Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Liberal Democrats Fall To Single Figures In Latest Poll

Support for the Liberal Democrats has now fallen into single figures at 0.9%, Labour and the Tories tie for first place at 40% each according to the latest YouGov poll out tonight for the Sun newspaper.

Morale in them Liberal Democrat party is said to be at rock bottom after weeks of damaging headlines from backing controversial cuts in child benefit, to cuts in housing benefit, and the introduction of a raise in tuition fees.

Nick Clegg seems to be in never, never  land and the rest of the Liberal Democrats in government are in total denial about the precariousness of their position, but tonight I feel, marks the beginning of the end for the coalition. MPs and party supporters will be applying pressure to Nick Clegg  that unless he stops this crazy blanket acceptance of every cut the Tories want to make there will be a revolt within the party. This is why Cameron and Clegg have been trying to gerrymander parliament and the boundaries, to stop any revolt within the ranks, which shows that they knew all along how far and how deep these cuts were going to be, once again proving the cuts ideologically driven and absolutely nothing to do with paying down the deficit.

Tonight the   hitthefan  for the "Illiberal Dumoprats" and they are going to have to start facing up to the truth, the public do not like what they have done, or the way that they are doing it. If they do not change soon, they simply will be facing oblivion and will be left with only a handful of seats after the next general election. They will say that traditionally, Lib Dem support always tails off between elections, historically  in normal times there is something to back this up, however, these are not normal times. Previously the Liberals have not been in government, they have not been backing every single swingeing cut the Tories want to inflict. They should also face up to the fact that the government they are part of is barely 6 months old and the Liberal Democrats should not be facing a total collapse of their support in the country. The council elections are now just 6 months away and it is hard to see that the Liberals will not face anything other than a complete drubbing at the ballot box. Also Nick Clegg's insistence that the referendum for AV style voting, is looking decidedly shaky, a YouGov poll out on 2nd Nov shows that FPTP (First Past The Post) is now leading AV  by a huge 11%. This is another hastily concocted watered down Lib Dem policy who always campaigned for PR.

The misfortune that is now befalling the Liberal Democrats, is there precisely because they leader Nick Clegg sold out the LDs to the Tory party, for a bit of power. I can see that rather than face electoral defeat there will be many defections of Liberal democrat MPs, the ones outside the government, could go and join Labour and the others in government will probably merge with the Tory party. This marks the end of the coalition, the end of three parties  and the end of the Liberal Democrats, this is the price of power, sell your principles so readily and pay the price.

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