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The "Nasty Party" is Back and it is Nastier Than Ever!

Tory Spiv
"Call Me Dave" Cameron
Promised the earth and so far delivered nothing. We have a government by spin, with a spiv for a prime minister. The Tories who are being enabled by the every dwindling Liberal Democrat party are recklessly pursuing a programme of ideological cuts, using the deficit as an excuse to get rid of the welfare state, the NHS and state education. These three main issues of British society mean absolutely nothing to this reckless, feckless multi-millionaire Tory government, because they have the money not to need the welfare state, they have the money to purchase expensive health care and they have the money to educate their children privately and fund their university or college education.

David Cameron and his millionaire Tory toff pals, call this a coalition government, but it isn't, it is a coalition government in name only. What we have here is a fully fledged Conservative Government. The Tories, once dubbed the nasty party , by Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May at the 2002 Tory party conference, are back and beware because they are nastier than ever.  October 2002, does Theresa May remember saying this?

"Politicians are seen as untrustworthy and hypocritical. We talk a different language. We live in a different world. We seem to be scoring points, playing games and seeking personal advantage - while home-owners struggle to make ends meet and schoolchildren see years of hard work undermined by the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen".

Strange back then in 2002 Theresa May should mention the "stroke of a bureaucrat's pen" in her speech to Tory conference,  because this is how the action of the present Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has been described when he, without consultation, decided to scrap the entire £162 million schools sport funding budget . A barking mad thing to do, when we are trying to get children to eat healthily, take more exercise, take part in competitive sport, and we are hosting the 2012 Olympics in London. Michael Gove could not have timed this better for  David Cameron who is supposedly in Zurich lobbying hard to host the 2018 World Cup, a brilliant UK bid, which has had the rug pulled from beneath it by Cameron's friends. in the rabid right wing press. More karma.

The Tory party it seems, is even more stuffed full with mega-rich MPs and Lords telling us to tighten our belts, not to have children and if we do then we *must* breast feed them. The Tory prime minister has just completed granting himself  a Conservative majority in the unelected House of Lords, by filling it full of his billionaire cronies. Some cronies who have dubious tax statuses and nearly all who have  donated large amounts to the Tory party coffers in order to get them elected.
David Cameron
Stuffs The House of Lords
Full of His Banker Friends
and Assorted Cronies
The list includes: Andrew Feldman, a close friend of Mr Cameron since his time at Oxford University and now co-chairman of the party, and Stanley Fink, a hedge fund manager who is the party's joint treasurer. Mr Fink has given the Tories £1.9m since 2003 and made further "non-cash" gifts, such as providing free flights, worth £66,000.
Mr Feldman raised the money for Mr Cameron's leadership campaign in 2005, was appointed Tory chief executive in 2008, and his company, Jayroma, has donated £55,000 to the party since 2006.
Another name on the list is General Sir Richard Dannatt, the former head of the British Army, who caused controversy last year when he became an adviser to the Tories' defence team in the run-up to the general election.
He stood down from the role after the election following criticism from other former service chiefs, who believed he should have remained politically neutral.

All this just six months into a "new sort of government" and from the party who just six short months ago were promising us all "new politics". Read here if you think you can stomach "call me Dave's" blatant lies and how he fooled a large majority of the British electorate into believing we were going to get "new politics". "Dave" Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg have done more harm to British politics than 24 MPs Expense scandals put together. At a time when confidence in our politicians was at an all time low, these three men have lied, lied and lied through their collective back teeth, to us and at us, anywhere and everywhere, unashamed blatant lying. I seriously doubt if politics can recover from this inside 50 years, for a start who in their right mind would "buy a used car" off Nick Clegg? Or in fact anyone in the Tory or Liberal Democrat party? (With the exception of Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell who is the only person in the Lib Dems who has any credibility left)

People say "same old Tories".  But actually they are not, they are far worse then they were back in 2002! We now have a Tory government intent on making people homeless by capping or removing their housing benefit, because they are unfortunate enough to earn a low wage and need to claim housing benefit, they are not lazy, their Tory bosses just refuse to pay them a decent living wage.  We have a Tory government who are toadying up to the banks and big business granting knighthoods and peerages in return for huge donations and dubious letter writing supposedly supporting today's Tory party. In fact many ex bankers now make up the ranks in the Commons and the House of Lords. The latter placed there by the current incumbent of 10 Downing St, David Cameron, stuffing the place full of his cronies to give himself a majority to pass his bills, like the gerrymandering of parliament, changing the constitution without proper consultation and voters approval. Gerrymandering the boundaries, again all to give Cameron and his Tories an unfair advantage in passing bills and winning future elections.  Democracy's gone, poor, poor democracy. The "nasty party" has already forgotten all about the "squeezed middle"  these are the poor "suckers" who probably helped vote the Tories in, (although they never managed to fool all of the people). However, the "squeezed middle should expect no favours from the Tories until a year or so off the next general election, when they will be thrown a few scraps from the Tory toffs table of plenty, in a bid to once again buy their votes with lies and false promises, and as for the poor?  The poor? What poor?  If they could, the  Tories would just eradicate the poor, obviously they can't, so they do the next best thing and attack them mercilessly through the welfare state.
People who have been, or will soon be made unemployed by this government's policies, through no fault of their own have been placed in danger having their homes repossessed and their benefits cut. In a draconian return to the Victorian era, the unemployed face seeing their Job Seekers Allowance cut if they refuse to pick up litter from the streets, and in a further move, if they fail to find a job in a climate of rising unemployment which the Tory government has actually caused, where there are approximately 45 people for every single job vacancy, they face losing their unemployment benefit permanently. Ironically this social injustice is being created by the "nasty party" aka the Tory government, that seems hell bent on attacking the poor and forcing them to pay for the mistakes of the mega rich bankers. While these " banker friends of the Tory party"  continue to award themselves telephone number bonuses and solid gold pensions, willy nilly, and irrespective of the fact that they nearly pushed this country over the edge of a financial precipice, causing untold misery to millions of our people, in this country and across the world. All of this and yet the Tories still readily accept donations from hedge funders who traded on and continue to trade upon our misery in the recession!

 The Tories are allowing their friends who are quite often the very bankers who caused this mess in the first place, to get away with what they have done to this country, and instead of tightening regulation up as Cameron and he promised, George Osborne is relaxing it.
When Sir David Walker's plan to publish bank pay and bonuses above £1m in bands was unveiled before the election Vince Cable called his guarantee of anonymity for highly-paid bankers a "whitewash". 
Now George Osborne is considering not even going that far, at least until other countries do the same. Right on cue The prime minister David Cameron is continuing with the "whitewash" and has insisted  that the government was simply following Sir David's new advice that it would be "be mistaken to go it alone." And Vince Cable seems to be suffering from selective memory loss and appears to have forgotten all about his rigorous stance that won the Liberal Democrats votes in last May's general election.

Clearly Osborne is setting us up for another banking crisis in the very near future, some experts predict will be coming as early as 2011, when further banking bailouts will have to take place and further rounds of Quantitative Easing introduced to prevent another crisis.

Does George Osborne, who has never had a real job (except for counting bodies in and out of an NHS computer) listen to advice from people who really are economists, who really do know the ebb and flow of the monetary tide? Not a bit of it, like a bad B movie, Osborne "Carries On Regardless" taking unnecessary risks with all our livelihoods and all our children's futures and putting the recovery at risk says Professor Christopher Pisserides as he warns that the Chancellor's £81 billion package of cuts threatens to send the jobless total spiralling.

Nasty and the Tory Party Go Hand in Hand.

Nastiness it seems is endemic in today's Tory party, just as it was in Thatcher's day, just as it was when Theresa May made her "nasty party" speech in 2002, but unfortunately for all of us, today's Tories are not just nasty and arrogant as they have always been, they are also dangerous fascist intellectual lightweights. If they applied for such high ranking positions in their favoured private sector with their CV's they would almost certainly face being laughed out of the interview room. They have no experience, they have not even run a sweet shop let alone a country with all the complexities involved. They have no knowledge of economics and they are dangerously drunk on power, and their intoxication is worsening each day, and in six short months they have turned into tinpot dictators running a fascist type government, interfering in every aspect of our lives. A far cry from two years ago in December 2008 when David Cameron made this statement "Jail Cheating Bankers Who Act Like Muggers"  I wonder where Cameron's "day of reckoning" has disappeared to? And where does this fit in with the "city is in my blood" David Cameron, who once said when speaking to a gathering of top financiers,  “My father was a stockbroker, my grandfather was a stockbroker, my great-grandfather was a stockbroker.” The City, he assured them, was in his blood. Those present, who included Bob Diamond, president of Barclays, and Richard Gnodde, the co-chief executive of Goldman Sachs in London, purred their approval.
In all honesty how can David Cameron accept huge donations from hedge funders who actually trade on the banks and in our misery in times of recession and make billions in profits? Read about How Short Selling Profited The Tories. A group of high profile hedge fund managers who have been criticised for exacerbating the financial crisis, are part of an elite pack of Conservative supporters/donors and we are supposed to believe Cameron when he talks about "transparency" and "new politics"? The man is a disingenuous, dishonest, duplicitous out and out hypocritical liar and he has sleaze running through him like a stick of Brighton Rock!

"The Tories were accused of being bankrolled by a City 'wolf pack' after it emerged that the party was receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds from hedge fund managers who have been making vast sums of money from plunging bank shares.
Their donations entitle them to membership of an elite supporters club called the Leaders Group, which bestows invitations to functions attended by David Cameron, something that has prompted allegations that the Tory leader is supporting 'cash for access'."

The Conservatives have also continued to receive money from Lord Laidlaw, a Monaco-based tax exile who has given the party more than £3m" before going on to mention that he was given a seat in the Lords, but for such had to give up his tax-exile status, which, unfortunately for him, he never did. One donation came after the fact that he had taken part in orgies with prostitutes was exposed in the tabloids. The Electoral Commission figures show that the Tories accepted £100.000 from Lord Laidlaw in 2010 and that they are carrying on receiving donations from the tax exile, who doesn't care to pay UK taxes.
Instead of regulating the banks to make sure they can never do this again as they promised faithfully to do, George Osborne the Tory chancellor is relaxing regulation upon them. It beggars belief.
Is it any wonder Robert Mugabe says David Cameron and The Conservatives are people he can do business with ? And offers the British Conservative party his support!

"We have always related better with the British through the Conservatives than Labour," Zimbabwe's  president said today. "Conservatives are bold, [Tony] Blair and [Gordon] Brown run away when they see me, but not these fools, they know how to relate to others." Robert Mugabe.

That was The Nasty Tory Week That Was!

Claire Perry  is the wealthy ex banker turned Tory MP. Claire Perry, George Osborne's adviser and alleged bit on the side who worked for him for four years and was helped by him and parachuted into a safe Tory seat, questions the right of the poor to have children ! Incidentally, she is not alone in her beliefs, it is slowly emerging what the Tories really think about us ordinary folk behind their solid oak closed doors.  The multi-millionaire culture secretary Jeremy Hunt recently caused uproar by suggesting that poor people should act more responsibly and have fewer children rather than complain about benefit cuts.  Howard Flight who believes  poor people should not "breed", this is particularly offensive to most women who vehemently dislike this term.
Flight caused a storm when he suggested in an interview last week that the middle classes are being  discouraged from "breeding", whilst implying that the poor are having more children than ever, watching too much television and wearing increasingly outlandish tracksuits. "Breeding" so they can buy more "Silk Cut", £13.80 child benefit would just about buy two packs, hardly an incentive to "breed". What of David Cameron's judgement by making this man who has been sacked once from the Tory front bench into a Tory peer and despite his insults  it appears the offer of a peerage is still standing! It was revealing to listen to and see all the Tories being wheeled out to defend him, well there simply is no defence, his comments were hideous, not least because it gives the idea that there are right and wrong babies being born and that is despicable.

"What better way to stir up the exhausted, beleaguered British public than relentlessly to refer to the "feckless, gormless benefit scum", squirting out babies for government handouts: "Look at them getting something for nothing, while you work so hard for what you've got."
This is what Cameron and Osborne have been purposefully doing ever since they slithered their way into Office, they are trying to turn person against person and as is being demonstrated by the raft of insults leaking out from behind closed Tory doors, it will all end in tears and riots on our streets.
 Howard Flight is a vulgar, nasty, narrow minded little man, a Tory who once again has no idea about what it is like in the real world. One thing that is clear though, the Tories once sacked Howard Flight for telling the truth about planned Tory spending cuts which the Tories were trying to keep hidden, yet still allow him to become a Tory peer for making disgusting derogatory remarks about a whole section of society! Then we have Tory peer Lord Young!
The former adviser to the Coalition resigned after an embarrassing interview. He said: “For the vast majority of people in the country today, they have never had it so good ever since this recession — this so-called recession — started...” His comments were crass and insensitive and in any case they remain untrue for a great many people, despite what Lord Young said, if people had a fixed rate mortgage then they would carry on paying exactly the same amount and people are losing their jobs, their homes and their businesses. Handbag designer Anya Hindmarch has found herself in hot water just days after being appointed as a British trade ambassador by prime minister David Cameron. she apparently likes recessions, well she may, she is after all a millionaire and does not have to worry about where the next penny is coming from.

All of this ads up to a complete lack of judgement by David Cameron and that is really dangerous in a prime minister.

 A word of warning before people believe all that David Cameron and George Osborne say about people who they unfairly infer to as lazy "welfare scroungers" and choose their lazy way of life as a "lifestyle choice", read about what it used to be like in Victorian Britain where "not far from where young David Cameron went to school at Eton, there used to stand a workhouse for the poor of Victorian England". Everything this nasty party in government seem to be doing is sending us back to the days of the poor in poverty, the poor treated appallingly simply because they were born poor and ask yourselves, is this the country you want your children to grow up in, your grandchildren to live in? With the help of a Labour government and the welfare state, we helped eradicate the nightmares and appalling treatment and human rights abuses of the Victorian era. read and shudder because they were not that long ago and now we have a government who without a mandate, seem intent on taking us right back there. "There is no need for David Cameron to take us back to the ethos of the Eton workhouse", but this is what he wants to do. David Cameron and George Osborne, despite all their ever so sickly smiles and protestations to the contrary, are landed gentry Toffs and they hate loathe and detest the poor, and that includes all those Daily Mail readers.

I have it on good authority that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg like make classist and sexist jokes about Daily Mail readership - and we know all about Cameron and Osborne's bullying insults to President Sarkozy. David Cameron made a joke about "hidden dwarfs" in relation to a photo of himself and the 5ft 5in President Sarkozy, while George Osborne publicly described a box placed at a speaker's lectern as a "Sarkozy box".
Mr Sarkozy, known to be extremely sensitive about his height, was said to be furious about the taunts, which led to an official protest about the senior Tories' failure "to show sufficient respect" to the French leader.
So it was no surprise was it when Cameron poked fun at the Speaker John Bercow calling him a "dwarf" too, Cameron is revealing the Bulling Bully Boys that still lives within him and his chancellor George Osborne, but like all bullies, hopefully, pretty soon they will be taken down more than a peg or two. I wonder how President Sarkozy now views Cameron after he undoubtedly heard about Cameron's latest jibe and using the term "dwarf" in such a derogatory way? Once again, this is calling David Cameron's appalling sense of judgement into question.

George Osborne, David Cameron and  "Tory convert", Nick Clegg have unleashed a cynical, politically-motivated ideological assault on the welfare state - and unless stopped the Conservatives and their naive Liberal Democrat allies will ruin lives and destroy families.

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