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George Osborne Stands Ready To Bail Out Ireland.

Ireland stands as a shining example
 of the art of the possible in long-term economic
policy making,
and that is why I am in Dublin:
to listen and to learn
So at last the truth is coming out, it always does.

Britain was NEVER nearly bankrupt and everything that Osborne, Cameron and Clegg have said about the British economy during the election campaign and since taking office has been clearly shown to be a series of huge lies.

Is this the real reason why Sir Alan Budd left the Office of Budget Responsibility? Because he knew the lies this government were telling and he did not want to be part of those lies, knowing that at some point they would all come out?

Osborne, Cameron and Clegg have repeatedly blamed the UK's Labour government and Gordon Brown for the global economic crisis, how come Osborne and Cameron blamed Brown and Labour for the effect of the global economic crisis and has not blamed the Irish government? Just a short while ago Osborne was heaping praise on the Irish and telling our Government that we should be following their example, all I can say is thank goodness the UK Government and Gordon Brown had the sense NOT to follow the The Irish. Today George Osborne has been offering Ireland billions of pounds of UK taxpayers money in an effort to keep the Irish economy stable? What the hell is Osborne playing at? Let the EU or the IMF bail the Irish out, it is not for us to do it. Why is he even thinking of doing this when he says this country has no money? It is astonishing.

How come George Osborne can bail the Irish banks out, but did not want the Labour Government to bail the British banks out? Osborne was prepared to allow our banks to go under, taking with them, peoples businesses, jobs, homes, pensions and savings.

If Osborne bails Ireland out, what happens in the even of more UK banks needing a bailout as has been predicted next year?

Osborne is in the process of destroying the NHS, destroying education, destroying our children's futures, displacing thousands of people by taking their housing benefits away, destroying the construction industry, making over 500.000 public sector workers redundant and over 500.000 private sector workers too, saying we have no money and then he offers Ireland billions to save their jobs and services?

Why is Osborne offering to pay for another country's mistakes?  He says it is in the national interest to bail Ireland out. I would like to know why he thinks it is in the national interest to bail Ireland out, while reneging on a promised loan to Sheffield Forgemasters of just £80 million? Which would have been paid back with interest, which would have put British manufacturing at the forefront of new green nuclear power technology, which would have supported the local economy and also supported subsidiary companies who supply Sheffield Forgemasters. How come billions of pounds of British taxpayers money can be found to support Ireland, while denying one of our own companies a loan? I understand that the denial of this loan has nearly bankrupted Sheffield Forgemasters. None of this makes any sense.
The chancellor is stepping in to give billions to Ireland yet has cancelled our schools for the future programme, which is now beginning to have a devastating effect on British construction.

Thanks to the Labour the UK Government did not make the same mistakes as the Irish government did, and once again thanks to the Labour government the UK weathered the GLOBAL economic storm far better than most other countries have done. Yet Osborne, Cameron and Clegg said we were going the way of Greece and were nearly bankrupt, if that is the case, then we certainly do not have the money to help the Irish out. Truth is all about what Osborne is planning to do to the UK economy and without the Irish economy, we are well and truly up the creek without a paddle and this is the real reason why Osborne is panicking and offering Ireland billions of pounds!

Is Osborne Running Scared?

The wheels are already off his wagon here in the UK, he and Cameron and Clegg know that the UK does not manufacture or export nearly enough to underpin this coalition government's insane cuts. For the Tories insane gamble with the UK economy to work, Ireland has to keep importing 40% of goods and services from the UK, which when you look at the position of the UK and the situation we all knew Ireland was in (including George Osborne), this actually makes Osborne's gamble not just totally insane, but completely irresponsible and utterly foolhardy. it is actually criminally negligent, Osborne simply cannot be allowed to continue like this.

How on earth could he have gambled all our livelihoods and children's futures on a country in worse shape than the UK? It is obvious to anyone with just half a brain that Ireland's people are totally cash strapped, their pay cut and frozen, unemployment rising and youth unemployment running at 32%, so how was this country going to afford to continue ordering 40%  of goods and services from the UK? It is not rocket science! There are people over there handing their keys back to their mortgage lenders because they can no longer afford the mortgage. Is George Osborne and David Cameron totally and utterly insane?

If Osborne starts throwing our money at Ireland in a bid to stop her going bankrupt, this will be throwing good money after bad, it will be reminisce of the last Tory government's "Black Wednesday" when Norman Lamont and John Major started throwing all our money at the ESR and manged to lose this country billions of pounds in the process.

The whole thing is an absurd hypocrisy from Osborne and the Tories, who have no idea about running a sweetie shop, let alone the finances of a country. Has Osborne chastised the Irish government for spending too much on their public services? In 2006 Osborne said this:

In Britain, the Left have us stuck debating a false choice. They suggest you have to choose between lower taxes and public services. Yet in Ireland they have doubled spending on public services in the past decade while reducing taxes and shrinking the State’s share of national income. So not only does Ireland now have lower business and income taxes than the UK, there are also twice as many hospital beds per head of population."

Osborne even accused the then UK Labour government of not spending enough on public services.

Where has all these billions of pounds suddenly come from in order to help Ireland out? And if there is any spare cash, then shouldn't this cash be given to cash strapped councils who are on the verge of making 25% budget cuts and cutting services like care to the UK's elderly and disabled children?

George Osborne has today said that Britain stands ready to bail Ireland out. Really? Has he bothered asking the British people what we have to say about this, or has he just assumed it and is now telling us what we think? Who the hell is George Osborne to make such a decision?

If looking and learning from across the Irish Sea was of paramount importance to George Osborne in February 2006, who was then in opposition, can he now tell us what he has learned?
because from where I am standing shortly after Osborne went to Ireland on his learning mission, they started to go down the tubes along with the rest of the world.

So Mr Osborne, care to say why the Irish model has not worked? And why you are over there today offering them our money? More to the point, we have seen several attempts of cutting Irish spending to the bone and it has NOT worked, why is George Osborne insisting on taking the UK down exactly the same route to certain disaster?

"A GENERATION ago, the very idea that a British politician would go to Ireland to see how to run an economy would have been laughable. The Irish Republic was seen as Britain’s poor and troubled country cousin, a rural backwater on the edge of Europe. Today things are different. Ireland stands as a shining example of the art of the possible in long-term economic policymaking, and that is why I am in Dublin: to listen and to learn. " George Osborne

Just as well that George Osborne was not the chancellor when he visited Ireland in 2006, or we would have gone down the same road as them and would now be in the same situation as them, needing a bail out from the IMF. 

The most ridiculous think is that despite Ireland's obvious mistakes with their economy, and despite their austerity measures failing, Osborne is still trying to copy them, he appears devoid of any kind of ideas or economic know how. Osborne simply has to go before he messes this country up entirely, he is just not fit for purpose.

The offer of this money to the Irish, just demonstrates clearly the huge and "unwinnable" gamble this totally barking mad government is taking with all or livelihoods and our children's futures, they have not only pinned all their hopes on exporting and British manufacturing which was ruined by Margaret Thatcher, they have done exactly the same ting by taking a colossal gamble on the Irish economy coming good and it just 'ain't gonna happen.

Truly we are being governed by idiots, all spin and no substance, they have not got a bloody clue what they are doing!

Seriously, we have to get this shower out of Government because if we do not, they are going to destroy all our lives as well as the country.
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