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The "Fall and Fall" of "Confidence Trickster" Nick Clegg!

The "Rose Garden"
They think Lying to the electorate, the
press and the media is a big joke!
Since it has emerged that Nick Clegg and senior Liberal Democrat MPs decided on ditching their pledge on 'not to raise tuition fees' *BEFORE* the 2010 May, General Election was held, it has laid bare many of the Liberal Democrat leader's "confidence tricks" which have been born out of Clegg's lust for power at any price.

This is the third time it has emerged that Nick Clegg changed his mind about a major key policy included in the Liberal Democrat manifesto and not bothered to tell the electorate about his change of mind.

The Liberal Democrat leader and now the deputy prime minister, admitted that he changed his mind about the timing of spending cuts prior to the general election, despite publicly telling the electorate weeks before the poll that early deep cuts would be "economic masochism". Clegg at first tried to lie his way out of this by citing Mervyn King in a telephone call, saying he had, had his mind changed, but Clegg later admitted that he had changed his views on the timing of cuts well before the general election had even taken place, so what he told BBC's Nick Robinson in an interview was patently untrue.

Nick Clegg's admission then dovetailed with  comments made by King to the Treasury select committee, in which he told MPs that he gave no fresh information to Clegg in a call on 15 May that could have led to him to call for a faster deficit reduction programme than the one outlined by his party during the election campaign. I am honestly beginning to think that Nick Clegg is a "pathological liar" or a "Walter Mitty" type character, who has very blurred boundaries of truth and fiction.

Just how many lies has Nick Clegg told the electorate in order to win votes?

It may surprise some to learn that talks between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives forming a Coalition Government, in the event of a Hung Parliament, were held before a single vote was cast.  

It makes all the 'bon home' in the Rose Garden of number 10 between Cameron and Clegg, totally contrived and totally false, just big show put on by a pair of conniving con artists. Laughably, not one of the supposed experienced "old hacks" sitting in the rose garden on that warm early summer's sunny day last May, had a clue that they were being conned.  (Last May, now seems a million light years away!) There the jovial old hacks sat lapping it all up, then returning to their offices to write effusive and gushing reports for their papers. Pity these journalists allowed their better judgements to be clouded by Cameron and Clegg, who are fast becoming known as a pair of "political conmen". Question is why with all their supposed political nous and journalistic savvy, did they not see or smell the huge stinking rat that was dangling down in front of their eyes and noses, hanging there right in the middle of that scented fragrant place? Some of us did though, some of us spotted the stench of arrogance and the inherent falseness of Clegg in the first leadership debate, when all the said journalists were all fawning over him. Anyone would think from the way some of these journalists and news presenters were behaving that Clegg was the "2nd Coming"  but he isn't, "he is not the Messiah he is a very naughty boy"!

When Cameron did not win the election outright, he went shopping and bought the necessary number of Liberal Democrat MPs, not only to give him a majority, but to try and ensure that he gets a full "fixed-term" in parliament. It now seems that the number of MPs were on pre-order to Cameron promised by Nick Clegg, all carefully selected, not for their talents, but for their naivety and political gullibility, all Cameron had to do was honour his part of the deal and the coalition would be born. Making the so-called "five days to power" just another big lie, in a series of big and bigger and bigger still lies, and yet another big con from Cameron, Clegg and Osborne.  When Mr Brown  said that the Liberal Democrats were not serious about forming a coalition with Labour, he was right, he knew that Nick Clegg wasn't interested, the deal had been already been struck many, many months before May 2010! No wonder Nick Clegg said he would not work with Gordon Brown, he had already made his mind up not to.

So much for the proponents of the "New Politics"! Ah  new politics, transparency, the new way of doing things and just 6 months into this new government, all that has gone and already the wheels have fallen off the coalition's wagon, the only reason why it has not tipped over is because there are "23 newly purchased Liberal Democrat MPs", complete with ministerial cars and salaries, all enjoying their newly found power to worry about little things like transparency, the truth, and duty to their voters and to the electorate. Neither do they seem to be worried that they have all been used, and are just part of some seedy grubby little plan, to keep Messrs Cameron, Osborne and Clegg in power for as long as possible! Worse still, these Liberal Democrat MPs are not showing any signs of any concern at all that if this monumental gamble with the British economy fails to pay off, then ordinary people, will be losing their businesses, their homes, their jobs, and their children's futures will be ruined. And because of the cuts to benefits now, there will be nothing for the millions put out of work by this merciless fascist type government. Remember that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne, can only do this because they have successfully used and managed people, to turn person against person and convince them that every single person claiming benefit is either "work shy" a "benefit cheat" or a "welfare scrounger" and that the chronically sick and the disabled are not really ill and incapable and disabled, they are just malingerers. People should remember that today's "welfare scrounger" is tomorrow's newly made redundant person, probably made redundant by this "Government Without Mandate".  Perhaps some may like to ponder that as they are forced to pick up litter for their unemployment benefit at a rate of well below the minimum wage, perhaps some of those newly redundant ex-workers forced to pick up litter may even have been sacked road sweepers who are now being forced to carry out their previous occupation for a pittance. Today it is them, however tomorrow it could be you, or your partner/mother/father/sister/brother, or maybe even your grandparents?

During their 2009 conference Liberal Democrat frontbenchers have also been scathing about Cameron's proposed spending cuts, arguing that, while he is targeting subsidised food in Commons canteens, they are proposing cutting the Trident replacement programme.

Nick Clegg is now toeing the party line on Trident, another huge U turn in one of the Liberal Democrat's flagship policies, leaving supporters not knowing what key policy is to be binned off next. Liberal Democrats scathing about spending cuts in 2009, are now in government actually enabling Cameron and Osborne to get them through parliament, when they should be opposing them and stopping them.

Nick Clegg's Lies Continue
The Liberal Democrats under Nick Clegg have reneged upon 3 key policies;

  1. Not to raise tuition fees
  2. Not to raise VAT
  3. Not to threaten the economy by reducing the deficit this year

Read my Lips
"I will not raise tuition fees"
 George Osborne apparently changed Nick Clegg's mind about the deficit by saying that he had seen the figures and it was quite horrific in real life as opposed to spin life. If nick Clegg believed this blatant piece of spin then he would believe anything. But bare in mind please that this is the 2nd complete and utter lie that Clegg has told about why he changed his mind on "deficit reduction", the other lie concerned the BoE's Mervyn King!

Anyway regardless of Clegg and his "pathological lying," either George Osborne is a economically illiterate buffoon, or he is an economically illiterate bare faced liar, or maybe both? We now know that far from being worse than expected, the economic figures for the British economy were in much better shape than the Tories had been telling the country and who are still lying, and still trying to mislead the country about our financial position. In short, not only have the conmen conned 23 Liberal democrat MPs, they have also conned the electorate.
Every set of economic figures showing the fag end of the Labour Government, indicated that they had called all major decisions correctly and despite the lies this government are telling us all, the economy was growing stronger than expected and getting stronger, confidence on the high street was good and unemployment was falling overall and the welfare claimant count was actually falling and the housing market and construction were beginning to pick up and interest rates were low. Since the Tories regained power and began introducing their ideological austerity measures, the economy has began slowing and is now faltering, indicating that cutting this too far, too deep is going to badly damage this country, unemployment is rising (apart from a few part-time jobs) and those claiming benefits has also risen quite sharply. This is on the back of the £6.75 billion cuts that Osborne made in his first budget and BEFORE the real cuts start to bite and the massive hike in VAT comes in, in January 2011.

Nick Clegg must have known all of this, yet he and Vince Cable and Danny Alexander are just blindly stumbling into this and allowing the Tories a free hand at whatever they want to cut and slash next.

 "David Cameron's claims would be funny if they weren't such a shameful attempt to mislead the British people". Danny Alexander 2009

How can Danny Alexander go from saying this, to backing every single cut and policy that the Conservatives want to inflict upon people and consistently backing David Cameron to the hilt in just 8 short months? It makes no sense whatsoever! This to me says that Danny Alexander was either lying then, or is lying now, either way, Alexander is just another lying Liberal Democrat whose word cannot be trusted.
"George Osborne, who had long feared the Tories would struggle to win an overall parliamentary majority, persuaded David Cameron to allow him to form the Tories' own secret coalition negotiating team two weeks before the election.

It was not just two weeks before the election, it was two MONTHS before the election.

David Cameron demanded total secrecy and asked only to be given the barest details for fear that he would blurt it out "unplanned in an interview".
Obviously Cameron knew that if the electorate got a whiff that the Tories and the Lib Dems had already been in talks before the election, then the Lib Dems would lose votes, Gordon Brown would be right "Vote Clegg get Cameron" which is exactly what happened!

This whole thing has been done with astonishing deceit, they had no right to do this and not tell their voters, a great many of whom voted for the Liberal Democrats precisely to keep the Tories out and Nick Clegg knew this perfectly well. Although since Clegg has managed to get himself into a position of power, it is true to say that he has more or less told all the left of his party and the Liberal Democrat left supporting voters not to bother voting for them anymore and that he was quite happy to lose their support.

What Next For "Preacher" Clegg?
We discover now the manifestos of Tory and Liberal Democrat parties were not worth the paper they were printed upon. However, more seriously, as has been pointed out on this blog many times, it also proves that the two parties were knowingly misleading the electorate. Something that Danny Alexander also observed before he decided to take Cameron's shilling and become an "orange Tory"! Not only did both the parties ditch their manifestos with complete "gay abandon", but they also produced a "Coalition paper" which many of the major policy proposals were also ditched, and of course it now transpires that the authors of the "coalition paper" must also have known that the policy proposals it contained were worthless. Cameron, Clegg and Osborne (like so many conmen before them) had tricked Liberal democrat MPs into providing them with political "insurance" and drunk on this new found heady power, these three men set about using the deficit to first scare people (ie with totally laughable comparisons to Greece etc), they actively lied to the British people, totally misleading them about the brevity of the economy, having successfully blamed the state of the global economy and the global banking crash on Gordon Brown, they set about the most ruthless round of spending cuts since the last world war, not doing so for economical reasons, but for ideological reasons, also deciding to play politics with people's lives and the futures of every single child in this country. This Government have chosen to take a colossal gamble with this country's economy, like nothing in history before it! There simply is not a precedent where this has been done anywhere else in the world, and economists and other world leaders, are now looking upon the UK with abject horror at what is beginning to unfold. And NOWHERE in the Tory or Liberal Democrat manifestos did it mention this and NOWHERE did it even mention this gamble in the coalition paper.
Only two other countries where anything remotely like this has been attempted is Eire and Canada. Ireland speaks for itself, economists warned that their austerity measures would tip the country back into a double dip recession and this is exactly what has happened, and Canada can not be used as some kind of economical barometer for the UK, as Osborne has tried to do, because when Canada held their "Star Chamber" round of cuts and austerity measures, Canada was NOT in recession and it had established strong growth, which is the opposite of the UK and Canada has a very strong manufacturing and export market, again the UK does not (thanks to Margaret Thatcher).

The party that so assiduously courted student voters and made a song and dance about the need for "principles" in politics, caved to the Conservatives at the very first whiff of power. Nick Clegg has single handed done much to turn people off the idea of PR or even AV voting system, it really does beg the question, whether he was ever fully committed to those pledges too? Or is Nick Clegg, really a "true blue" Tory, disguised as an orange Tory infiltrator?

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