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Ex-Labour Minister 'Phil Woolas' Loses His seat Because A 'Poor Loser' Lib Dem Cries Foul!

Oldham East and Saddleworth MP and former Immigration minister Phil Woolas, has been stripped of his seat by a judge and suspended from the Labour Party. This is the first time this has happened for a century. A judge found that the former minister was guilty of stirring up "racial tensions" and knowingly making false statements about an opponent.

This whole thing is more than a little disturbing, not just because apparently Phil Woolas is guilty, but because on a number of points the entire case can be viewed as total hypocrisy from the Liberal Democrats. Everyone who follows politics know that the Liberal Democrats traditionally use lies and dirty tricks to win elections, whether they are parish elections, council elections, by-elections or general elections and they have been very successful at it too.

Simon Hughes -Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader

Hughes was first elected to Parliament in the Bermondsey by-election in 1983. The by-election was described by Gay News as "the dirtiest and most notorious by-election in British political history" because of the slurs against the character of the Labour candidate Gay Rights Campaigner, Peter Tatchell. The Liberal Democrat Campaign leaflet described the election as "a straight choice" between Simon Hughes and the Labour candidate, a standard campaigning slogan. Hughes won the seat with 57.7% of the vote. He apologised for the campaign in 2006, during the same few days revealing his own homosexual experiences, and confirming that he is bisexual after being outed by the "Scum" newspaper.
Mr Hughes has since said of that campaign "I hope that there will never be that sort of campaign again. I have never been comfortable about the whole of that campaign, as Peter knows, and I said that to him in the past ... Where there were things that were inappropriate or wrong, I apologise for that."

The the Tory "bible", the Daily Mail, has gone completely over the top today with their front page. However, the hypocrisy of the Mail is palpable, if Phil Woolas is guilty, then so is the Mail and so is other right wing papers guilty of scaremongering, lying and creating racial tensions, the Mail's hypocrisy is absolutely staggering! The Mail, Express and Sun are so xenophobic they are a complete joke to anyone with half a brain cell. The Sun is run by a Rupert Murdoch clone, incapable of individual thinking, they think what they are told to think and print what they are told to print and they support which party they are told to support by Rupert Murdoch and his son James, who are both foreigners in this country, yet dictate to our government what policy should be, Rupert Murdoch is the unacceptable face of unelected right wing dictators.

Phil Woolas should have been reprimanded and fined, but even that would have been in direct contrast to what has happened in other constituencies, where both the Liberal Democrats and the Tories have told outrageous lies about each other and the Labour party in order to get into parliament or the council. There is a huge disparity here, has justice been done? Has justice seen to be done? Personally, I think this judge has opened a huge can of worms and the Liberal democrat candidate, Elwyn Watkins who brought his action against Phil Woolas may just live to rue the day he could not be a gracious loser. Also I would like to know if the David Cameron and Nick Clegg were behind Watkins in bringing this action against Phil Woolas. Call me cynical, but after the appalling lies and deceit that the prime minister David Cameron and Deputy PM Clegg have been practicing, I would not be at all surprised to discover that they have had a hand in this, when they were drunk on power and so "full of their own piss and importance" in the early days of the coalition, when they thought that they both walked on water, if so, I think they had both better get their life jackets on if this election is re-run. Political honeymoon? More like the honeymoon from hell!

How could Nick Clegg say this yesterday in hearing the Woolas verdict?

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg welcomed the judgment as a victory for ‘common sense’ and ‘clean politics’.
Nick Clegg Liberal Democrat Leader 
and Deputy PM
With his LYING Pledge
Proof that He LIED Through His Back Teeth
To gain the Student Vote!
Is that so Mr Clegg? Then what do you have to say about your "signed pledge" to every student in this country? The pledge you LIED about and just broke, where you said that the Liberal Democrats "Would NOT raise student tuition fees"? What a duplicitous, disingenuous LYING hypocrite.
What do you have to say to your constituents of Sheffield Hallam concerning Sheffield Forgemasters? What do you have to say about your pledge NOT to raise VAT, then back Tory plans to massive hike VAT?
Liberal Democrats fight dirty and they lie all the time.
Should judges decide who wins elections?

Since "Call me Dave" Cameron was *not* swept to power in the notoriously *undecided* general election of May 2010, where the Conservatives despite having everything under "the Sun"  going for them, failed to win an overall majority. The Liberal Democrats actually losing seats and coming a pretty poor third, yet still find themselves in government prostituting themselves for power, despite all this, the coalition government was formed and Cameron Clegg and Osborne have been busily gerrymandering parliament, gerrymandering constituency boundaries and changing the amount of MPs votes needed to bring about a "vote of no confidence" in the government, just to keep themselves in government and their plush ministerial houses and luxury ministerial cars, while they unleashed unsustainable cuts upon the vast majority of people in this country.

Not only are the people of this country now having their rights eroded by a bunch of millionaire toffs in government, in what is a profoundly undemocratic way, we have judges sticking their noses in where they are not wanted. Judges of all people who never seem to get sentencing right, who sentence people indiscriminately for minor offences, yet allow paedophiles, rapists and murderers to walk away free, hardly fills one with confidence does it?
The Judiciary in this country traditionally white male Conservative dominated, now passing sentences on the political machinations. fills me with horror. From what I have read of Woolas campaign, there is nothing there that could not have been dealt with, with some kind of warning, a fine and an open apology.
I smell "compassionate Conservatism and illiberal Liberalism" at work here and I profoundly hope that it sensationally backfires on both the despicable lying hypocritical  parties of the Tories and Liberal Democrats.

If Phil Woolas is to be stripped of his position, then so too should Nick Clegg for:
  • Openly LYING to the electorate for their votes and then just days later reneging on every single Liberal Democrat promise.
  • For LYING to students to gain their vote.
  • For allowing his own MPs and candidates to run dirty election campaigns!
  • For being a total hypocritical LIAR.
  • For saying one thing and doing the exact opposite
  • For prostituting himself for power

If Phil Woolas is to be stripped of his position, then so too should David Cameron and George Osborne who have;
  • Openly lied about and slandered Gordon Brown.
  • Entered into shady and dodgy deals with newspaper editors and barons with the sole intention of personally destroying Gordon Brown and the Labour party with a programme of disinformation.
  • Told complete LIES about the British economy
  • Knowingly made false statements about the British economy for political gain.
  • For comparing the UK to Greece KNOWING the UK is NOTHING like Greece.
  • For saying they would not make swingeing cuts, then embarking on swingeing cuts using LIES as justification.
  • For saying the NHS was safe in Tory hands when all along they had already devised plans to dismantle it and privatise huge chunks of it.
  • For LYING and saying Child Benefit was "safe" when they KNEW it wasn't.
  • For LYING about council houses and housing benefit and now intend to make over a 100.000 people homeless.
  • Made the rest of the world think Britain was broken when it isn't, just for political gain
  • For lying to soldiers
  • For totally misrepresenting the state of the military for political reasons while our soldiers are fighting wars.
  • For using LIES as an excuse to attack the weak, sick, vulnerable, disabled, young, elderly, poor and unemployed, while all along Cameron and Osborne planned this.
  • For using the deficit as an excuse to implement all the Tory dogma and ideological cuts.

I say let Phil Woolas stand again and let the election be re-run and let the people of  Oldham East and Saddleworth decide who they want to represent them, this is one for the people, it is *NOT* for "Conservative" leaning judges!

Nick Clegg will come to rue the day that his sore loser Liberal democrat candidate Elwyn Watkins, just did not accept his defeat graciously and so may Elwyn Watkins!

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