Friday, November 5, 2010

More Duplicitous Politics From The Coalition Over Murdoch's Proposed Take-Over of BSkyB

Anyone Waiting For Cable to refuse Rupert Murdoch
Had Better Not Hold Their Breath!
So the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has ordered Ofcom to investigate News Corporation's plan to take full control of broadcaster BSkyB. "Whoopydoo". I am not sure whether to laugh with wry amusement at this news, or cry with frustration of the duplicity of it all.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has said it wants to buy the 61% of BSkyB it does not own.
The inquiry will look into "media plurality" - the degree to which news outlets are concentrated under one organisation's ownership.

Liberal Democrats really love the "plurality" of their own arguments, (many faceted ways to fool the public).

Is Rupert Murdoch Too Powerful Already?

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp owns News International, already owns the Sun, News of the World, Times and Sunday Times, accounting for a third of the UK's newspaper circulation and  BSkyB has almost 10 million customers.
If Murdoch is allowed to go ahead with this take-over, then he is going to be well on the way to controlling the UK's entire media outlet and it will *not* stop there!
Rupert Murdoch is under the impression that his plans will be cleared!
Wonder why is he so confident of the outcome? Could this  referral to "Ofcom" be a smokescreen? Deliberately set in place to allow Vince Cable and the Tory Coalition government to hide behind?

It is a certainty that  if this take-over is permitted it will adversely affect media plurality in the UK. If it happens, Murdoch will own a huge chunk of the media from which he will be able to fairly much control the news agenda. For proof, look no further than what has happened in the United States regarding the success of so-called "Tea Party" candidates, in their mid-term elections.   Murdoch looks to have taken the same kind of tactics that the Sun, News of the World, the Times, Sunday Times and Sky News used to personally attack the then prime minister Gordon Brown, and in much the same way attacked President Obama. Murdoch is a dangerous right wing fascist and he is out of control and becoming way too powerful and if various governments do not rein him in, then the war mongering megalomaniac is going to cause horrendous trouble and especially between the UK and the US. The truth is that Rupert Murdoch does not like left wing governments, he does not like centrist governments, and wherever he can, he will attack them and bring them down.

Why is Murdoch allowed to urge all these governments of different countries to do different things and wield so much power when he is entirely unelected?

The British National Health Service

Is it a strange coincidence the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, was allowed copious amounts of air time to appear on Murdoch's Fox News in the US? From this power base, he pretty much destroyed President Obama's attempts to give America  their own healthcare/medicare system along the lines of the British NHS. He did this by ridiculing our NHS and using untrue scare tactics.  Hannan has told bare faced lies and purposefully misrepresented the health service, using innuendo and examples of the NHS from when his own Tory government were last in power prior 1997!  Using a programme of disinformation Hannan has gradually turned the American people against having a caring healthcare system that cares for ALL people, and not just those able to buy expensive health cover.
Question is, why was Daniel Hannan, (a close friend of David Cameron's) given the air time in America to interfere in their domestic politics by lying bare faced about our own? What is he even doing there appearing on their TV using our NHS in such a fashion?  David Cameron was still in Opposition then, but at the same time Rupert Murdoch was doing a number on Gordon Brown and the Labour Government back in the UK. Rupert Murdoch and Daniel Hannan could have possibly been briefed of plans that Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne had for the British NHS. If they were not then this has got to be one huge coincidence. Which of course means the plans that Cameron and Osborne had for reducing the size of the NHS and part privatising it were always intended, regardless of the deficit, the denationalising and dismantling of the NHS is being done for purely for Conservative ideological, but this is not all. There are friends of Cameron and Osborne who stand to gain billions of pounds from lucrative contracts from the privatisation of the NHS and there are also American helthcare companies circling the NHS, ready to swoop down on all the lucrative parts as soon as the Conservatives give the go ahead. It is crystal clear why Murdoch did not want Obama to be successful with this policy.
Does Rupert Murdoch Have a Hold Over David Cameron?

Prime Minister David Cameron already has some very serious questions to answer regarding Rupert Murdoch and Andy Coulson and the News of the World. The story of Andy Coulson and the phone hacking has not gone away and will erupt spectacularly sooner or later. Cameron should have sacked Coulson long ago. In a normal news environment, newspapers like the Sun, Times and Sunday Times, would have been all over a story like this storylike the proverbial rash, however, the story becomes conspicuous by its lack of prominence on their pages.
Rupert Murdoch visited David Cameron in Downing Street within the first 24 hours of Cameron taking up office there, he entered and left by the rear door and he has visited personally a couple of times since. Considering that Cameron has only been in office for barely 6 months, for Murdoch to have visited so many times seems odd and it becomes stranger when we know that besides Murdoch having all of this personal contact with Cameron, Murdoch's staff and Cameron's staff have also met. Number 10 categorically refuse to say what topics have been discussed, and Cameron's staff have recently said that in future they will not be giving details of Murdoch's visits, so  much for Cameron's "transparent new politics" because apparently we certainly are not "all in this together". The fun will start here if Murdoch's proposed take-over of BSKyB is stopped, Murdoch will get mightily hacked off and will probably turn on Cameron and his Tories because he will see it as though they are going back on a "deal".
Murdoch has a hold over Cameron, anytime he likes he can let it slip that a private off the record deal was done between them and promises made, for the later cooperation of a future Tory government in the BSkyB take-over, only it did not quite work like this because despite the appalling person vendetta against Brown and Labour, Cameron still could not command an overall majority and he did not win the election. The take-over of BSkyB is not the only channel Murdoch has his eye on, he has his eyes firmly on the BBC too!

 Fears Over BBC!

In August 2009, Rupert  Murdoch's son James Murdoch the chairman of the media giant in Europe said  that a "dominant" BBC threatens independent journalism in the UK, as he attacked the then Labour government" he also blamed the then Labour government for regulating the media "with relish".  If James Murdoch stopped to put his brain in gear occasionally he may see the duplicity of his own words!
"The expansion of state-sponsored journalism is a threat to the plurality and independence of news provision," James Murdoch told the Edinburgh Television Festival.
The scope of the BBC's activities and ambitions was "chilling", he added. 
"The BBC is dominant," Mr Murdoch said. "Other organisations might rise and fall but the BBC's income is guaranteed and growing."

How strange is it then, that the Tory chancellor George Osborne has now frozen the BBC's licence fee for the next six years? This is putting great strain on the BBC and it could force the part privatisation of it and who will be straight in to buy shares at rock bottom prices?

Britain could lose the BBC over the coming years as the Tory Coalition government caves into to pressure and fulfills obligations to Murdoch?

We will discover if Murdoch and News Corp is to be allowed to purchase BSkyB on December 8th 2010, if anyone is expecting Vince Cable to stand up to Murdoch and refuse the take-over, I hope they are not holding their breath. This government is going to allow this take-over, because they are far too frightened of the prospects if they do not and if Murdoch does take over BSkyB, then the BBC is going to be in great peril too.
The BBC needs to stop pussyfooting around Cameron and start to report this government for exactly what it is, if it doesn't then they will begin to be swallowed up by the Murdoch Empire too!
Why does Murdoch want to control the news all over the world? This is of course why he hates France and Germany and the EU so much, because they called his number long ago and have he measure of him.
If Cameron does grow a pair of balls and refuse, expect the Sun, News of the World, the Times and Sunday Times as well as Sky News, to throw their weight behind UKIP.

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Peter Robson said...

Our only true hope is with the EU when this takeover goes before them as Cable the unable will wriggle out of going against his new Lord and Master Coulson.