David Cameron actually said there "no top down reorganisation of the NHS" - he lied.

Why are they even touching the NHS? It took the last government almost 13 years to bring it back to where it is today. Thirteen years ago the NHS was broken and battered and barely fit for use, this was the parlous state the Tories left it in. Margaret Thatcher used to say that the "NHS was safe in their hands", not it wasn't, that was another blatant Tory lie. The truth is that the Tories were deliberately running the NHS down so they could claim that it wasn't working so they could privatise it. Now the Conservatives have managed to get their hands on the NHS again and they are now taking a modern vibrant health service with state of the art equipment and well trained staff, hundreds of thousands of extra nurses and doctors and healthcare assistants  and starting to attack it yet again, with exactly the same aim - privatisation.We have over 100 brand new beautiful hospitals eg Queen Elizabeth Birmingham   is the city's first new acute hospital for 70 years  and    Peterborough City Hospital  brand new flagship hospital, soon to open its doors to the public. Building 100 BRAND NEW hospitals in 13 years (that is almost 8 per year) is no mean feat, but Labour managed it amongst other things. Now it is all being placed at grave risk once again.

So why are the Tories and the Liberal Democrats bulldozing their way in to reorganise the NHS when it does NOT need reorganising, it was NOT broken, so why are they trying to fix it? What could be the reason for this madness, where they are literally going to take the rug from underneath the NHS and toss everything and everyone up in the air? Why would they interfere in a service that has improved a thousand per cent since they left it and once more cause utter confusion, distress immense disruption and complete carnage and  Spending over £3bn on reforms no one asked for and no one wants? Why when the world is almost in a global financial meltdown, the British economy is weakening and the cuts will soon take effect, there is so much disruption in the country with rising unemployment, cuts to the police service, cuts to the military and cuts to education are this crazy government attempting such a thing now? It is absolutely fundamentally stark staring bonkers, to even think of it, yet they are still doing it - why? Could it be that some of the company  directors and chairmen who have been financially backing the Tories are now getting their pay offs? Like John Nash who donated over £22.000 to Health secretary Andrew Lansley's office when he was the shadow Health Minister, John Nash owns Care UK, who stand to gain massively from the Tories plans for the NHS, Nash has also donated almost £300,000 to the Tories. Sir Peter Gershon who devises cuts for the government within the NHS owns Healthcare UK, this is a direct conflict of interests. Big foreign firms are "licking their lips" at the prospect of commissioning billions of pounds of services on behalf of GPs if controversial NHS reforms go ahead.

The Tories are taking a perfectly good, perfectly workable health service and carving it up to give their mates work. No one is saying that progress and innovation should not take part in the NHS, of course it should, this keeps it alive and abreast of modern technology and ever changing medicine but turning  GPs in accountants, how will that help patients? If GPs want to stay GPs they will all have to hire accountants and office staff this place a strain on budgets and what happens when their money run out? There will be no government bailing them out, GPs will be turning away patients that cost a lot to treat, we could see a situation where people are forced to travel from GP to GP in order to register for temporary treatment because their treatment is so expensive, doctors will not be able to keep them on their lists.

This change opens the door to big private healthcare companies, including from America.They are all standing by waiting for a potential bonanza in NHS contracts. This government are "Americanising" our healthcare system. The NHS is one of the most cost effective efficient healthcare systems in the world and this government are intent on carving it up, fragmenting it and selling it off to private healthcare companies.

Our NHS is in serious danger along with everything and everyone else in this country what is it going to take to wake people up, a catastrophe?

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