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How Much Longer is David Cameron Going to Hang On To Andy Coulson? And More To The Point - WHY?

Andy Coulson
A Liar On Borrowed Time?
Is he Unfit To Hold High Office?
The Wheels Are Coming Off The Cameron and Coulson Wagon!
Andy Coulson has become the story, surely it is time for him to go? How long can a Director of Communications (Cameron's spin doctor) survive when he is in fact the story?
Where is David Cameron's judgement? Or is Cameron too scared of Rupert Murdoch to get rid of Coulson from his team?
Has there been some kind of  deal done? There are people stating on record that Andy Coulson actually lied to the police, that he knew of all the phone hacking that was going on, in fact he encouraged it. So why isn't Coulson at least suspended until this matter is cleared up?

It has emerged that last Thursday Andy Coulson was question by police at his solicitor's office, he was not under caution, was not arrested, yet this is the man that has been accused of lying to the police and to the government and to the british people.

Today Paul McMullan Told Sky News:

“It seems there is one rule for Andy Coulson, who has got David Cameron standing next to him, and another rule for the journalists who are being thrown to the wolves.”

Mr McMullan told Sky News: “I think there is now such a weight of numbers of people who have experienced what happened first-hand that it is going to be very hard to ignore, which is why I am perplexed that Andy Coulson keeps making absolute denials about absolutely everything.
“Surely the best course would be to say ‘Some of my investigative journalists hacked into people’s phones because that is the best way to get a story, a decent investigation in the public interest about matters of corruption’.
“Why is he turning his back on us when he should be standing up for journalism and journalists?”
Mr McMullan added: “I initially stood up for the principle of hacking into people’s phones if it is in the public interest and I expected someone like my former boss, Andy Coulson, to back me up on that.

“I have now got a letter from the Metropolitan Police asking me to come in under caution and yet they have invited him [Andy Coulson] in as a witness.”

He said: “Since this first broke, lots of my former colleagues have rung me up and we have spoken about it and I think I have counted 13 people who have either said ‘Yes, I transcribed celebrities’ messages and gave them to Andy’ or ‘I specifically hacked into a politician who we may have thought was being corrupt on his direct say-so’.”
Mr McMullan confirmed he had now submitted written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, saying: “The parliamentary committee investigating this has asked for my submission, which I emailed them yesterday.
“Do I have to lie to them or is it not time to say the truth, which is that, yes, I hacked into people’s phones, which is just one small tool
in an armoury of tools that an investigative journalist will use?”

Coulson resigned from the News of the World, if he had not resigned he would have had to be sacked. Wonder did Murdoch say to him? "you resign and I'll get you a top job with David Cameron"? Less than six months after Andy Coulson resigned as editor from Murdoch's News of the World, David Cameron, then in opposition, hired him as his spin doctor in chief, surprising many!

When Cameron was in opposition he once said of Gordon Brown

"I do not know what Gordon Brown knew and when he knew it but what I do know is that he hired these people, he sets the culture, he is the leader and we need change in order to change the culture."

Now David Cameron is prime minister, he may want to reflect upon his own words, if he doesn't, they may well come back to haunt him!
Something Shady Going On With the Prime Minister, Andy Coulson, Rupert Murdoch, The Metropolitan police, Andy Hayman and  the phone hacking scandal that just will not go away. If it can ever be proved that David Cameron benefited from the phone hacking exploits of the News of the World and Andy Coulson knew of it, then this is serious, very serious indeed for David Cameron.
David Cameron needs to "get real" if he thinks for one single minute that people do not realise that something a wee bit "shady" is happening here. Not least because we now have Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Yeats, investigating the Metropolitan police, so in effect Yeats is investigating himself!  How can this possibly be allowed to happen? Is this the British police or some kind of fascist police state?  The Metropolitan police are under parliamentary scrutiny for their role in the original investigation where a reporter for the News of the World was actually jailed for phone hacking and Andy Hayman the former Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner  carried out the investigation of that very case who now works for Rupert Murdoch's News International at the Times, and  it gets worse, the former editor of the News of the World, Andy Coulson, now works for the British Prime Minister and whose £140,000 taxpayer-funded salary is notably higher than that of every cabinet member except the Prime Minister.  Rupert Murdoch is actually the common denominator of it all! Remember that Murdoch was the first guest of David Cameron at Downing street just 24 hours after Cameron became prime minister, when he (Murdoch) entered and left by the rear door to number 10 and since that time Murdoch has revisited the prime minister and there has been dialogue between the Prime Minister's team and Murdoch's team - why?

Andy Coulson has been accused of lying by his former reporters, if this is proved then the prime minister has employed a phone hacking liar, who has lied to the British people and lied to the Commons culture, media and sport select committee, and lied to the police, how can David Cameron allow this man to stay in his job being paid by the British people, when they are losing their jobs as a direct consequence of this government's actions?

"Coulson was asked by the Commons culture, media and sport select committee in July 2009: "Just to be clear, under your tenure . . . the NotW did not pay people to obtain information illegally?" He replied: "Yes, that is right." But it now seems that his ex-colleagues disagree. "Former reporters said both the news and features desks employed their own investigators to uncover medical records, unlisted addresses, phone bills and so on," claimed a 6,000-word investigation in the New York Times on 5 September."

Strangely former Lambeth Police Commander, Liberal Democrat and former mayoral candidate Brian Paddick, who has been very vocal about suspecting that his phone had been hacked and along with Labour MP Chris Bryant asked for an investigation, seems to have suddenly gone all coy and reticent since he was informed recently that he is to be given a Peerage! Lord Brian Paddick ( you couldn't make this kind of cronyism up, and they said Blair was bad!) Brian Paddick once left this message on his voicemail ["This is Brian Paddick . . . Please do not leave a message as you have no idea who might listen to it," ]
Many other public figures have also suspected their phones to have been hacked among them John Prescott, this is a serious situation, one the prime minister is either not taking seriously or is terrified about what will happen if he is forced to get rid of Andy Coulson.

Rupert Murdoch's News International owns the Times and the News of the World and Murdoch is trying to become the sole owner of BSkyB, which would see him controlling over a third of the UK's media!

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